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Last time: Cheating, growing up, the usual. Elliott disappeared into the great unknown and Camilla got an early start on her LTW of having fifty first dates and also was officially named final heir.

I'm afraid we've reached the end! I know, I can hardly believe it either.
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Last time: Henry grew up into a very sexy teenager. Elliott went out on the town with a creepy townie who apparently likes older women - but don't worry, she may be crazy but she would never cheat on Lester! May, meanwhile, is still cheating on Caleb with her co-worker, Marissa, and he continues to deal with it by... not dealing with it at all; he's in total denial. Since the two of them are so embroiled in the shambles of their marriage, it's up to the rest of the household to take care of little Francis, who already looks like he's only half there most of the time. I'm afraid there may be no hope for normalcy in the poor boy's future. Also, Camilla is a raging little bitch in training and Lester quit his job to become a famous artiste.
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Last time: May and Caleb's relationship continued to disintegrate as she continued to get all hot and heavy with her lesbian lover. Caleb chose to deal with his no-longer-existent love life by reverting back to his childhood. Lester turned into a dirty old man - a very dirty old man. Marissa, May's lady love, came dangerously close to spilling the beans about the two of them to the one person who doesn't know (read: Caleb). Annnnd May gave birth to a boy named Francis and subsequently hated her husband even more. Fun times!
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Last time: Elliott was a fucking lunatic. Camilla grew up into a child. May decided to turn into a lesbian and started a secret relationship with her co-worker. Who may or may not be a crazed stalker/murderer.
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Last time: Caleb was having second thoughts about fatherhood... but that's just too bad because May was already pregnant with their second child, Camilla. Meanwhile, the last of generation nine, Lena and Remy grew up into a lesbian tomboy and a tanorexic vixen-in-training, respectively, before they were shipped off to college. Then there was some more growing up, this time of the generation ten kids. <INSERT CUTEST CHILDREN EVER COMMENT HERE> And then there was an attempted robbery but thanks to the kickass police force of Bougainvillea he only made it about two steps inside the house. Still, Henry continued the family trend of being full of wussy manbabies by having an emotional breakdown anyway.

Can you tell that I've really been half-assing these last few Newbury installments? It's kind of because I just want to get them out of the way and start something new already. And also because these pictures all feel like they happened a lifetime ago. Anyway, as far as that starting something new goes, I was just going to start another legacy but, the thing is, I've been making a lot of random Sims lately and now I'm attached to all of them and it would be impossible for me to decide which to use! So... I think I'm going to just, like, make a few different households with different story trajectories in mind for all of them and kind of follow the whole neighborhood with less focus on a single family. We'll see how that works. Do you want a preview of some of the Sims that will occupy it? Yes? Okay!
Gah. I kind of don't even want to go back to the Newburys now. But I will. I don't even have much more to play through before they're over. I will miss them but I AM SO EXCITED FOR NEW SIMS! I have a lot more than the ones above but, naturally, they are SURPRISES! Okay, I am going to go upload more Newbury pics and maybe post another entry tonight.

IN OTHER NEWS, THIS NEW OWEN PALLETT RECORD IS FUCKING EPIC! Seriously. I like it about ten billion times more than anything else I've heard by him. It is amazing! The last three songs especially are, like, the most flawless, beautiful, breathtaking trio ever. OMG. I CAN HARDLY STAND IT. FUCK.
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Last time: Umm... Noel went to college. May and Caleb's first child, Henry, was born. Elliott became an even crazier elder. And stuff.

10.1: IDK. Just click it. )
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The finish line is in sight! Also, this entry is not so ridiculously long... well, in comparison to most of them. And, no, that's not a continuing trend. You know me better than that.

Last time: Elliott and Les had more kids, twin girls named Lena and Remy. More importantly, Caleb met the woman of his dreams, May, with only a couple days before adulthood to spare. They promptly got married so they can go and get started on generation ten the "honorable" way. Also, Noel grew up into one weird little boy.
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Last time: June failed at school and Caleb continued to fail with the ladies. Maybe because he's been too busy angsting over his mother's upcoming nuptials with Lester. Speaking of those nuptials, this creepy old lady who is apparently Lester's ARCH NEMESIS decided to crash the party... which resulted in Les kicking her ass, literally. After several more visits to knock over their trashcan, Elliott finally succeeded in scaring her away with threats of cowplant sacrifice. Then Elliott got pregnant and had a boy named Noel! And then Jack and fam moved out because Caleb is officially heir! (And because Elliott hasn't completed her duties as human baby factory. *innocent*)
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Last time: Elliott decided she had finally healed enough from her husband's death to propose to her new gentleman caller, Lester. June and Caleb grew up into teens and Quinn became a child and the cute lives on! June also got her first kiss from a potential werewolf (ignoring the fact that I don't even have Pets so of course he's not a werewolf) she brought home from school with her. Caleb attempted to woo an adorable young lady he brought home from school but, unfortunately, she wasn't having any of that. And, finally, Gemma and Robbie passed. You two nuts and your non-existent parenting skills will be missed.

P.S. Not Sims-related but this is kind of kick ass:

That's pretty fucking sweet. I kind of love Lady Gaga and am not ashamed! Also, I love her even more now that I've seen her proclaim her love for Jenny Lewis and sing part of "With Arms Outstretched". FUCK YES!

However, the censoring on The Fame Monster is really ticking me off. "I'M A FREE BIT, BABY!" What's that, Gaga, which bit exactly are you referring to? Oh, right, it's supposed to be bitch but some stupid record label felt the need to protect the world's fragile ears from that naughty naughty word.
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Last time: Elliott was still mildly crazy though whether it was due to her husband's untimely passing or her natural inclination to be that way we'll never know. Morgan got pregnant again (is it wrong that when a Sim dies the first thing I think is, yay! room for another baby?) and had a son named Quinn. The headmaster made an appearance and was a creeper, as usual. Morgan and Jack continued to stalk their nephew while leaving their daughter alone to play with boys dangerously close to the water's edge. Oh, and the two of them got retro makeovers for no other reason than I wanted to use some new stuff I had downloaded; just consider it a midlife crisis or something.
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Witness Fiona's craptacular dancing skills. Because pictures do not do them justice.

Sorry about the slight lagginess of the video. I had never used Fraps to video capture before so it didn't turn out very well.
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Last time: June and Caleb grew up into adorable - if whiny - little toddlers and then into even more adorable children. Morgan and Jack continued to neglect their own daughter to lavish love and affection on their nephew instead. And, oh yeah, I should probably mention that there was a massive lightning fire that burned down not only all of the foliage in their backyard but also Elliott's husband, Nolan. RIP, buddy. I would feel sorrier for you if you hadn't been so terribly boring.

In non-related news, I think I've only mentioned it in passing before, but our Internet has been a piece of shit for more than a month now. It's actually been on a gradual decline pretty much since we first got it but it's gotten completely intolerable lately. So my dad finally called the company again (the first time, they told him it was a "virus" which I knew wasn't true at all - I take care to make sure that doesn't happen because I already know what a headache it is to deal with one that refuses to go away) and the guy came out a couple hours ago. Apparently, the adapter that connects between our phone and the Internet signal receiver thingamajig is screwed up and when it's plugged in, it really slows down the speed (to the point where the Internet refuses to work at all) but when it's not, things are fine. So for the moment he's left that unplugged (since people have stopped calling anyway because it works so shittily) and apparently, that'll fix the Internet. But he's going to come back and install a new one so that hopefully we can still have the phone and have the Internet work at the same time. And he also wants to completely reinstall our whole system because he said they've got a much better one now that he wants to upgrade us to. So this will all happen next Tuesday. And, HOPEFULLY, not only will our Internet actually work but it will be much faster than it is now. And then I can stop pulling my hair out over how annoying it is.
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Last time: Elliott gave birth to a son, Caleb, and Morgan gave birth to a daughter, June, nearly simultaneously. However, Morgan neglected her own child to take care of Elliott's while Elliott continued to be completely batshit insane. And that's about it.
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Last time: The family moved into a new home for (hopefully) the last time. There were plenty of engagement and marriage festivities to go around. Now bring on generation nine, baby!
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Last time: Allegra, Elliott, and Jack threw a kickass graduation party... and then Jack set himself on fire while burning a pile of leaves and met an untimely death. In order to save him, Fiona was shipped off to college prematurely where she brought her half-brother back from the dead relatively in tact before being abandoned to a very long life in university. Then, in an attempt to make the heir decision easier, the three eldest kids went on vacation to Twikkii Island where Jack and Elliott both proceeded to delight and entertain me. So in the end, I decided that they would both be heir. Woo! But... in the longest generation ever, it is not quite time for the babies of generation nine yet. We have to have a couple wedding celebrations to make the births legitimate first.

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I need to get these out of the way because some ca-raaaay-zay shit just went down while I was playing last night. Luckily, this installment isn't nearly as long as the last (because Three Lakes is fucking boring) but the next is a total behemoth so let's get started, shall we?

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Here's the deal. I installed Bon Voyage a few weeks ago and, of course, immediately had to investigate all three of the vacation locations. So while the kids were at university, I had Gemma and Robbie visit Takemizu Village and then Jude and Elise went to Three Lakes. And after the kids graduated, because I still had one spot left and I still wasn't sure about heir (it ended up not helping at all, by the way), they headed off to Twikkii Island. So! Here's part one, the adventures of Gemma and Robbie in Takemizu Village. Fun times.

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Last time: Nothing too exciting happened in college but back at home, Elise became an evil witch, Fiona was SORAS'ed into a lovely young alien girl, and - oh, right, how could I possibly forget? - JACK DID THE WOOHOO WITH THE WOMAN HE HAS KNOWN HIS ENTIRE LIFE AS GRANDMA. GAH. WHAT IS WRONG WITH THESE CRAZY SIMS?!?
8.7: University, Pt. 3 )
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<--- Elliott is a little more than slightly kooky and I love her for it. (Unfortunately, the context behind this icon will not be revealed for several more updates.)

Last time: The kids all went off to experience the joys of college life. At their temporary new home in Academie Le Tour, all three managed to find romance... eventually. Elliott was giving me some trouble - I worried about her future as a lonely spinster before she finally found a guy who fit her very specific criteria. Also, Jack seems to be a bit of a playa. So is Allegra but she's a Romance Sim so it's completely warranted. But Jack! Jack is either a hybrid Knowledge/Family or Knowledge/Fortune and should not be headed down this path! I think he's just so excited about the sex that he doesn't much care who he's having it with, if you know what I mean.


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