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I like to watch movies. Do you?

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You know, reading is fundamental and so on and so forth.

Currently reading: Birds of America by Lorrie Moore.

Reviews. You know you want 'em. )
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1. I've been (finally) posting my albums of 2010 list over at my music blog for the past few days. Check it out here if you are so inclined. I've still yet to post my number one but that will be coming sometime tomorrow, probably early in the day as there's really no point in holding it back since, to me, it's very obvious anyway.

2. I haven't really been good about mentioning it here but I've also been posting bits of the novel I started during NaNoWriMo, Swan Dive, over at my Dreamwidth. (I know, I have too many journals to keep up with.) As far as the chapters go, the ones that have no date beside them I pretty much haven't touched since I first wrote them back in November, the ones that say "updated" have been edited/vastly improved and "new" means, obviously, that they are newly written. I've basically just been adding them as I go along but I haven't written much apart from outline notes in a week or two. I'm going to try to get back into the real thing soon.

3. I am SO EXCITED FOR THE NEW ELECTED ALBUM, HOLY SHIT! I had honestly resigned myself at some point last year to the fact that it was never going to happen so the news basically blew my mind. So unexpected! I really hope Blake can still deliver the goods after so long. Truthfully, though, I have more faith in him than Jenny at this point. After all, he did write one of the best songs on Under the Blacklight and it was also just about the only song that sounded like it was written in more than ten minutes lyrics-wise. So I'm not too concerned. Plus he's been silent for so damn long he must be sitting on a masterpiece by now.

4. I am going to be posting a few of these one after the other in quick succession in an attempt to get reasonably caught up to where I am now (which isn't going to happen because I'm playing as I'm posting, haha). So... enjoy or scroll past, your choice.

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So, a couple of years ago, I posted this entry with some random stats so I thought I would post an updated one. At first, I was going to do both my milestones and my monthly artists/tracks but the website with the monthly stats has apparently closed so I could only do my milestones. It was weird, though, because the first seven or so tracks remained the same while the others all changed. The only reason I can think of for this has to do with deleting songs from my library. Sometimes I delete stuff if I end up noticing it's got some sort of typo so it makes sense that if they're deleted from the library it messes with all of the other songs. Anyway, it doesn't really matter. Some of the replacements are better than the songs that were originally there so I don't really care. Random comments added wherever I feel like making them.


And now I am going to link to the website where I can get these stats because every freaking time I want to use it I forget what it is and then have to go on a wild Google goose chase for it.
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Sadly, I didn't read that many last year compared to other years. This list says 25. Shelfari says I read 30 but that includes a few re-reads. I'm going to try to read a lot more this year, at least 50. Only a few of these have comments because... I'm weird like that, okay?

1. Margaret Atwood - Oryx and Crake ★★★★★
2. Jonathan Lethem - Motherless Brooklyn ★★★
3. Margaret Atwood - The Year of the Flood ★★★★¾
4. Flannery O'Connor - The Complete Stories ★★★★½
5. Bret Easton Ellis - American Psycho ★★★½
6. Michael Chabon - The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay ★★★★½
7. Milan Kundera - The Book of Laughter and Forgetting ★★★¾
8. Ken Kesey - One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest ★★★★★
9. Francesca Lia Block - How to (Un)cage a Girl ★★★
10. Elizabeth Bowen - The Last September ★★★
11. Siri Hustvedt - The Sorrows of an American ★★★★★
12. Dirk Wittenborn - Fierce People ★★★★
13. Adam Haslett - You Are Not a Stranger Here ★★★★
14. Michael Cunningham - The Hours ★★★★★
15. Virginia Woolf - The Waves ★★★★★ (I just have to say about this, I absolutely hated To the Lighthouse when I read it last year, so much that I couldn't bring myself to read anything else of hers for a long time. But The Hours inspired me to try her out again and I was very surprised, and pleasantly so, to adore this book right from the beginning. The language was almost painfully beautiful and at the same time so effortless-seeming. To me, it read very differently than To the Lighthouse but, who knows, maybe I was just in the wrong place to read that at the time and might love it if I try it again.)16. Nicole Krauss - The History of Love ★★★★
17. A.L. Kennedy - Everything You Need ★★¾
18. John Connolly - The Book of Lost Things ★★★¾
19. Tove Jansson - The True Deceiver ★★★½
20. Francesca Lia Block - The Waters and the Wild ★★★★ (Best book FLB has written since Ruby though it was way too short. However, I see that two of her latest novels are about vampires and werewolves. And apparently they're not very good. Ugh, bandwagon-jumping much? I expect better from her.)
21. Jane Green - Bookends ★★ (I know this is chick lit and it's not meant to be a piece of literary genius or anything but I thought it was horribly written, even by those standards. The prose style was so unappealing and messy. A shame because I actually rather liked a few of the characters - though I detested the main character by the end - and the story could have been really interesting if in more capable hands.)
22. Poppy Z. Brite - Exquisite Corpse ★★★★½ (OMG, so sick and disturbing but so oddly addictive. I couldn't put it down. I'm not sure what that says about how twisted my own mind is but... yeah. Also, I was surprised how eloquently written this was for a horror/gore/whatever-exactly-it-is novel. The descriptions were so grisly yet so strangely beautiful at the same time.)
23. Suzanne Collins - The Hunger Games ★★★
24. John Connolly - The Gates ★★½
25. Suzanne Collins - Catching Fire ★★★★★ (So I thought the first book was good but not great enough to live up to the hype but now I have to take that back because holy hell, I loved this one! I read it in record time because I literally could not put it down. Now I'm excited/nervous to see how it all wraps up. I've heard some not so favorable opinions of the end so we shall see...)
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Here we are, the rest of the movies I watched this year, to go along with the ones already posted here. And also the television series/documentaries/whatever the hell else I watched. Woo! I clearly have too much time on my hands.

I watched less movies in the second half of the year. )

TV shows can be cool too. )
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For no other reason than immense boredom, I decided it was time to update this list. I haven't purchased nearly as many CDs in the last year as I have in years past but there are still quite a few additions. And I'm just a nerd with nothing better to do, okay?
... )
Also, I removed the below CDs from that list because I am trying to get rid of them. I do not necessarily dislike all of them now (though that is the case for a lot of them), I just don't like them enough to care whether I have a physical copy. I've transferred them all onto the computer so I don't really need them anymore at this point. So, hey, if you see anything that catches your fancy, you can buy it from me here!
... )
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I've watched a lot of movies so far, holy shit. Well, a lot for me anyway. My initial post was getting unwieldy so here are the first 70, the last god-knows-how-many will continue in the original post.

Ohai, care to know my random thoughts on this massive amout of films? )
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Reviews for the first half of the year are here. You probably should go away if you do not want to be spoiled on any of these.

Reviews/Ratings )

Well, I had actually made a mental goal last month to make it to sixty books total for the year but I gave up once I realized that I really had no interest in reading any of the books in my to-read pile and needed to buy some more ASAP. So I got to 58, which is still one more than last year, so I consider that a success. Including books I read multiple times, however, that number gets knocked up to 64, two more than '08 counting re-reads. So I guess technically I did reach my goal. Go me? Anyway, I still have at least a dozen books at the moment that I need to read (even if, as stated above, I really don't want to at this moment in time) and I'm also planning to buy a good few more very soon... so I've already got plenty lined up to keep me busy in 2010!
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I just spent way too much time calculating/formatting this. Oh my God, I have no life. But it is so much fun! I'm such a nerd. Go check out my top artists and tracks of the year and be a nerd with me. And now that I've wasted my time compiling that utterly worthless list... I have to go finish compiling another slightly less worthless list of top albums released this year. Woo!
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Uh. LJ is ridiculous with its entry size limits. So this post is just to save the reviews of movies that I particularly care about. If they're stupid movies or bad movies or whatever, I don't really care to remember what I thought about them. Unless they involve Ben Whishaw. That's the only reason for keeping one or two bad reviews around. (Though, as it turns out, most of the good reviews I care about enough to keep involve him too. Good Lord, I have a problem.)

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Books I read in the first half of the year. Split up because Livejournal is stupid and can't handle extremely long posts. Yes, there are spoilers so read with caution if you're planning on picking any of these up in the near future.

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For some insane reason, I decided to rip all of my CDs to the computer at 320kbps a few weeks ago and I figured out I have a lot of CDs. And because I have nothing better to do, here is a list. Fun. I own some really embarrassing ones.


Almost 250, whoaaaaaa. I know a lot of people have more than that but I thought I had a lot less. Craziness. I don't listen to a lot of those anymore though. But I do listen to the majority so I guess I mostly make good purchases. Oh, I also left out a bunch of uber-embarrassing *NSYNC import singles that I own so those would make it over 250.

Also, you know what I learned today? Apparently Amanda Palmer is dating Neil Gaiman. I just find this really weird and can't wrap my head around it. I don't know why but it is just strange to me. Huh.
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Dude, my top thirty overall artists chart on is so hot right now. Seriously.

1 Play    
2 Play    
3 Play    
4 Play    
5 Play    
6 Play    
7 Play    
8 Play    
9 Play    
10 Play    
11 Play    
12 Play    
13 Play    
13 Play    
15 Play    
16 Play    
17 Play    
18 Play    
19 Play    
20 Play    
21 Play    
22 Play    
23 Play    
24 Play    
25 Play    
26 Play    
28 Play    
29 Play    
30 Play    

I just don't understand Tori being so high. I mean, I feel like I've barely listened to her at all in the past year. I guess it's just because she has so many songs that they start to add up after awhile. Everything else is A+ though. I want the Decemberists to be higher but almost all of those plays are within the last three months so it'll definitely happen eventually. I also think Copeland is a little too high considering, in my opinion, You Are My Sunshine completely owns everything else they've ever done backwards and forwards, and that playcount kinda makes it seem like I love them a lot more than I actually do since they're as high as other artists whose entire catalogues I adore. But I don't mind that much because YAMS is just that goddamn amazing. And holla at No Doubt! Since they've reunited, I've been hearing all this No Doubt on the radio and seeing their videos on TV and it is awesome. They fill me with such nostalgia and happiness and besides, they are basically one of the most amazing bands ever.

Anyway, I am just being bored late at night so ignore this rather meaningless entry.

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One more thing. )
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Colin Meloy likes to write about death. A lot.

I love that someone actually took the time to do this. The results are both hilarious and terrifying. Full article here.

Leading causes of death:
1. Cannibalism (31)
2. Drowned (6), unspecified (6)
3. War, unspecified (6)
4. Shot (5)
5. Childbirth (3), suicide (3)
6. Abandoned (1), beaten (1), beaten then burned (1), consumption (1), hanged (1), killed by ghosty kids (1), mining accident (1), poisoned (1), premature birth (1), stuck in chimney (1)

Deadliest releases:
1. Picaresque (44)
2. The Hazards of Love (8)
3. The Crane Wife (5)
4. Castaways & Cutouts (4)
5. Her Majesty (3)
6. Always the Bridesmaid EP (2), 5 Songs EP (2)
7. The Tain EP (1), Picaresquieties EP (1)

Deadliest songs:
1. "16 Military Wives" (36)
2. "The Rake's Song" (5)
3. "Leslie Anne Levine" (3)
4. "I Don't Mind" (2), "We Both Go Down Together" (2), "The Mariner's Revenge Song" (2), "The Perfect Crime #2" (2), "Days of Elaine" (2), "Hazards of Love 4" (2)
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I haven't posted an actual new entry since the beginning of the month so here is a brief bulleted list of random things that are on my mind right now:

  • My Best of '08 list can be found here. I'm rather happy with it as of right now. Let's see how I feel in a year.
  • I've been updating my ongoing list of things I've read, watched, and listened to this year regularly so check that out if you're interested in my opinions on things like that.
  • So now that I'm done with '08 albums, I'm already onto '09 ones. I've kind of downloaded a bunch and not kept most of them after one listen because they weren't really things I thought I would like much in the first place but I have found one gem so far: A Camp's Colonia. It is Nina Persson from the Cardigans' solo/side project and this is her second release and it is so so so beautiful. "Golden Teeth and Silver Medals" came up on shuffle a week or so ago and I fell so in love that I was afraid to listen to the rest in case it didn't measure up but the whole thing is gorgeous. Lovely pop songs bathed in beautiful string and brass arrangements, smart lyrics, and Nina's flawlessly pretty voice. So so good.
  • Also, Asobi Seksu - Hush. It's no Citrus but it sounds pretty good; I still have to listen to it more to really get a feel for it. However, I can say that Yuki's voice is amazing on this record.
  • Okay, I am going to attempt to say this without making it sound totally weird, but I am insanely attracted to Andrew Bird. Like, I'm not even that into his music (though I could see myself liking it more if I actually gave it more than my passing attention) and it's not really a physical attraction (though he is a rather good-looking man) but I'm just, like... attracted to him as a person or something. I don't know. I can't explain it. But every time I see or hear about him, I'm just instantly interested and intrigued for some reason.
  • And also, I'm very excited for Maria Taylor's new album. From the two songs she's released so far (three if you count the version of the title track that's on Savannah Drive) this could potentially be her best album yet. Though, is it troubling that I'm actually more excited about Andy LeMaster's involvement than about Maria herself? I mean, I love the girl. But I'm slightly obsessed with Andy. Anyway, yes, I am looking forward to it.
  • I'm going to attempt to work on some writing today or tomorrow so I should have something in that department to post soon.
  • Also, I uploaded about a million new Sims 2 pictures here and here. So if you actually care about that, there you go.
  • Also, PRESIDENT OBAMA. It is so surreal to me still. I was about ten when Bush went into office so I don't really have any proper memories of anyone but him as president since politics weren't exactly on my mind at eight years old. So it's so strange to have a new one. Every time I hear "President Obama" on the news I just kind of can't believe it. So exciting, though.
  • Also, I sure use the word "also" a lot, don't I? Also, also, also.

Now, if you don't mind, I'm going to take a moment to indulge myself and drool over all the pretty:


Okay, I'm done now.
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This is as of... around midnight today. I know it's still a day until the new year but I figured my charts wouldn't be changing much within that time frame so I just said to hell with it and copied them all down now. So because I am a maniac here is basically every incarnation of my chart I could come up with:

Top 50 Artists )

Top 50 Songs )

Top 50 Songs (with only one appearance per artist) )

And fuck. This is JUST FUCKING FANTASTIC. I hate my life.

To take my mind off this monstrosity of a fuck-up (and the fact that I should be doing more productive things), here are some Sims pictures. If you want to see them all, just go to the gallery. I'm way too lazy to upload everything there and then post every single picture to this and I bet no one besides me looks at them anyway, so, yeah, it doesn't matter.

The Thompsons: A (Very) Brief History )

College begins... NOW! )

One more thing. This is fantastic:

I love Zooey. Why is that girl so amazing?


Dec. 30th, 2008 05:46 pm
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Oh God. This post is going to be massive. Bear with me, okay?

First of all, it was Christmas! Which means I am suddenly rich. Well, I'm about half as rich now as I was a couple days ago, but I'm still rather rich compared to any other day. Anyway. You are probably wondering what I've purchased so far. Or not. But I'm going to let you know anyway. Okay? First, I went to this website because I had some coupon for $5 off and I started out not thinking I would find very much that I wanted, but I ended up ordering nine books. Yeah. For $50 though, which is a very good deal. So these are what I decided on (with convenient Amazon links if you need more information):


Alright, so. No, that wasn't enough books for me. Are you kidding? We went shopping yesterday and I bought four more. And will probably buy even more. What? I need to get a good surplus built up for next year. So here are the other ones I got:


And besides the books, I bought some earrings and hair clips and a purse and new headphones. And I also bought two DVDs: Marie Antoinette because it was cheap - I think it's only an okay movie but it's so gorgeous visually and it was only $7 so I couldn't resist - and Heathers which was also pretty cheap but I've actually been meaning to buy. Hilarious.

Also, I have to say, in regards to books again, I just finished Everything Is Illuminated by Jonathan Safran Foer and it was so so so so insanely good. I can't decide which I like better now - it or Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close. I spent most of the book thinking that EL&IC was better but then I got to the last few chapters and it just got so great and sad and now I have no idea. I just love this man's writing and I wish he had more books.

So I think I'm just going to paste my list of books I've read this year in here right now and call it good. I'm adding Franny and Zooey to the end because, although I'm still reading, I'll definitely have it done tonight or tomorrow. So I have 56 57 books overall (62 if you count books I read twice) which is pretty damn good, I think. I'd love to do at least one hundred next year but I don't know how possible that is. I'm really going to try, though. Anyway, here's the list. Italics = really good. Italics and bolded = insanely good, near perfect. With my cracked-out, barely decipherable random comments attached, of course.


Okay, I was going to put Sims pictures in this post as well but I'm so tired of typing and just want to stop so I will do that later. So now this post is all nice and totally book-centric.


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