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I like to collect random .GIFs. My criteria for choosing which ones to save is basically this. They have to be a. adorable, b. hilarious, c. fierce, d. sexy, or e. all of the above. It also helps if they feature someone I am obsessed with. So here we are, terrible amounts of picture-loading below the cut, just to warn you.


Hope you enjoyed.
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Those shoes make my feet hurt just looking at them, Jesus Christ. I'm not feeling this yellow hair phase she's going through right now and I'm not really into her makeup lately either (it makes her look kind of old and harsh) but I just love her ridiculous style. It's far more interesting than the rest of the standard red carpet dresses anyway. That first dress is kick-ass.

Besides Godga, the Grammys were boring as shit. She was the first to perform and I knew it was going to go all downhill from there but for some reason, I watched the entire show anyway. I'm a masochist, apparently. Most of the performances were so bad, OMG. Black Eyed Peas. Jamie Foxx. Blech. And I can't believe that both of them are actually Grammy winners (I think I actually hate that fucking "Blame It" song more than any BEP songs now that I think about it) - not that being a Grammy winner actually means much these days but whatev, it still makes me want to vomit. The only other performance that impressed me was Pink. Beyonce was a hot mess. As usual. PRAISE GODGA.

Also, this is the cutest thing ever, okay?

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This is going to be an entry full of random, lulzy things.

First and foremost, this has to be the best thing I have ever seen:

I can't decide what's funnier: the huge ass gun, the expression on his face, the caption, or the fact that he couldn't be photoshopped on a more inappropriate body because it's about three times bigger than his in real life. All of it has me cracking up. I love stalking the Ben Whishaw posts on ONTD because they are so full of similar hilarity.

ILU, Ben, but what are these pictures (though all of the pictures, not just his, are fucking atrocious - those ones of Matt Goode and some other actor I've never heard of are terrible)?!? Random shot of his chin and hands covered with black paint? Sporting a completely ridiculous top hat? Being totally shirtless which he should never, ever be unless there's an acting-related reason? (I'm sorry, I love him for many reasons but his skinny naked body is not one of them - I prefer his scrawniness clothed, thank you very much.) Also, in the interview, talking about his part in The Tempest: "I was naked apart from a little jockstrap, my eyebrows were shaved off, and I was given breasts and enormous wings." UM WUT?!? THIS DOES NOT SOUND SEXY ENOUGH TO PLEASE ME! IT'S NOT LIKE HE DOESN'T LOOK EFFEMINATE ENOUGH ALREADY - NO, LET'S GIVE HIM FAKE BREASTS! WTF.

Ahem. In other cute actor news, just finished watching Adam. It was pretty typical and predictable and felt way too much like an educational program about Asperger's at times but I still liked it. BECAUSE OHMAGAH CUTENESS OVERLOAD. How can you not love something with this in it?

ADORABLE! Also, his acting was pretty impressive even though I noticed his American accent was off at times. Rose Byrne and her extremely screechy voice kind of annoyed me though. Maybe if she would have toned down that screech a few octaves; I always felt like she was yelling at me. And I cried, like, three times 'cause I'm a big ol' sap. And I also appreciated the fact that it didn't end with the two of them having some tearful reunion because I was expecting it probably would. Basically, it wasn't really THE GREATEST MOVIE OF ALL TIME but it wasn't terrible and I kind of just want to own it so I can see Hugh Dancy's adorable face whenever I please. That's reaching Whishaw levels of creepy obsession, isn't it? Yikes.

Also, we were going through a bunch of old family photos earlier today (or I guess yesterday now) and I came across this one of me at about five looking totally FIERCE in my pink Power Rangers shirt.


I was such an adorable little kid. What happened?

Edit: Oh my God, Rose Byrne's natural voice is so much more pleasant to listen to. Also, I didn't know she was British too Australian. Apparently the Brits non-Americans can play Americans better than us these days.
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Umm... yeah. I just had to get that out. Because it's basically the most kick ass name-dropping pseudo-rap ever, yes/yes?

In other news, there's this Amy Adams movie coming out called Leap Year about this girl who goes to Ireland to propose to her boyfriend because of some leap year tradition or some such nonsense BUT, of course, along the way, she falls in love with the scruffy Irishman who is giving her a lift there and then she's all CONFLICTED AND SUCH. Anyway, I've seen the trailer for it so many times now and the only thing I think every time is a. does the world really need another predictably sappy romantic comedy and b. I don't think I know the actor playing that Irishman but he looks SO FAMILIAR and he is actually kind of adorable in a rugged way. So then... a couple days ago, I'm reading Entertainment Weekly and there's a review and it mentions Matthew Goode and I'm like, "WAIT, WUT?!? CHARLES RYDER IS THE SCRUFFY IRISHMAN?!?" because he was seriously the last person I would've thought of. I mean, after I found that out and I saw the trailer again, I could kinda sorta see that it was him but he seems SO DIFFERENT all scruffed up and with an Irish accent. Anyway, that served no point except to say that I was shocked. And I'm still not seeing the movie. No matter how adorably messy he looks. (And I actually haven't found him very good-looking at all before this so... yeah.)

Well, now that we're on the subject of actors who played in Brideshead Revisited and all, BEN! OMG, Bright Star is coming out on DVD in a couple weeks and I am SO EXCITED to finally be able to see it! I don't even care whether I like it or not; I kind of just want to own it because it's got the Ben (I did this same thing with I'm Not There a few weeks ago; granted, I bought it because it was the two-disc edition for only ten dollars and I do enjoy the movie but IT WAS MOSTLY FOR THE WHISHAW, OKAY?). So if I can find it in a store as soon as it's released I think I'm just going to grab that bad boy up right then and there.

Okay, now I have to go do something productive. Like work on writing reviews for my 2009 list (which is halfway done, along with other good songs from the year, here!). Or watch Adam, which I just got from Netflix and have been anxious to see ever since I saw the trailer before (500) Days of Summer even though I've heard that it's kind of Lifetime-esque. Or, you know, play Sims or sit around and waste time doing nothing. You know me.
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I'm still in love with my Ben in case you were wondering and I need to update this. The amount of his work that I've seen is getting pretty damn impressive. And scarily obsessive.

  1. Kill Your Darlings (2010) (pre-production) .... Lucien Carr
  2. The Tempest (2009) (post-production) .... Ariel
  3. Love Hate (2009) .... Tom
  4. Bright Star (2009) .... John Keats [MUST SEE. This apparently comes out next month but is a "limited" release. Shit. Does this mean I'm going to have to make a long trek to see it? Because I've watched the trailer and I am in desperate need of pretty pretty period costumed Ben!]
  5. The International (2009) .... Rene Antall [Alright. I must admit I've only seen the scene with him in it. But I am not watching this entire shitty movie for two seconds of Ben, okay? So it counts!]
  6. Brideshead Revisited (2008) .... Sebastian Flyte
  7. "Criminal Justice" .... Ben Coulter (5 episodes, 2008)
    Episode #1.5 (2008) TV episode .... Ben Coulter
    Episode #1.4 (2008) TV episode .... Ben Coulter
    Episode #1.3 (2008) TV episode .... Ben Coulter
    Episode #1.2 (2008) TV episode .... Ben Coulter
    Episode #1.1 (2008) TV episode .... Ben Coulter
  8. I'm Not There. (2007) .... Arthur
    ... aka I'm Not There (Germany) (USA: poster title)
  9. Perfume: The Story of a Murderer (2006) .... Jean-Baptiste Grenouille
    ... aka Das Parfum - Die Geschichte eines Mörders (Germany)
    ... aka El perfume - Historia de un asesino (Spain)
    ... aka Le parfum - Histoire d'un meurtrier (France)
    ... aka Perfume (International: English title: informal short title)
    ... aka Perfume: The Story of a Murderer (International: English title)
  10. "Nathan Barley" .... Pingu (6 episodes, 2005)
    Pilot (2005) TV episode .... Pingu
    Episode #1.6 (2005) TV episode .... Pingu
    Episode #1.5 (2005) TV episode .... Pingu
    Episode #1.4 (2005) TV episode .... Pingu
    Episode #1.3 (2005) TV episode .... Pingu
    1 more)
  11. Stoned (2005) .... Keith Richards
  12. Layer Cake (2004) .... Sidney
    ... aka L4yer Cake (Ireland: English title: DVD box title) (UK: DVD box title) (USA: DVD box title)
  13. Enduring Love (2004) .... Spud
  14. The Merchant of Venice (2004) (uncredited) .... Servant to Portia
    ... aka Il mercante di Venezia (Italy)
    ... aka William Shakespeare's The Merchant of Venice (USA: complete title)
  15. 77 Beds (2003) .... Ishmael [Really strange short film. And he's got some weird mustache thing going on in it that I do not approve of.]
  16. The Booze Cruise (2003) (TV) .... Daniel
    ... aka Cheers and Tears (International: English title)
  17. Ready When You Are Mr. McGill (2003) (TV) .... Bruno [It's on Youtube. Overly long, mildly funny, but he's adorable in it.]
  18. Spiritual Rampage (2002) [Even stranger short film. This is the only thing I've seen him in so far that I have not been attracted to him at all in - it's just way too... weird.]
  19. My Brother Tom (2001) .... Tom
  20. Baby (2001/I) .... Little Joe [Another strange short film. I do not understand. Well, I do but is it supposed to have a point? That I do not know.]
  21. "Other People's Children" (2000) TV series .... Sully (unknown episodes)
  22. "Black Cab" .... Ryan (1 episode, 2000)
    - Work (2000) TV episode .... Ryan
  23. Mauvaise passe (1999) .... Jay
    ... aka The Escort
    ... aka The Wrong Blonde
  24. The Trench (1999) .... Pte. James Deamis
    ... aka La tranchée (France)
Shut the fuck up! These do too count! They're listed on the IMDB page, aren't they?...

  1. "Breakfast" .... Himself (1 episode, 2008)
    Episode dated 30 June 2008 (2008) TV episode .... Himself
  2. The Story of 'Perfume' (2007) (V) .... Himself
  3. "Richard & Judy" .... Himself (1 episode, 2007)
    Episode dated 8 February 2007 (2007) TV episode .... Himself

Here is a lovely photograph for your time:

P.S. (500) Days of Summer? Fucking awesome. Zooey Deschanel is too cute for words. Matthew Gray Gubler will never ever be anyone but Dr. Reid to me but it was nice to see him anyway! And Joseph Gordon-Levitt is goddamn sexy. When did that happen? I swear, he never used to be so hot. I could barely concentrate on the movie between my drooling over him and Zooey.

P.P.S. I lurve this mood icon! It is one of my favorite PD scenes ever. Hilarious!

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I got my Who Killed Amanda Palmer book today! Finally. I've only had a quick glance through the pictures but it is glorious. And grotesque. It is gloriously grotesque.

I'm seeing the Decemberists tomorrow. I'm not even all that excited about it, strangely. Though I know I will be once I'm actually there. I just hate that it takes so fucking long to get there. And also, the money. I hate money. I just spent almost everything I was trying to save for the concert on food today. Just food! Food can be ridiculously expensive. Also, I need to buy more books because none of the ones I have right now are looking very appealing to me. So I don't think I'm going to be buying anything at the show... unless it's like $5. Oh well. It's the experience that counts, blah blah blah, right?

I've been super busy lately. Which explains why I haven't been posting every other day. This is probably a good thing.

P.S. I watched this movie, Enduring Love, a few days ago because it's got BEN!!11!! in it. But he was only in it for a few minutes. Sadness. He looked adorable though. And it was an okay movie. The book's probably better though. I should read the book.

P.P.S. If all goes as planned, I think I am going to see (500) Days of Summer this weekend! I've been wanting to see it for weeks and it's finally come out as close to here as it's going to. ZOOEY! Also, I actually didn't really know all that much about this movie except that she was in it, so I watched a trailer the other day and ZOMG MY LOVER MATTHEW GRAY GUBLER IS IN IT!!!! How did I not know this? So I pretty much have to see it now.

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Ahem. Anyway, I started out watching this show thinking it would be so cheesy and badly acted and poorly plotted that it would be hilarious and entertaining, but it turned out to be shockingly well-done. The last few episodes were way intense, the deaths were always awesomely gory, and the whole thing was actually wrapped up very well. I was legitimately freaked out and surprised during the last two episodes tonight. It was amazing.

Also, resemblence?

Yes? No? Maybe? I'm crazy? Either way, they are both terribly cute.

Uh... what was I talking about again??? I can't function properly while staring at this picture.

The funny thing about Ben is that he looks like a completely different person in almost every picture of him taken. It's very strange.


Even though every time I look at him, I just think again about how depressed I am that Pushing Daisies is over. The season two DVD set comes out this month, I believe; that offers a little condolence. But still. I need new Ned! And it is not going to happen! :(

I saved the best for last.


Okay, I am a freak. And I am going to go do something worthwhile now. Like write something besides fangirl babbling.

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I just made this awesome mix. There is no particular theme except that it is full of songs I've loved over the past couple of months. And it is awesome. Epic, really. The funny thing is I did most of the ordering of the songs in my head without even listening to them and it actually turned out surprisingly well that way. Are you ready for how mindblowing this tracklisting is?

  1. Neko Case and Her Boyfriends - Furnace Room Lullaby
  2. Kristin Hersh - Beestung
  3. Dirty Projectors - Cannibal Resource
  4. Andrew Bird - Heretics
  5. Stars - Krush
  6. Regina Spektor - Machine
  7. Bright Eyes - Easy/Lucky/Free
  8. O+S - The Fox
  9. The Decemberists - Odalisque
  10. Margot & the Nuclear So and So's - Talking in Code
  11. Destry - Take Me
  12. Okkervil River - The Latest Toughs
  13. Joanna Newsom - Clam, Crab, Cockle, Cowrie
  14. Andrew Bird - Armchairs
  15. Camera Obscura - Away with Murder
  16. St. Vincent - The Party
  17. Mew - The Zookeeper's Boy
  18. Jeniferever - Opposites Attract

I know it's kind of taboo to include two songs by the same artist on a mix (not to mention the fact that they're both from the same album at that) but I couldn't help it. I love both of those songs and couldn't decide which one to leave out and they both fit so well. Anyway, yes, I am in love with it. And will listen to it a lot. And will most likely be posting the songs for download at[ profile] urgencytobleed soon.

In other news, I can't post anymore in my big "movies I've watched this year" post because of Livejournal's stupid size limit. So I guess I'll just have to talk about the important ones in new entries after I watch them. So here are a few random thoughts on movies I've seen lately:

We were bored last Sunday and decided to go to the theater. There weren't many good movies playing so we decided on Year One, purely based on the fact that Michael Cera is in it. It was kind of a dumb movie - okay, a really dumb movie - and the laughs were predictable but it was still funny, in that mindless "I shouldn't be laughing at this because it's so stupid but I can't help it" way, though it could've been funnier. Michael Cera was the second best thing about it. The first best thing was David Cross. He's another one of those people who makes things that aren't even funny at all seem funny anyway and he was involved in all the best bits. Anyway, it was a good way to waste a boring Sunday regardless. I also bought the new Regina Spektor album. I don't even really like it all that much but I feel weird if I have all of an artist's albums and don't go out and buy the new one as soon as possible; I guess that's my obsessive-compulsive side showing - I can barely sleep right if I don't complete my collection right away. Okay, maybe that's a bit of an exaggeration, but still.

After finishing the book, I watched the 1962 version of Lolita since the newer adaptation of it is not available on Netflix and, shockingly, I enjoyed it a whole lot. Oh my God, Shannon liked a movie made in the sixties! This is very surprising news. I always write off older stuff as hard to enjoy because of the datedness in all categories: movies, music and, to a lesser extent, books (with books, my cut-off date is anything written before the 20th century; with everything else, I really have a hard time truly liking stuff made before the '90s - this is a bad generalization to make, I know, but I just hate listening to/watching stuff that hasn't aged very well). But anyway, I liked this movie a whole lot more than I thought I would. It was actually pretty funny and the acting was really good, so good that I didn't mind the changes made from the novel; for example, the character of Clare Quilty was given a much larger role in the film but the actor that played him was so hilarious that it was okay - plus I was totally confused (and didn't even remember who he was) when the huge reveal involving him was made at the end of the book so I think I liked it better that he was more present throughout. The only thing that bothered me was that everything - and I mean everything - involving Humbert and Lolita's romantic relationship was left up to the imagination. This can't really be helped because of the times the movie was made in but, still, because of the vagueness of that important piece of the story, the film didn't leave me feeling nearly as affected by the end as the novel did. Oh, I also didn't like the fact that Dolores was called Lolita by everyone in the movie; in the book, only Humbert calls her that and it kind of encapsulates his whole obsession with "nymphets" into one nickname so it being used so openly in the movie totally waters down the meaning of it. I am trying to (with slow success; damn Rapidshare!) procure the 1997 version so I can compare; apparently, that's closer to the book but less critically successful. So I will be watching that sometime in the hopefully near future.

Also, I just watched Milk for the first time a few days ago and, oh my goodness, it was so good and so depressing but kind of uplifting at the same time. And the acting was all super amazing as well. And on a totally shallow note, there were so many pretty men in this movie that it was kind of overwhelming. It was a very nice movie to look at. As well as being very well-done.

With that in mind, here's my cute boy of the day:

(That was actually the exact picture I was looking for and it was the first result on Google. So adorable.)

Also I posted this picture the other day but it was hidden behind a cut and if I'm mentioning cute boys, I have to put this out in the open for everyone and anyone to see because it is the cutest thing evarrrrrrrr. Seriously.

I love my Ben, I do, I do. Okay, bye for now.

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But I must post about Mr. Whishaw again. You see, ever since I watched that interview I posted a link to in the last entry (which was randomly recommended to me on the front page of Youtube and I couldn't believe I had never seen), I've been back in obsessive mode in regards to him. It's frightening, really. I discovered this lovely fansite which has a fantastic gallery that is responsible for my folder of saved pictures being much larger now than it was a few days ago.

Anyway, this post is mainly for me to gush over how freaking adorable he looked at the Cannes Film Festival. I'm a little behind because it was actually more than a month ago now but whatever. He looked positively squishable. And the hair. Oh my goodness, the hair! He always has such awesome/terrible hair that looks like he just rolled out of bed. It's like Robert Pattinson's hair but better. Because Whishaw > Pattinson. Obviously. It's so obvious I shouldn't have even needed to say it.

I'm LJ-cutting this because there are many pictures and much gushing. Enter at your own risk. )

Oh wait. I found these while perusing posts about Bright Star on ONTD and they are fucking hysterical.

LOL LOL LOL. My favorite part is the variation on Annabel Lee: "A pimp there lived that you may know by the name of GQ MOTHERFUCKER." Oh my God. They're retarded. But hilarious.

Now I'm really out!


Jun. 24th, 2009 11:26 pm
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Oh my God. How adorable is this?!? (It won't let me embed, damn it.) I can't believe I haven't seen it before. It just made me smile like an idiot. He is so shy and awkward and cute. <3 And I love that he seems to be the male version of a crazy cat lady. Awesome.

That is all.

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I've come to the sudden realization that I think I spend more time looking for new books to read than actually reading the books I already have. Seriously. I have probably fifteen to twenty books sitting on my shelves that I've yet to open; despite that, I've spent the last few hours savagely investigating new ones and trying to find them for as cheap as possible so that I can buy as many as possible and bookmarking them for purchase. I guess there are just times when I'm not in the mood for anything I currently have but then I stumble upon some random recommendation and read the summary and it just speaks to me and I need it now. For real - I've got almost fifteen books that I think I need right! this! instant! and I'm finding it almost impossible to narrow it down anymore. And I know I can't afford them all at once (or shouldn't anyway - I do have the money but I need to start being more careful with it) but it's going to kill me when I have to make the decision not to buy some right now. But that's so stupid! It's not like I'm going to read them all right now! But I just need them. It's such a hard feeling to explain. It's seriously a sickness at this point. But I love it. I love the feeling of reading a plot summary and having my hairs stand on end because it just sounds so perfect and exactly what I'm craving at that moment. Of course, that just makes it all the more disappointing if I end up being underwhelmed by the book once I actually read it, but when that feeling is just intensified once you're finished reading - so amazing.

Anyway, I think what sparked this current phase of obsessive book investigating was watching American Psycho on IFC last week. It inspired me to look up the book and then look up the rest of Bret Easton Ellis' work and after doing that, I've come to the conclusion that pretty much all of his novels sound like they were written specifically to fit my literary tastes from their summaries. Seriously. They all sound so good to me. American Psycho is actually the least interesting-sounding one right now and I'm especially intrigued by his first two books which I absolutely must get. If I do not love them as much as I think I will, I might cry. Because they seem so me! They are literally speaking to me and I barely know anything about them.

Also, apparently his first novel, Less Than Zero, was highly influential in the making of this movie called Nowhere (which is not available on DVD in the States even though it's got like... every teen heartthrob '90s star in it; seriously - Ryan Phillipe, Alyssa Milano, Christina Applegate, it's pretty impressive) and I also saw that movie on IFC forever ago and, oh my God, it was the most fucked up thing I've ever seen. Soooooo weird and trippy and vulgar. I'm kinda upset it's not widely available because I want to watch it again just because it was so damn ridiculous. So if that book is anything like it, I'm sure it'll be highly amusing.

And, semi-related but really not... before American Psycho came on, there was this short little featurette on Bright Star which I unfortunately only saw about ten seconds of but that one glimpse of Ben Whishaw made my heart get all fluttery like the little fangirl I am. Ahhhhhh. Now that I'm not so obsessed I forget how much I love him but then I see his face and I freak out again. I <3 Ben. Unfortunately, I will probably not be able to see this movie for ages after it comes out (or any of the others he's currently working on, probably) because I have to live in the stupid middle-of-nowhere where they only show the popular stuff and not the artistic indie stuff.

Buuuuuut... some of the popular stuff is not so bad. My sister and I went to Drag Me to Hell a couple days ago and it was insane and disgusting (seriously, all the stuff going into and out of mouths - ick!) and ridiculous - and I mean all of those as compliments, by the way - and ultimately mind-blowing and awesome. I still can't think straight about it. Horror movies don't generally have such an impact on me but I'm still thinking about the ending. It was executed to perfection.

Anyway, this really had no point. I just had to ramble for awhile. I really need to try and write something besides rambly journal entries; I haven't even attempted anything in so long and it's just making me even more rusty. But I've been so lazy the past few weeks. Not just in writing but in everything. I don't know why. I guess summer just makes me feel like not doing anything.

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This guy is cute. )

Oh my God, Amazon is having a 3-for-4 sale on pretty much all of their books that are under $10. OM NOM NOM. Must resist buying ten thousand books. Though, actually, most of them appear to be shitty thrillers and romance novels and the like. I don't know - I got tired of browsing through all of them after the first thousand or so. But there are a few on my wishlist that qualify and yes, they'd probably still be cheaper if I bought them used, but I'm a sucker for things shiny and brand new. And I've been rather disappointed with some of my used book purchases lately and their supposed "very good" condition. (Gee, I wasn't aware that a tattered cover and someone's random scribbled musings on every single page warranted a "very good" - that's only one step away from "like new", after all.)

Because I don't already have enough books or anything.

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This should be a regular occurrence, yes? Because I go a week or two without seeing him at all and I forget how much I love him. But then I am reminded and I get all fangirly again. This time it happened when I decided to check out his IMDB page to see if there had been any progress in his upcoming movies (BECAUSE I AM A STALKER) and I found out that a. he has another new one scheduled, excitement; b. he was apparently in the movie The International for less than ten seconds... yet I still have a strange desire to subject myself to it (I've heard it's terrible) for those few very brief seconds; c. he was nominated for a BAFTA for Criminal Justice, OMG, I hope he wins. Wait. Does this mean he'll be at the awards?!? And are they broadcasted on American television because if he is I NEED TO SEE IT!!! BBC America, maybe? I can't find any information about this but I kind of doubt it. But that would be amazing.

Anyway. The point of this is. I also ended up on the official site for Bright Star and found some hot pictures of him being all Keats-y and stuff.


And is this his handwriting?!? These were titled "Ben's Notes" so I think it is. ZOMG. He even has beautiful handwriting. (This sounds so creepy.)

Okay. I have this weird fetish for cigarettes. Like, I don't really enjoy being around someone who is smoking in real life but whenever I read about someone smoking in a book or see it in a movie or a photo or whatever I find it soooooo sexy. Like, unbelievably sexy. Case in point:


And this one from Brideshead which I've posted before but it's like my fave pic of him evarrrr!!!!

So adorable.

Here's one more (non-smoking) picture for good measure:


Edit: Oh my God, I was searching for him on Youtube and found a bunch of Twilight "dream cast" videos with him in them. PLEASE, KEEP MY BEN AWAY FROM THE TWILIGHT FRANCHISE! Though I highly doubt he would actually be in one of those movies even if he was offered a role. Because he seems to have very good taste. And would probably have a nervous breakdown if he was ever stalked to the extent that Robert Pattinson now is because he also seems very shy.


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...since I've posted about my lover, Ben Whishaw. Well, if you're not counting my '09 films list because he's plastered all over that. But anyway, I just watched the entire bonus disc for I'm Not There last night and there was not nearly enough Ben which made me sad (and made me feel like I just wasted 2-3 hours of my life because most of the stuff on there was really shitty and worthless). So now I must post about him to get my fix.

He looks totally pimp in this one. He's badass and he knows it.

He and Matthew Goode are totally eye-fucking each other right now. (I wish I had a bigger version of this picture - 'tis glorious.)

Tortured and emo but oh so pretty.

Did I mention how pretty he is?!?

Videos? Do you want some videos? I do, anyway.

Goddamn, I wish they had the version with just Ben on there. He's the only person I care about. Okay, maybe not, but this still isn't as interesting as the individual ones because you can't see all of their fuck-ups in this one. I'm most impressed by Heath Ledger (RIP) and his ability to smoke between verses - now that takes skill.

Damn, what the fuck, you can't embed this one. But it's the best one! Ben's American accent = sexy.

Okay, I'm done.

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Ugh. I fucking hate RapidShare. I already knew this but I fucking hate it with a passion right now. It keeps trying to tell me I can't download stuff because I'm already downloading a file and it is driving me insane! I am not downloading anything! I haven't downloaded anything in, like, twelve hours! Goddamn it.

Anyway, deep breaths, deep breaths.

It is my goal to watch everything on Ben's IMDB page. Is it possible?

I crossed out what I've already seen and italics  = I plan on watching it very soon.

  1. The Tempest (2009) (filming) .... Ariel
  2. Bright Star (2009) (post-production) .... John Keats [These two are not out yet so obviously they don't count right now - but, holy crap, do I want them to come out right this instant.]
  3. Brideshead Revisited (2008) .... Sebastian Flyte
  4. "Criminal Justice" .... Ben Coulter (5 episodes, 2008)
    Episode #1.5 (2008) TV episode .... Ben Coulter
    Episode #1.4 (2008) TV episode .... Ben Coulter
    Episode #1.3 (2008) TV episode .... Ben Coulter
    Episode #1.2 (2008) TV episode .... Ben Coulter
    Episode #1.1 (2008) TV episode .... Ben Coulter
  5. I'm Not There. (2007) .... Arthur
    ... aka I'm Not There (Germany) (USA: poster title)
  6. Perfume: The Story of a Murderer (2006) .... Jean-Baptiste Grenouille
    ... aka Das Parfum - Die Geschichte eines Mörders (Germany)
    ... aka Parfum - Histoire d'un meurtrier, Le (France)
    ... aka Perfume (International: English title: informal short title)
    ... aka Perfume - Historia de un asesino, El (Spain)
    ... aka Perfume: The Story of a Murderer (International: English title)
  7. Stoned (2005) .... Keith Richards
  8. "Nathan Barley" .... Pingu (5 episodes, 2005)
    Episode #1.6 (2005) TV episode .... Pingu
    Episode #1.5 (2005) TV episode .... Pingu
    Episode #1.4 (2005) TV episode .... Pingu
    Episode #1.3 (2005) TV episode .... Pingu
    Episode #1.1 (2005) TV episode .... Pingu
  9. Layer Cake (2004) .... Sidney
    ... aka L4yer Cake (USA: DVD box title)
  10. Enduring Love (2004) .... Spud
  11. The Merchant of Venice (2004) (uncredited) .... Servant to Portia
    ... aka Mercante di Venezia, Il (Italy)
    ... aka William Shakespeare's The Merchant of Venice (USA: complete title)
  12. 77 Beds (2003) .... Ishmael [Really strange short film. And he's got some weird mustache thing going on in it that I do not approve of.]
  13. The Booze Cruise (2003) (TV) .... Daniel
    ... aka Cheers and Tears (International: English title)
  14. Ready When You Are Mr. McGill (2003) (TV) .... Bruno
  15. Spiritual Rampage (2002) [Even stranger short film. This is the only thing I've seen him in so far that I have not been attracted to him at all in - it's just way too... weird.]
  16. My Brother Tom (2001) .... Tom
  17. Baby (2001/I) .... Little Joe [Another strange short film. I do not understand. Well, I do but is it supposed to have a point? That I do not know.]
  18. "Other People's Children" (2000) TV series .... Sully (unknown episodes)
  19. "Black Cab" .... Ryan (1 episode, 2000)
        - Work (2000) TV episode .... Ryan
  20. Mauvaise passe (1999) .... Jay
    ... aka The Escort
    ... aka The Wrong Blonde
  21. The Trench (1999) .... Pte. James Deamis
    ... aka Tranchée, La (France)
  1. "Breakfast" .... Himself (1 episode, 2008) (Youtube)
    Episode dated 30 June 2008 (2008) TV episode .... Himself
  2. The Story of 'Perfume' (2007) (V) .... Himself
  3. "Richard & Judy" .... Himself (1 episode, 2007) (Youtube)
    Episode dated 8 February 2007 (2007) TV episode .... Himself
So... the relatively easy-to-find stuff is taken care of. I've seen a couple more of these on Netflix but didn't add them because his part is probably miniscule but of course I'm going to end up adding them anyway. The really early stuff... that will probably be the hardest to find. And is probably not worth it, honestly. But whatever. It's not like I have anything better to do.

P.S. This is adorable:

I've seen a few pictures from the filming of Brideshead of scenes that are totally not in the movie and it makes me sad because the deleted scenes that are on the DVD are a total waste of time. All but one, I think, are just extended versions of scenes that are already in the film. And none of them are Charles/Sebastian scenes (which the pictures I've seen are) so they obviously fail. Why couldn't they put some real deleted scenes on there? 'Cause, you know, I could watch a five-hour montage of Ben and Matthew Goode messing around like the couple-minute one in the movie and be totally enthralled the entire time and probably want to watch it ten million more times. I mean, who wouldn't want to see some of this:

It'd be so entertaining, right? I am entertained just staring at the picture already.

Also, it's probably me being weird, but Ben looks completely different in this movie to me. It's probably the combination of the hair and the period clothing and the effeminate mannerisms and the fact that he actually has to act happy in a large portion of it but... I don't know. It just looks so unlike him to me. But still adorable. Of course. Okay, I lied. The whole time I was watching My Brother Tom, I just kept thinking "SEBASTIAN! SEBASTIAN!" so obviously this can't be true.

Anyway, I obviously still have the brain of an obsessive fangirl. I'm working on it, I swear; it's just very hard!



Feb. 1st, 2009 12:58 am
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Oh my God. I so win at Google. I just found this movie to download and I am so excited. You see, the reason these finds are so monumental for me is that apparently my Internet connection doesn't agree very well with torrents (and I'm too stupid/lazy/easily frustrated to try and make them work) and it is extremely hard to find full downloads of obscure movies and the like that are not torrents. Or maybe that's just me. But still. I am so happy! And apparently, it is a rather disturbing film. I enjoy rather disturbing films (though I mean more in the psychologically disturbing sense than in the blood-and-guts gorey disturbing sense). And as is painfully clear by now, I enjoy Ben Whishaw. Therefore, it will be totally amazing.

Also, I was trying really hard to hold out on watching that Criminal Justice miniseries until it was completely done downloading because I knew that I would get all into it and then have to agonizingly wait for the rest... but I couldn't help it. I was bored and didn't have anything better to do (or I did but they were things I really didn't want to do) and I started watching it. And now I've watched 4/5 parts and still have most of the 5th part to download and I AM SO IMPATIENT FOR IT. I've been seriously on edge for the entire thing because I feel so sorry for Ben's character (who is also named Ben... which makes it even harder to separate the actor from the character) and he's so vulnerable and scared and so much bad stuff happens to him and oh my God, I just want to give him a big hug and never let go. Anyway.

Yes. Basically, I am completely insane. I don't think I've ever been so obsessed with someone before that I've gone to so much trouble to find things they are involved in. Or well, maybe it just seems like I'm crazily obsessed because Netflix has such a small selection of his work that I have no choice but to desperately try and watch everything else through other means. No. I'm just crazily obsessed. And I'm totally okay with that. I feel like my obsession is completely justified - I mean, he's unbelievably talented and so magnetic on screen and also terribly good-looking and any person who has any taste at all would be in love with him, right? Right? This is how I get when I'm obsessed. I get to the point where I get personally offended by anyone who doesn't agree with me - but I haven't really run into much of that yet with this particular obsession so I'm good for now.

Anyway. I am starting to not make any sense (if I was ever making any in the first place). All I really wanted to do was to pat myself on the back for my mad interwebz skillz and also share these pictures that I happened across on one of my mad Googling sprees (which has sadly made up the bulk of the last couple days for me). THEY ARE SO COMPLETELY AWESOME. MY MIND IS OFFICIALLY BLOWN.

It is getting late. That's probably why I'm acting like this. I'm having, like, an insomnia-induced breakdown or something. So I should probably stop here. At this point, I fear I shall never recover from posting such pointless, asinine things and am destined to never have an intelligent thought again. My mind is just so full of fangirly feelings right now that I think I may possibly be permanently stuck this way. Stay tuned for futher developments.

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You know you're obsessed with someone when you add movies to your Netflix queue that sound absolutely abysmal just because they're in them for maybe five minutes and when you spend pretty much half a day searching desperately for links to download some British miniseries that they star in. Yep, that's me. The good news is I did end up finding that miniseries due to the fact that I win at Googling. The bad news is there are about seven million parts and it's all on RapidShare which is, like, the devil incarnate as far as filehosting websites go. So it's going to take me forever to download and hopefully, halfway through, there won't be one dead link so that it ruins the whole thing or something... but it is totally worth it.

Anyway, pretty pretty pictures of this person I'm obsessed with? These are so beautiful I can hardly stand it.

Ahem... anyway.

I believe I said something about me trying to work on writing the other day? Yeah, hasn't really happened yet... You see, it's just so much less work for me to spend all day staring at pretty pictures and watching Youtube videos instead. Anyway, it will happen sometime. And yes, I'm aware I've already broken my rule of not posting until I have something substantial to say but, well, this is my LiveJournal so I'll post what I want, right? Anyone else who happens to be reading this can ignore my fangirling - it's just that when I get obsessed with someone or something, I get extremely obsessed and that's basically all I think about for a week or two. Just as a warning for the future.

oh my god.

Jan. 28th, 2009 11:33 am
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I feel like all I ever do lately is gush over how adorable people are. I'm so shallow. But I'm going to do it some more anyway.

I'm running out of things to put here. )

P.S. Isn't this Matthew Gray Gubler icon that I found the cutest thing ever? Yes, it is. And now I'll stop going on about how adorable everything is and try not to post again until it's actually something of substance.


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