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So I've become a bit obsessed with this kid, Charlie, who is probably old news to anyone keeping up with the latest Youtube celebrities but considering I don't watch many blog-type videos on Youtube he's quite new to me (though I have heard of him before, just never watched him). Anyway, basically, he is English and adorable and funny and has the best smile ever which is good enough for me to be a bit in love with him. I'll just link to his Youtube channel for anyone else who cares to waste away a couple days watching his every video. But the below is too amazing to resist posting and besides, it isn't on his channel which makes it a bit trickier to find on your own!

Honestly, Charlie + the cast of Doctor Who = too much cuteness and awesomeness to handle. My favorite things about this video are Matt Smith's bizarre preoccupation with badgers and Arthur Darvill and Charlie's brilliant jam session.

Also, in relation to the video I posted in the last entry (which, by the way, I forgot to mention, it cracks me up the most when Charlie decides to call Carlisle "Carlie" and keeps insisting he is a girl, lulz - also, his dark laugh is too hilarious), the guy who does the rest of the Reads Twilight videos, Alex, does a very funny job of it too and so those are well worth watching. I watched all of his Twilight videos in a couple hours and laughed too much for my own good.

And now I will continue being completely unproductive for the day by watching even more videos! (For what it's worth, I did clean a bit of the house - which is a massive undertaking indeed - earlier today so that's something slightly more productive anyway.)
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I've been watching my Doctor Who DVDs again. I couldn't resist screen-capping a few moments.

Like this line from Vincent and the Doctor which I forgot about but is hilarious.

And also this bit from Matt's video diary where Karen compares him to Edward Cullen. LOL. I laughed so hard at this. I love how these two are just constantly insulting each other.


Jan. 10th, 2010 09:40 pm
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OMG. Remember how I said that Ben macro was the most amazing picture ever earlier? Well, I was wrong. Because this is the best picture ever:

OMG. Dying right now. I fucking love that kid and his wacky sense of humor. And, by the way, he does totally own that TV's Hottest Hunks title. I mean, Shemar who? Seriously. Who can even look at him when you've got the eye candy that is pasty, skinny Gubler distracting you? No one, that's who.


I've somehow turned into a .GIF-spamming fool. I'm not sure how or when that happened.

Okay. Here is some PRETTY to go with all that crazy:

BRB. I gotta go upload a new EPIC Gube userpic. (I found all of these glorious things while wasting time on ONTD all day, by the way. I officially have no life.)
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This is going to be an entry full of random, lulzy things.

First and foremost, this has to be the best thing I have ever seen:

I can't decide what's funnier: the huge ass gun, the expression on his face, the caption, or the fact that he couldn't be photoshopped on a more inappropriate body because it's about three times bigger than his in real life. All of it has me cracking up. I love stalking the Ben Whishaw posts on ONTD because they are so full of similar hilarity.

ILU, Ben, but what are these pictures (though all of the pictures, not just his, are fucking atrocious - those ones of Matt Goode and some other actor I've never heard of are terrible)?!? Random shot of his chin and hands covered with black paint? Sporting a completely ridiculous top hat? Being totally shirtless which he should never, ever be unless there's an acting-related reason? (I'm sorry, I love him for many reasons but his skinny naked body is not one of them - I prefer his scrawniness clothed, thank you very much.) Also, in the interview, talking about his part in The Tempest: "I was naked apart from a little jockstrap, my eyebrows were shaved off, and I was given breasts and enormous wings." UM WUT?!? THIS DOES NOT SOUND SEXY ENOUGH TO PLEASE ME! IT'S NOT LIKE HE DOESN'T LOOK EFFEMINATE ENOUGH ALREADY - NO, LET'S GIVE HIM FAKE BREASTS! WTF.

Ahem. In other cute actor news, just finished watching Adam. It was pretty typical and predictable and felt way too much like an educational program about Asperger's at times but I still liked it. BECAUSE OHMAGAH CUTENESS OVERLOAD. How can you not love something with this in it?

ADORABLE! Also, his acting was pretty impressive even though I noticed his American accent was off at times. Rose Byrne and her extremely screechy voice kind of annoyed me though. Maybe if she would have toned down that screech a few octaves; I always felt like she was yelling at me. And I cried, like, three times 'cause I'm a big ol' sap. And I also appreciated the fact that it didn't end with the two of them having some tearful reunion because I was expecting it probably would. Basically, it wasn't really THE GREATEST MOVIE OF ALL TIME but it wasn't terrible and I kind of just want to own it so I can see Hugh Dancy's adorable face whenever I please. That's reaching Whishaw levels of creepy obsession, isn't it? Yikes.

Also, we were going through a bunch of old family photos earlier today (or I guess yesterday now) and I came across this one of me at about five looking totally FIERCE in my pink Power Rangers shirt.


I was such an adorable little kid. What happened?

Edit: Oh my God, Rose Byrne's natural voice is so much more pleasant to listen to. Also, I didn't know she was British too Australian. Apparently the Brits non-Americans can play Americans better than us these days.


Dec. 2nd, 2009 02:57 pm
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Okay, I'm sorry, I will never post about this show again but I feel like my description of Chad wasn't even nearly good enough to accurately depict his insanity. So I come bearing hilarious clips from The Soup!

The second half of this video is the hilarious part. Though I didn't appreciate it much when I first saw it because I myself didn't exactly know much about The Picture of Dorian Gray then either. But now it is epic! Chad: "So who's Dorian Gray?" And then Joel: "Would Dorian Gray be interested in a five-bedroom villa in Malibu? Does he want me to rip him the latest Bright Eyes CD?" ENDLESS LULZ! (Speaking of Malibu, I forget to mention that Chad actually refers to it as THE 'BU which makes him sound even more douchebaggy than he already does.)

And here is proof of Chad's frightening obsession with hairspray:

I don't even know how he can bear it. I feel gross with just a little bit of hairspray in my hair. He has like... five pounds of the stuff in there. A tornado couldn't force one follicle out of place, I'm sure.

These videos were actually uploaded by Chad himself so at least he can laugh at how ridiculous he is, I guess. But still. Also, in his music section he lists RILO KILEY and FEIST. I have the same musical taste as fucking Chad. BRB BARFING.
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You know what the best show on TV is right now? Million Dollar Listing. It's this "reality" show on Bravo about these three young real estate agents in California. In order of how much they entertain me: Josh, who I know is a sweetheart deep down despite his often immature/douchebaggy/ridiculous/borderline insane behavior and who I may or may not have a TV crush on... in an "I want him to be my gay BFF" sort of way; Chad, who is a complete mental case (as in, packs all of his toiletries for trips in separate Ziploc baggies and gets delight out of karate-chopping pillows into the perfect "homey" shape) and is also in the most unromantic/joyless relationship ever with "Cake" (not only does he use this horrible nickname for her but she uses it for him as well - both of them ad nauseum) though he comes across as completely asexual and the only thing he truly seems to care about apart from his mediocre skills as a realtor and his eyesore of a haircut is their dog, Starla (alternately known as Starlacakes - sensing a pattern here??), that he drags everywhere with him in a man-purse as a way of securing business deals; and finally Madison, who seems nice enough but is a total bore even with his half-hearted "Am I gay? No, I'm just polyamorous!" (a word he totally is not using in the right context, by the way; he seems to think it's a synonym for bisexual) quest to find himself. Did I mention that most of this stuff is obviously, hilariously scripted and that makes it all the better?!? Seriously, this show is golden, folks! Even more golden? Reading all of the snark about it over on TWOP. Just a sampling:

"Even though I generally feel for the mentally retarded, Chad is creepy and needs to learn some social graces, if he is capable of human connection at all (I remain unconvinced)." LOLOLOLOLOLOL!

"As for that big fight at the end of the episode, I'm not sure whose side I'm on. I mean, on the one hand I can totally sympathize with Cake. But on the other hand, Cake also made a very valid point. I just wish Cake would try to see the situation from Cake's point of view. Generally speaking, I suppose I lean towards agreeing with Cake." LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL X 100!!!

I absolutely cannot wait for the season finale, if only for the fact that the abysmal catchphrase "Don't cheapen this day!" seems to have replaced the equally abysmal "Talk is cheap!" that Chad spouts at every given opportunity. Did I mention that this guy is actually attempting to peddle hairspray (he uses enough to damage half the o-zone on his own after all, might as well milk that fact for all it's worth!) and blowdryers and doggie t-shirts and FUCKING ZIPLOC BAGGIES bearing his name/likeness?!? I kid you not. How are these people real?!? Even factoring in that it is totally and completely scripted, I don't think you can fake Chad's certain brand of specialness. You must watch this trainwreck of epic proportions, people!

(Though I do sincerely love Josh. At least when he acts crazy, it seems like he's actually putting on a show for the cameras whereas Chad's seems creepily genuine.)


Seriously, you could get lost in that thing! And this guy is apparently 30-32 years old. Dude, that haircut doesn't even look good on a 15-year-old. I just want to take a massive pair of shears to it everytime I see him. And the best part is, he's totally oblivious to its suckage! He goes to his hairdresser, who practically begs and pleads for him to agree to something different, and pays 600 FUCKING DOLLARS to get that space alien on his head trimmed a quarter of an inch. You cannot make this stuff up.

P.P.S. Here is my BFF Josh (on the right) who looks positively dashing next to Chadbot and teeth-whitener/tanning-salon abuser Madison:

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OMG. LOL. How have I not seen this until now?!? The pictures at the beginning... asdfsghalwkegwioaghlksdg.... so hilariously bad. I only found this because there was finally(!) a new unauthorized documentary video posted, however it doesn't want to load all the way for me and it's labeled as episode ten but there are no episodes six through nine. But what I was able to see of it was hilarious too anyway! Hopefully, I can get it all to work at some point. Anyway, I LOVE GUBE. And I am terribly sad that he hurt himself and is therefore barely present on this season of Criminal Minds. (P.S. The newest episode was so depressing, my God. Poor Hotch!)
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This is several months old but I found it while Google Image searching him. And it greatly amused me. Especially the fact that 75% of the comments keep going on about how he looks a teenager and then the last person to comment is all "O HAI GUISE HE'S ACTUALLY 30 MMKAY". Funny stuff.

Here is a nicer (and less naked) picture of him for your time:

FAVE! <3

P.S. Epperson's Emerson's (Did I really just type Epperson? Really?!? Has it been so long since Pushing Daisies was cancelled that I've forgotten the characters' names? Or maybe I've just got Project Runway on the brain.) amusement gets me every time! Major LULZ! I need to go to bed.


Jun. 4th, 2009 04:53 pm
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This made me laugh. A lot.

I don't even pay attention to American Idol but I like Adam a lot. He is funny. And adorable. Even with the guyliner and black nail polish. And has a good voice. Even if he uses the high, screechy side of it slightly too much. Anyway. Yes.

We went shopping today. I bought the new Mandy Moore CD as I said I was going to. I realized the other night while listening to the leak I had downloaded that it was really shitty quality. The actual CD sounds much better and now I love the songs a billion times more. I also bought It's Blitz!; it hasn't really been long enough since my last complaint to definitively say that it's never going to come in the mail but I was tired of waiting. And what the hell, I'll just have two copies if it does so whatever. Anyway, I opened it up and was amused by the art on the CD itself. It's the YYYs' faces photoshopped onto a pizza, hahaha. Like, what the fuck? How did they even think up this idea in the first place? Those crazy kids.

Also, the Mandy Moore CD reminded me of something I hate: when the booklet is glued to the cardboard if it's a digipak. That's so annoying. I want to be able to take it out and look at the lyrics without having the whole damn package attached to it. How retarded. Who even thinks this is a good idea? I think the new Metric CD is like this too. And a couple others I can't remember right now. It's so frustrating.

And another thing. WTF is up with this?!?

I swear, the only time I remember listening to Tori in the past six months is the new album a couple times with some of the songs a few extra times. HOW DO I MANAGE TO LISTEN TO HER SO MUCH?!? She is almost in the top ten on my overalls, for crying out loud! I mean, I do love (old) Tori but I just can't comprehend these numbers. I must listen to her subconsciously or something. In other news, the rest of those artists are hot.


May. 30th, 2009 11:38 pm
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Just finished watching the third to last (*sniff sniff*) episode of Pushing Daisies. Tres magnifique! As usual. And the next episode looks even more amazing. God, I've missed this show so much. And I will miss it even more once it's gone for good. ABC sucks for canceling it. Everyone in the world who wasn't watching it sucks for being stupid. Good things never last. Sigh. Here are some lovely clips I've found on Youtube of various episodes. Enjoy.

Kristen Chenoweth doin' what she does best - singing her heart out and being all hilarious and adorable at the same time. Also, she is soooo tiny! In the beginning there when they're standing together, she's like half the size of Lee Pace!

OMG, Olive's face at "Is it how many nuns? Like a number puzzle?" And then - Ned: "So... Aunt Lily had a baby twenty-nine years ago, right around the time that Chuck was born, so Chuck... has a cousin her same age but not really her cousin because Lily and Vivian aren't really her aunts!" Olive: "You are killing me!"

"I wake pies and make the dead. That was creepy. I make pies and wake the dead."

Ned's southern accent = full of win.


Group hug. Adorable.

"I would if I could but I can't but you can if you could and you should." Also, Ned's clue pad! So cute.

That was just, like, four from the same episode. Clearly, it was an amazing episode. I would go on forever but I'll stop myself now.

Also, totally unrelated except that it's about television. This is so fucking hilarious (can't embed unfortunately). The ending never fails to crack me up. It is extremely cruel... but the funniest thing ever. And in a similar vein but even more distasteful (You kinda have to watch the video to get it... and it'd also help to have some general knowledge on the trainwreck that is Jon and Kate Gosselin):

This is so wrong. )

Oh my God, I am so going to hell for laughing at that.
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Colin Meloy likes to write about death. A lot.

I love that someone actually took the time to do this. The results are both hilarious and terrifying. Full article here.

Leading causes of death:
1. Cannibalism (31)
2. Drowned (6), unspecified (6)
3. War, unspecified (6)
4. Shot (5)
5. Childbirth (3), suicide (3)
6. Abandoned (1), beaten (1), beaten then burned (1), consumption (1), hanged (1), killed by ghosty kids (1), mining accident (1), poisoned (1), premature birth (1), stuck in chimney (1)

Deadliest releases:
1. Picaresque (44)
2. The Hazards of Love (8)
3. The Crane Wife (5)
4. Castaways & Cutouts (4)
5. Her Majesty (3)
6. Always the Bridesmaid EP (2), 5 Songs EP (2)
7. The Tain EP (1), Picaresquieties EP (1)

Deadliest songs:
1. "16 Military Wives" (36)
2. "The Rake's Song" (5)
3. "Leslie Anne Levine" (3)
4. "I Don't Mind" (2), "We Both Go Down Together" (2), "The Mariner's Revenge Song" (2), "The Perfect Crime #2" (2), "Days of Elaine" (2), "Hazards of Love 4" (2)
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This is the best.

"Stay exactly where you are... and take off that beard!"
"Damned if I do."

"I sincerely apol - I - oh to hell with you all. *maniacal laughter*"

"Meanwhile, tears coursing down her face, the honorable Agatha Runcible, whose repulsive liaison with the prime minister shocked the nation this week, bewailed her 'ruined, bogus, vapid, bogus, and worthless life'... Yes, two boguses."

This movie is so quotable. Well, a lot of the great quotes come from the book but even the stuff that's not from the book. I watched it again a couple days ago and loved it even more. <3

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This is as of... around midnight today. I know it's still a day until the new year but I figured my charts wouldn't be changing much within that time frame so I just said to hell with it and copied them all down now. So because I am a maniac here is basically every incarnation of my chart I could come up with:

Top 50 Artists )

Top 50 Songs )

Top 50 Songs (with only one appearance per artist) )

And fuck. This is JUST FUCKING FANTASTIC. I hate my life.

To take my mind off this monstrosity of a fuck-up (and the fact that I should be doing more productive things), here are some Sims pictures. If you want to see them all, just go to the gallery. I'm way too lazy to upload everything there and then post every single picture to this and I bet no one besides me looks at them anyway, so, yeah, it doesn't matter.

The Thompsons: A (Very) Brief History )

College begins... NOW! )

One more thing. This is fantastic:

I love Zooey. Why is that girl so amazing?

Oh My God

Nov. 20th, 2008 01:11 am
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The hilarity, I can't take it. I was cracking up so hard during this entire thing.

How is he so amazingly awesome? Though really, this just made me wish he was still making the Unauthorized Documentary videos (which if you haven't had the pleasure of watching, start with the first one and watch all of them, which unfortunately only amounts to five). He is hilariously awkward as Dr. Reid but he is just hilariously hilarious in real life. Come be my lover, MGG!

Though he totally has some major competition at this point - maybe a certain piemaker who is more adorable than should lawfully be permitted for the safety of girls like me?... Pushing Daisies was on again tonight after two weeks off and I was so happy yet so sad that the inevitable end keeps looming closer. Why oh why must everything I love be so hideously underappreciated by the masses? Anyway, tonight was amazing as usual; between Ned, his almost as cute half-brothers, his adorably (and necessarily) chaste relationship with Chuck, and the ball of cuteness that is Olive Snook, I am so insanely in love with this show. Everything about it is absolute perfection and I do not understand how more people aren't catching on. It feels nice to root for the underdog but it doesn't feel so nice when there's really nothing you can do to help them stay alive.

Anyway, I just love gushing! But I'll stop now because I realize I really need to find some more words that mean "cute" and "adorable" before I go any further.

P.S. Barring any last minute ticket sellouts, I am totally going to see Twilight on Friday and I can't fucking wait. I was an obsessive fangirl over the first book for about a week and my enthusiasm has gradually died down into an "it's so good because it's so bad" attitude... and the acting in the movie from the commercials looks really awkward and forced... but it should at the very least be hilariously terrible. Plus, staring at Robert Pattinson for two hours - I think I can definitely get on board with that. I would include Jackson Rathbone in this statement as well but, really, he is adorable in real life and does nothing for me as Jasper. I think it's the hair - the poof and the blond on their own aren't too shocking but together they just don't really work at all. Also, both of these guys tend to look like homeless bums half the time but the other half of the time they are repulsively attractive and squishably cute, respectably. (Have you seen Jackson's smile - oh my God, the cutest thing everrrrrr.) Oh yeah, I said I needed to stop gushing and using those two words. I think that's my sign to really leave now.


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