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I like to collect random .GIFs. My criteria for choosing which ones to save is basically this. They have to be a. adorable, b. hilarious, c. fierce, d. sexy, or e. all of the above. It also helps if they feature someone I am obsessed with. So here we are, terrible amounts of picture-loading below the cut, just to warn you.


Hope you enjoyed.
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But I must post about Mr. Whishaw again. You see, ever since I watched that interview I posted a link to in the last entry (which was randomly recommended to me on the front page of Youtube and I couldn't believe I had never seen), I've been back in obsessive mode in regards to him. It's frightening, really. I discovered this lovely fansite which has a fantastic gallery that is responsible for my folder of saved pictures being much larger now than it was a few days ago.

Anyway, this post is mainly for me to gush over how freaking adorable he looked at the Cannes Film Festival. I'm a little behind because it was actually more than a month ago now but whatever. He looked positively squishable. And the hair. Oh my goodness, the hair! He always has such awesome/terrible hair that looks like he just rolled out of bed. It's like Robert Pattinson's hair but better. Because Whishaw > Pattinson. Obviously. It's so obvious I shouldn't have even needed to say it.

I'm LJ-cutting this because there are many pictures and much gushing. Enter at your own risk. )

Oh wait. I found these while perusing posts about Bright Star on ONTD and they are fucking hysterical.

LOL LOL LOL. My favorite part is the variation on Annabel Lee: "A pimp there lived that you may know by the name of GQ MOTHERFUCKER." Oh my God. They're retarded. But hilarious.

Now I'm really out!

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Ugh. I fucking hate RapidShare. I already knew this but I fucking hate it with a passion right now. It keeps trying to tell me I can't download stuff because I'm already downloading a file and it is driving me insane! I am not downloading anything! I haven't downloaded anything in, like, twelve hours! Goddamn it.

Anyway, deep breaths, deep breaths.

It is my goal to watch everything on Ben's IMDB page. Is it possible?

I crossed out what I've already seen and italics  = I plan on watching it very soon.

  1. The Tempest (2009) (filming) .... Ariel
  2. Bright Star (2009) (post-production) .... John Keats [These two are not out yet so obviously they don't count right now - but, holy crap, do I want them to come out right this instant.]
  3. Brideshead Revisited (2008) .... Sebastian Flyte
  4. "Criminal Justice" .... Ben Coulter (5 episodes, 2008)
    Episode #1.5 (2008) TV episode .... Ben Coulter
    Episode #1.4 (2008) TV episode .... Ben Coulter
    Episode #1.3 (2008) TV episode .... Ben Coulter
    Episode #1.2 (2008) TV episode .... Ben Coulter
    Episode #1.1 (2008) TV episode .... Ben Coulter
  5. I'm Not There. (2007) .... Arthur
    ... aka I'm Not There (Germany) (USA: poster title)
  6. Perfume: The Story of a Murderer (2006) .... Jean-Baptiste Grenouille
    ... aka Das Parfum - Die Geschichte eines Mörders (Germany)
    ... aka Parfum - Histoire d'un meurtrier, Le (France)
    ... aka Perfume (International: English title: informal short title)
    ... aka Perfume - Historia de un asesino, El (Spain)
    ... aka Perfume: The Story of a Murderer (International: English title)
  7. Stoned (2005) .... Keith Richards
  8. "Nathan Barley" .... Pingu (5 episodes, 2005)
    Episode #1.6 (2005) TV episode .... Pingu
    Episode #1.5 (2005) TV episode .... Pingu
    Episode #1.4 (2005) TV episode .... Pingu
    Episode #1.3 (2005) TV episode .... Pingu
    Episode #1.1 (2005) TV episode .... Pingu
  9. Layer Cake (2004) .... Sidney
    ... aka L4yer Cake (USA: DVD box title)
  10. Enduring Love (2004) .... Spud
  11. The Merchant of Venice (2004) (uncredited) .... Servant to Portia
    ... aka Mercante di Venezia, Il (Italy)
    ... aka William Shakespeare's The Merchant of Venice (USA: complete title)
  12. 77 Beds (2003) .... Ishmael [Really strange short film. And he's got some weird mustache thing going on in it that I do not approve of.]
  13. The Booze Cruise (2003) (TV) .... Daniel
    ... aka Cheers and Tears (International: English title)
  14. Ready When You Are Mr. McGill (2003) (TV) .... Bruno
  15. Spiritual Rampage (2002) [Even stranger short film. This is the only thing I've seen him in so far that I have not been attracted to him at all in - it's just way too... weird.]
  16. My Brother Tom (2001) .... Tom
  17. Baby (2001/I) .... Little Joe [Another strange short film. I do not understand. Well, I do but is it supposed to have a point? That I do not know.]
  18. "Other People's Children" (2000) TV series .... Sully (unknown episodes)
  19. "Black Cab" .... Ryan (1 episode, 2000)
        - Work (2000) TV episode .... Ryan
  20. Mauvaise passe (1999) .... Jay
    ... aka The Escort
    ... aka The Wrong Blonde
  21. The Trench (1999) .... Pte. James Deamis
    ... aka Tranchée, La (France)
  1. "Breakfast" .... Himself (1 episode, 2008) (Youtube)
    Episode dated 30 June 2008 (2008) TV episode .... Himself
  2. The Story of 'Perfume' (2007) (V) .... Himself
  3. "Richard & Judy" .... Himself (1 episode, 2007) (Youtube)
    Episode dated 8 February 2007 (2007) TV episode .... Himself
So... the relatively easy-to-find stuff is taken care of. I've seen a couple more of these on Netflix but didn't add them because his part is probably miniscule but of course I'm going to end up adding them anyway. The really early stuff... that will probably be the hardest to find. And is probably not worth it, honestly. But whatever. It's not like I have anything better to do.

P.S. This is adorable:

I've seen a few pictures from the filming of Brideshead of scenes that are totally not in the movie and it makes me sad because the deleted scenes that are on the DVD are a total waste of time. All but one, I think, are just extended versions of scenes that are already in the film. And none of them are Charles/Sebastian scenes (which the pictures I've seen are) so they obviously fail. Why couldn't they put some real deleted scenes on there? 'Cause, you know, I could watch a five-hour montage of Ben and Matthew Goode messing around like the couple-minute one in the movie and be totally enthralled the entire time and probably want to watch it ten million more times. I mean, who wouldn't want to see some of this:

It'd be so entertaining, right? I am entertained just staring at the picture already.

Also, it's probably me being weird, but Ben looks completely different in this movie to me. It's probably the combination of the hair and the period clothing and the effeminate mannerisms and the fact that he actually has to act happy in a large portion of it but... I don't know. It just looks so unlike him to me. But still adorable. Of course. Okay, I lied. The whole time I was watching My Brother Tom, I just kept thinking "SEBASTIAN! SEBASTIAN!" so obviously this can't be true.

Anyway, I obviously still have the brain of an obsessive fangirl. I'm working on it, I swear; it's just very hard!



Feb. 1st, 2009 12:58 am
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Oh my God. I so win at Google. I just found this movie to download and I am so excited. You see, the reason these finds are so monumental for me is that apparently my Internet connection doesn't agree very well with torrents (and I'm too stupid/lazy/easily frustrated to try and make them work) and it is extremely hard to find full downloads of obscure movies and the like that are not torrents. Or maybe that's just me. But still. I am so happy! And apparently, it is a rather disturbing film. I enjoy rather disturbing films (though I mean more in the psychologically disturbing sense than in the blood-and-guts gorey disturbing sense). And as is painfully clear by now, I enjoy Ben Whishaw. Therefore, it will be totally amazing.

Also, I was trying really hard to hold out on watching that Criminal Justice miniseries until it was completely done downloading because I knew that I would get all into it and then have to agonizingly wait for the rest... but I couldn't help it. I was bored and didn't have anything better to do (or I did but they were things I really didn't want to do) and I started watching it. And now I've watched 4/5 parts and still have most of the 5th part to download and I AM SO IMPATIENT FOR IT. I've been seriously on edge for the entire thing because I feel so sorry for Ben's character (who is also named Ben... which makes it even harder to separate the actor from the character) and he's so vulnerable and scared and so much bad stuff happens to him and oh my God, I just want to give him a big hug and never let go. Anyway.

Yes. Basically, I am completely insane. I don't think I've ever been so obsessed with someone before that I've gone to so much trouble to find things they are involved in. Or well, maybe it just seems like I'm crazily obsessed because Netflix has such a small selection of his work that I have no choice but to desperately try and watch everything else through other means. No. I'm just crazily obsessed. And I'm totally okay with that. I feel like my obsession is completely justified - I mean, he's unbelievably talented and so magnetic on screen and also terribly good-looking and any person who has any taste at all would be in love with him, right? Right? This is how I get when I'm obsessed. I get to the point where I get personally offended by anyone who doesn't agree with me - but I haven't really run into much of that yet with this particular obsession so I'm good for now.

Anyway. I am starting to not make any sense (if I was ever making any in the first place). All I really wanted to do was to pat myself on the back for my mad interwebz skillz and also share these pictures that I happened across on one of my mad Googling sprees (which has sadly made up the bulk of the last couple days for me). THEY ARE SO COMPLETELY AWESOME. MY MIND IS OFFICIALLY BLOWN.

It is getting late. That's probably why I'm acting like this. I'm having, like, an insomnia-induced breakdown or something. So I should probably stop here. At this point, I fear I shall never recover from posting such pointless, asinine things and am destined to never have an intelligent thought again. My mind is just so full of fangirly feelings right now that I think I may possibly be permanently stuck this way. Stay tuned for futher developments.

oh my god.

Jan. 28th, 2009 11:33 am
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I feel like all I ever do lately is gush over how adorable people are. I'm so shallow. But I'm going to do it some more anyway.

I'm running out of things to put here. )

P.S. Isn't this Matthew Gray Gubler icon that I found the cutest thing ever? Yes, it is. And now I'll stop going on about how adorable everything is and try not to post again until it's actually something of substance.

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I haven't posted an actual new entry since the beginning of the month so here is a brief bulleted list of random things that are on my mind right now:

  • My Best of '08 list can be found here. I'm rather happy with it as of right now. Let's see how I feel in a year.
  • I've been updating my ongoing list of things I've read, watched, and listened to this year regularly so check that out if you're interested in my opinions on things like that.
  • So now that I'm done with '08 albums, I'm already onto '09 ones. I've kind of downloaded a bunch and not kept most of them after one listen because they weren't really things I thought I would like much in the first place but I have found one gem so far: A Camp's Colonia. It is Nina Persson from the Cardigans' solo/side project and this is her second release and it is so so so beautiful. "Golden Teeth and Silver Medals" came up on shuffle a week or so ago and I fell so in love that I was afraid to listen to the rest in case it didn't measure up but the whole thing is gorgeous. Lovely pop songs bathed in beautiful string and brass arrangements, smart lyrics, and Nina's flawlessly pretty voice. So so good.
  • Also, Asobi Seksu - Hush. It's no Citrus but it sounds pretty good; I still have to listen to it more to really get a feel for it. However, I can say that Yuki's voice is amazing on this record.
  • Okay, I am going to attempt to say this without making it sound totally weird, but I am insanely attracted to Andrew Bird. Like, I'm not even that into his music (though I could see myself liking it more if I actually gave it more than my passing attention) and it's not really a physical attraction (though he is a rather good-looking man) but I'm just, like... attracted to him as a person or something. I don't know. I can't explain it. But every time I see or hear about him, I'm just instantly interested and intrigued for some reason.
  • And also, I'm very excited for Maria Taylor's new album. From the two songs she's released so far (three if you count the version of the title track that's on Savannah Drive) this could potentially be her best album yet. Though, is it troubling that I'm actually more excited about Andy LeMaster's involvement than about Maria herself? I mean, I love the girl. But I'm slightly obsessed with Andy. Anyway, yes, I am looking forward to it.
  • I'm going to attempt to work on some writing today or tomorrow so I should have something in that department to post soon.
  • Also, I uploaded about a million new Sims 2 pictures here and here. So if you actually care about that, there you go.
  • Also, PRESIDENT OBAMA. It is so surreal to me still. I was about ten when Bush went into office so I don't really have any proper memories of anyone but him as president since politics weren't exactly on my mind at eight years old. So it's so strange to have a new one. Every time I hear "President Obama" on the news I just kind of can't believe it. So exciting, though.
  • Also, I sure use the word "also" a lot, don't I? Also, also, also.

Now, if you don't mind, I'm going to take a moment to indulge myself and drool over all the pretty:


Okay, I'm done now.


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