Jun. 4th, 2009 04:53 pm
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This made me laugh. A lot.

I don't even pay attention to American Idol but I like Adam a lot. He is funny. And adorable. Even with the guyliner and black nail polish. And has a good voice. Even if he uses the high, screechy side of it slightly too much. Anyway. Yes.

We went shopping today. I bought the new Mandy Moore CD as I said I was going to. I realized the other night while listening to the leak I had downloaded that it was really shitty quality. The actual CD sounds much better and now I love the songs a billion times more. I also bought It's Blitz!; it hasn't really been long enough since my last complaint to definitively say that it's never going to come in the mail but I was tired of waiting. And what the hell, I'll just have two copies if it does so whatever. Anyway, I opened it up and was amused by the art on the CD itself. It's the YYYs' faces photoshopped onto a pizza, hahaha. Like, what the fuck? How did they even think up this idea in the first place? Those crazy kids.

Also, the Mandy Moore CD reminded me of something I hate: when the booklet is glued to the cardboard if it's a digipak. That's so annoying. I want to be able to take it out and look at the lyrics without having the whole damn package attached to it. How retarded. Who even thinks this is a good idea? I think the new Metric CD is like this too. And a couple others I can't remember right now. It's so frustrating.

And another thing. WTF is up with this?!?

I swear, the only time I remember listening to Tori in the past six months is the new album a couple times with some of the songs a few extra times. HOW DO I MANAGE TO LISTEN TO HER SO MUCH?!? She is almost in the top ten on my overalls, for crying out loud! I mean, I do love (old) Tori but I just can't comprehend these numbers. I must listen to her subconsciously or something. In other news, the rest of those artists are hot.
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I love lyrics. And I love to put down permanently somewhere lyrics that especially strike me so that I can come back to them later and fall in love with them again. So here will do. I'll come back and add more periodically. These aren't my favorite lyrics ever or anything, just ones that I happen to notice or remember while I'm listening to a song randomly. This space is more for one or two sentence lines that really get stuck inside my head and don't go away, ones that I like more for their imagery or just the way the words sound than for their profoundness or how technically good they are. They might not even be songs that I particularly adore as a whole (okay, usually they are) but I just happen to love that one line. Usually the simpler things are what get to me most and these are kind of a reflection of that. No lengthiness allowed. Just short, sweet, to the point, and perfect. All in my opinion of course.



Feb. 27th, 2009 11:08 pm
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So I got this really weird urge to be obsessive over Andy LeMaster today and I looked up all of the Bright Eyes albums on Wikipedia to see which songs he sang backing vocals on because I am nuts. AND WTF HE SINGS THE ENTIRE SECOND VERSE OF "THE CITY HAS SEX". HOW DID I NOT KNOW THIS?!? I mean, he sounds kind of different because the song's all angsty and stuff, but aahhhhh... I found this insanely exciting. I probably just didn't realize because it's been ages since I last listened to that song. Anyway. That's my awesome discovery of the day.

EDIT: ALSO "FOUR WINDS". CONOR + MARIA + ANDY HARMONIZING = EAR ORGASM. I've listened to this song seven billion times and never realized, though. But I guess most of those were before I really knew/cared about Andy. Though some random dude I've never seen before pretending to sing his part in the video = lame. I had to re-watch it just now to make sure he wasn't in it and I was pretty sure he wasn't, but was secretly hoping he would be. It would've made it so much better, you know?

Speaking of Andy, the new Maria Taylor album seems pretty good so far - I haven't listened to it much yet and it seems kind of boring at times, but this is nothing new with her - her music's never exactly been very energetic or exciting. But it sure is pretty. Is it wrong that my favorite songs are the ones that he sings BV on? God, I am so sad. But seriously. "It's Time" sort of sounds like a Now It's Overhead song on Valium and with Maria on lead vocals. And "Cartoons and Forever Plans" is basically the cutest thing ever. But the album needs more Andy. I know this is ridiculous to say because it's Maria's album but whatever. It's true. Really, though, Andy just needs to put out something new himself because his voice is like drugs to me, okay? NEED MOAR.

And oh yeah, the new Yeah Yeah Yeahs album is totally spectacular to me - like, genius if you want the truth. It's probably pissing off all the people who are like "MAKE ANOTHER FEVER TO TELL!!111!" but I think it could actually turn out to be my favorite of theirs. It is totally synthtastic which I adore. And it has no bad songs. There is one that I feel "meh" about but it's far from terrible. And two that I just think are "good". But 7/10 fucking spectacular songs is pretty impressive. I'm just blown away by it. And the production is fucking immense. There are so many layers.

God, this is already a really good year music-wise. Anyway, this was just to gush and go insane over my little discovery. So I'll stop before I sound like even more of a psycho.


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