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So. Let's talk weight loss for a moment. I've been trying to lose weight since April (I'm not going to say I'm on a diet because I'm trying to change the way I eat/exercise for life, not just until I lose all the weight I want to). I've posted about it a couple times here but not much. Mostly because the Internet is my way to escape from what's going on in real life for awhile so I don't like to talk about stuff like that here. But it's almost the end of the year so I figured this was a good time to take a look at my progress.

Ohai, I will share pictures even though I don't want to. )
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One of the only good things about seeing family you haven't in ages, especially when you're as socially disinclined as I am, is when they ask you if you've lost weight. Especially when it's difficult for me to see any changes yet myself. Other people noticing definitely gives me the boost I need to keep on track when I start to feel like it's all too much work.
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This song is amazing. I can't get enough of it right now. It's so much fun and the vocals are insane. That scream that lasts about twenty seconds at the end? Ridiculous.

This is also another one I love. It's just so catchy and about seven thousand times better and more original than anything on the radio right now.

I think this girl is pretty fierce. She seems so creative and smart and confident. I wasn't sure I would like her music at first but it's kind of addictive. Okay, extremely addictive. "Many Moons" is also fucking spectacular. I posted that one yesterday on my music blog if you want to hear it. Her fast songs are also very good for pumping me up during workouts, I've discovered in the past couple of days. They just make me want to get up and bounce and flail all over the place.

Speaking of, I somehow managed to lose five pounds last week, according to our scale anyway. I checked twice just to make sure. I did exercise quite a bit more and ate less junk (but still ate some) but I didn't think it would make that big of a difference. But it was a nice surprise after staying the same last week. Now I'm going to try and repeat these results this week. As long as I don't gain any I'll be happy though.

Okay, now I'm going to go watch the newest episode of Doctor Who which I, amazingly, haven't gotten around to yet. Then I'm going to watch some Daria, probably, because I got the DVD set today, yay! Also, I'm very stoked because it only cost me $27.99. See, I originally purchased it at $44.99 but then Amazon drastically reduced the price for about five minutes on the release date and I got a $17 refund. Sweeeeet! That's a super-great price for a 5-season/2-movie DVD set. So I'm happy it didn't end up costing me an arm and a leg.
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Various weight-loss related observations:

  • Holy shit, I can actually feel muscles in my upper arms, upper back near my shoulders, and thighs. It kind of weirded me out at first because it's so strange to suddenly touch your arm and feel that it's kind of hard. I don't think I've ever actually noticed muscles in myself before.
  • Since I've noticed this, I've decided I'm not going to let myself get bummed out by the numbers on the scale anymore. Well, I haven't been exactly depressed by them (because they have gone down every time, just not very much) but now I realize that it's not that I'm not losing, it's that I'm replacing fat with muscle - which is probably much better in the long run. Also, let's face it, despite how many pills, programs, etc. claim to do just so, it's really not that healthy to lose 10 pounds in one week.
  • For the past few weeks, I've basically just been eating less of regular foods because we didn't go shopping until last weekend and I didn't have much choice. So now that I've got much healthier food to choose from, it's ridiculous how much more I can eat in a day. I had gotten used to basically having one main thing for every meal and then one or two little sides with it and feeling hungry later in the day but now I'm actually struggling to get in enough calories and nutrients because I'm like, holy shit, I can eat so much now! It's crazy the difference it makes.
  • When I first started this, I was like, no way, I'm never going to actually enjoy drinking tons of water because I never have before. But I've actually gotten in my recommended eight cups a day all this week now and I find that I'm not missing the beverages I've replaced it with at all! I thought I would crave regular pop (I still drink diet every now and then, when I eat out mostly) - not to mention sweets, salty snacks, fried foods, etc. - and while I'm not exactly at the point where I would no longer enjoy these things if I did have them, I don't find myself particularly missing them either.
  • For the first time after a walk yesterday, my legs didn't continue to ache afterward. And I don't think they will today either. It's been a couple of hours and they don't really ache at all. Also, it takes me much less time to get my heart rate and breathing back to normal following a long walk; really, only a couple minutes. Actually, I don't really get out of breath at all anymore. I guess that means it's about time to increase the intensity or something.
  • Of course I am still a fairly short ways into this and it could all come crashing down but I really feel like it's going to stick this time. I feel much better about it and less like I'm dieting, more like I'm making a total lifestyle change. Which is how it's supposed to feel.


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