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Oh my God, I spent all last night on Youtube, seriously. Mostly watching every single (relevant) video that was labeled as Now It's Overhead or Andy LeMaster. I'd seen a lot of them before and 70% of them are terrible quality but I thought they might have somehow miraculously gotten better or something. I did find a few things I'd never seen though. Then I switched to Maria Taylor and Bright Eyes and Azure Ray performances. Here are the highlights of my night, so that I can find them again later if I should ever want to.

"Surrender." How have I never seen this one?!? It's so high-quality! I only wish there were other songs from this same set.

"Wonderful Scar." I actually think I like this better than the album version. Andy's vocals sound better.

"Type A."


This one might be my favorite "new" discovery of the night (as in I'd never watched it before). Maria and Andy are too adorable. <333 "Cartoons and Forever Plans."

"Song Beneath the Song."

This video has so few views! Probably because the title/description is foreign so no one knows what it is. I almost didn't watch it for that very reason. Anyway, kind of awkward and short but Maria's answer is so cute and I've never actually seen any type of video interview with Andy before. If only there was more to it! And, uh, I've never heard of the third guy in this so moving on...

Oh my God, so random and dorky but so adorable.

Bright Eyes performing "Jejune Stars" a few days ago on Letterman. Not really Andy-heavy but, you know, he's there! Playing the bass and being awesome in the background! (Is it wrong that I wish the Bright Eyes show in Michigan wasn't sold out 85% for the reason that Andy will probably be there? But, you know, I like Conor too! Except these shirts he's been wearing recently, WTF.)

Bonus baby Conor! "At the Bottom of Everything" before I'm Wide Awake It's Morning even came out. Seriously, he looks so young here! And his little dedication at the beginning of the song makes me chuckle.

Alright, I'm done now. I also watched the Bright Eyes bits from the Spend an Evening with Saddle Creek documentary and though Andy's tiny interview parts in those are probably 75% of the time he gets throughout the whole thing, I'm getting it next from Netflix anyway. I can't believe I've never thought about watching it before considering how many Saddle Creek bands I listen to!
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For real. I am just a bit obsessed with him. This is amazing.

I love that he somehow managed to turn that into an actual, legitimate song. Though I do miss the Van Helsing/die, die, die parts from the original version. Still, amazing.

Also, Jason and Neil Patrick Harris being amazing and hilarious together.

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P.S. This is the most adorable/awesome thing in the entire world, I swear. I love that this part of the song is like an epic indie rock dance party.

Also, these lyrics are not in the part of that song featured in the video but I am so in love with them right now. <3 <3 <3

It seems I got it wrong.
I was chasing after something that was gone
to the black of night.
Now I know it's not what I wanted at all.

And you said something like
All you want is all the world for yourself
But all I want is the perfect love,
Though I know it's small,
I want love for us all.

And not just the lyrics but Sufjan + Shara Worden singing together there, oh my goodness, totally amazing. And also the very end of that song breaks my heart. And "Futile Devices". And the "Oh bathing boy/Amazing you" bit in "All for Myself". And this part in "Vesuvius" - "Sufjan, follow the path, it leads to an article of imminent death/Sufjan, follow your heart, follow the flames or fall on the floor/Sufjan, the panic inside, the murdering ghost that you cannot ignore" - gives me major chills. And also "I'm not fucking around" in "I Want to Be Well". And the "I love you a lot/I love you from the top of my heart" section of "All Delighted People". And and and. And I'm just totally crushing on Sufjan in general right now. Kbai.
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So... I haven't posted an actual new entry here in awhile. I guess my life has been pretty boring as of late. Not that it isn't always. But guess what? I actually did something interesting this week. I saw Lydia on Thursday night! I'll be honest, for the past couple weeks, I've been kind of wondering if it would even be worth it since the band has basically disintegrated by now (only Leighton and Craig are left; they had two random dudes playing keys and bass for them) and I was afraid that because of that, I would be disappointed. But I knew if I didn't go I would end up regretting it down the line; even though I would have liked to see them under more ideal circumstances, with most of the band still intact, seeing them this way would still be way better than never seeing them. And, actually, it ended up being totally awesome anyway. Truthfully, I didn't even really think about how I would have liked Mindy (or anyone else) to be there at all except before/after the fact because I didn't find myself missing her much during the performance itself. It was still spectacular without her. But I'll get to all that later.

Cut because there's lots of pictures and rambling ahead. )
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Last time: Just read the last entry. It's right below you after all.

P.S. Oh my God, I am such a stan for these videos, I swear. It's kind of frightening. You have no idea how anxious I'd been waiting for a new video; it took forever and I was beginning to think there wouldn't be anymore. This is a week or so old now but I still love it. Well, I love the song; the video I'm a bit undecided on. BUT THE SONG, GAH. I think it's my favorite one so far. It's just the perfect combination of ethereal and pretty and dark and eerie.


I swear to God, she's like the prettiest girl in the world. On top of being a stunning lyricist. And an impressive harpist. And, though some might not think so, a lovely singer. HOW IS SHE SO LUCKY AND WHY AM I NOT HER?!?
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Simmy sim sims )

This post is brought to you by Matt Smith and Karen Gillan and their adorably platonic relationship both on and off-screen. Not gonna lie, I kind of ship them in real life. (Also, I apologize for all the extra loading time these cause. I couldn't help it! It's hard to narrow the selection down when there's so much cuteness to choose from!) (Also, also, I want to be Karen. She's adorable, she's hilarious, she has great hair, and she gets to hang out with Matt all the time. Amazing.)

Oh, and obligatory:

Finally, this hilarious video (Hulloooooooooo!):

Okay, last one I promise, but this is funny too:


Apr. 12th, 2010 10:40 am
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This is so good. Even though there was pretty irrefutable evidence weeks ago that this was Jonna Lee, I was never completely convinced for some reason. I mean, in the back of my head, I knew it must be her but her older music is so vastly different compared to this that I still had a hard time accepting it. But this video makes it pretty clear. You really can't say that's not her anymore. And I honestly don't care if she ever does an "official" reveal now or not as long as she keeps releasing full songs because I am in love with them! This one is more upbeat than I expected it would be from the initial clip but it's still got this dark undercurrent to it that I love. And I just love the whole sound of all of these; I'm not usually a huge fan of electronic music but this is just enough electronic for me along with beautiful, layered, distorted vocals - I'm a sucker for that kind of thing. Basically, this campaign has caught me hook, line and sinker to the point where I'm hoping everyday for something new. And there hasn't been anything for awhile so the past couple of days with the song and then the video have been amazing. I feel like such a dork but whatever.
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So, after my initial freakout to the new Joanna Newsom album, I don't think I ever mentioned that I'M GOING TO SEE HER LIVE! ON FRIDAY! And it's going to be epic, amazing, beautiful, perfect, transcendental, etc. By the way, Have One on Me is fucking spectacular. It all kind of washed over me the first time and I was a teeny bit unimpressed but I love almost every song now. It's just that there's so much to get through and a lot of it is of the slow, pretty, 6+ minute variety that it takes awhile to really sink in. Even "Autumn," which was the only song I couldn't get into at all because it has no drastic melody changes or catchy bits to grab onto, clicked with me last night and now I think it's just stunning. My favorite songs at the moment are the title track (EPIC), "Baby Birch" (OMG ALSO EPIC IN THE END), "In California," "Go Long" (two of the most fucking GORGEOUS things I've ever heard), and "Soft as Chalk" (I think of this as, like, a more mature and refined "Inflammatory Writ"; in other words, totally AWESOME - the piano on this song is brilliant). And pretty much everything else but those are my very favorites.

Here's a shitty video of Joanna performing "Soft as Chalk" on Jimmy Fallon last night for your time. It must mean she's pretty damn talented if it shines through even in an out-of-sync, I'm-recording-my-TV-with-a-video-camera clip, right? Plus, she's so damn beautiful. Edit: I found a better clip. Also, Jimmy mentions the show I am going to at the end, ZOMG!


Rant, several days later: I just have to say this because it has been bugging me. I honestly can't take anyone who says Joanna can't sing seriously at this point. I mean, even though I personally loved her Milk-Eyed Mender voice, I could understand why people would say that back then. But now... her voice really isn't all that harsh anymore. Not to mention, she always sings on-key, she has rather amazing control over it, and her higher register is very pure and clean (and actually always has been, which is apparent in songs like "En Gallop" and "Clam, Crab, Cockle, Cowrie"). So, no, her voice may not be to your taste but it's not bad! And I'm really tired of people saying stupid shit like "HOLY GOD SHE SOUNDS LIKE A DYING CAT" when she sounds perfectly fine. STFU, HATERS. LET'S SEE YOU BE ONE OF THE MOST TALENTED PEOPLE WORKING IN THE MUSIC INDUSTRY TODAY. Ugh.
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Let's talk Hedwig and the Angry Inch for a moment. Apparently, falling in love with that movie also means becoming completely fucking obsessed with it because I haven't been able to think about anything else properly since I first watched it. The more I think about it, the more I believe John Cameron Mitchell is a total genius. He was clearly born to create and embody this character. The most impressive thing is that Hedwig has such a larger than life presence but his performance is actually extremely subtle. He lets the clothes and the wigs and the makeup and the songs be dramatic and over-the-top but the most interesting part of his portrayal is that the little things are the most affecting. He says a lot with just his eyes and his facial expressions which is kind of surprising considering he originally played Hedwig for the stage, where things like that don't matter quite as much - or at least will go rather unnoticed by the people watching from the very back - as projecting and filling the entire stage with your presence. My favorite scene from the entire movie is the "Origin of Love" performance for this very reason; it's a ballad so there aren't any crazy stage antics going on - there's just pure emotion. Even with all of that makeup caked on his face, just the look in his eyes, his body language, his delivery of a certain line of the song, all of these things are extremely touching and devastating. The slow part that starts at 3:50 in this video is especially beautiful. Specifically, 4:08 - "I could swear by your expression that the pain down in your soul was the same as the one down in mine" - absolutely kills me. I've watched this segment quite a lot now and it gets to me more every single time. It's just so perfect yet so simple.

I also find this part really touching.

And I love how adorable and quirky this sequence is. (Ignore the Spanish subtitles, it's the only clip I could find.)

I think part of what makes JCM's performance so raw and powerful is that all or most of his vocals were recorded live as the scenes were filmed. So he's actually singing and feeling the songs instead of lip-syncing them a million times in a row.

That's the last song, now here's the first one. Again, ignore the subtitles - they're Chinese or something this time.

Okay, I'll stop before I end up posting practically the entire movie. But I'm so obsessed. OMG. I rarely get obsessed with movies like this but I am enjoying the feeling.
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Witness Fiona's craptacular dancing skills. Because pictures do not do them justice.

Sorry about the slight lagginess of the video. I had never used Fraps to video capture before so it didn't turn out very well.


Dec. 2nd, 2009 02:57 pm
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Okay, I'm sorry, I will never post about this show again but I feel like my description of Chad wasn't even nearly good enough to accurately depict his insanity. So I come bearing hilarious clips from The Soup!

The second half of this video is the hilarious part. Though I didn't appreciate it much when I first saw it because I myself didn't exactly know much about The Picture of Dorian Gray then either. But now it is epic! Chad: "So who's Dorian Gray?" And then Joel: "Would Dorian Gray be interested in a five-bedroom villa in Malibu? Does he want me to rip him the latest Bright Eyes CD?" ENDLESS LULZ! (Speaking of Malibu, I forget to mention that Chad actually refers to it as THE 'BU which makes him sound even more douchebaggy than he already does.)

And here is proof of Chad's frightening obsession with hairspray:

I don't even know how he can bear it. I feel gross with just a little bit of hairspray in my hair. He has like... five pounds of the stuff in there. A tornado couldn't force one follicle out of place, I'm sure.

These videos were actually uploaded by Chad himself so at least he can laugh at how ridiculous he is, I guess. But still. Also, in his music section he lists RILO KILEY and FEIST. I have the same musical taste as fucking Chad. BRB BARFING.
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OMG. LOL. How have I not seen this until now?!? The pictures at the beginning... asdfsghalwkegwioaghlksdg.... so hilariously bad. I only found this because there was finally(!) a new unauthorized documentary video posted, however it doesn't want to load all the way for me and it's labeled as episode ten but there are no episodes six through nine. But what I was able to see of it was hilarious too anyway! Hopefully, I can get it all to work at some point. Anyway, I LOVE GUBE. And I am terribly sad that he hurt himself and is therefore barely present on this season of Criminal Minds. (P.S. The newest episode was so depressing, my God. Poor Hotch!)
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These videos are so cool.

The little kid at the end of the first one, OMG! So cute. I think he was also the kid shouting instead of singing.

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Guh. So bittersweet. Her speech is so adorable; I could watch it a million times and still get teary-eyed.

In other news, Joanna Newsom and Andy Samberg on the red carpet:

Bonus pic of Will Arnett bein' a creeper:

Anyway, she looks great... except those huge-ass earrings are distracting me, she should've gotten rid of those. And I'm not really feeling the hair either. But holy crap is she beautiful or what? Also it's so weird to see Joanna freaking Newsom looking all glam at a red carpet event. I mean, I guess her image has completely changed in the past couple of years, but whenever I think of her I only ever still see this Joanna -

- so it's a bit of a shock to see that she's transformed into Glam!Joanna:

I'm not complaining though. She's dead sexy and that's awesome as long as she doesn't decide to go all pop starlet with her music or anything crazy like that. I don't think she's stupid though. Speaking of that music, girl, you look great but get your ass off the red carpet and into a recording studio! It's been too long since Ys! (Though I'd be reluctant to try and top a masterpiece like that too if it was my album.)

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This is too cute.

I love how adorably heavy their accents are. I enjoy accents very much.

Also, the new girl is a redhead so I approve! As long as she can sing, that is.

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That is all.

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So. Hot.
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Imogen Heap - Canvas
Imogen Heap - Canvas

Wow. This song is amazing. The only other song I've heard from this album is "First Train Home" and I've only listened to it once but it left me feeling really underwhelmed. But this one is beautiful. The instrumentation is perfection, especially at the beginning before the vocals kick in. Sooooo pretty. This is the most creative thing she's done in awhile. It gives me more hope for the rest of the album than "First Train Home" did.
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I forgot how much I loved this song. And Amanda performing it solo in her bedroom, wearing only lingerie and a robe, reminds me. It's glorious, I promise you.

The only thing missing is Brian. It's just as amazing without him but, damn, I miss that crazy dude so much! I don't think I've mentioned this but I got the Who Killed Amanda Palmer DVD awhile back ($8.49 shipped, how much of a deal is that?!?) which has all of the music videos and a couple live performances and some interview/tour footage. Anyway, there's this really brief glimpse of Amanda and Brian together backstage at one of her shows and then of him watching her perform and it about made me explode with simultaneous joy and sadness. They are so great together. If there is never another Dresden Dolls album or I never get to see them live (if I had to, I'd settle for Amanda by herself, but I'd choose the both of them over just her any day), I will never get over how depressing that will be.

You know what else is amazing? Jenny Lewis' new video for "See Fernando". Unfortunately, for some reason, it is not up on Youtube. Even more unfortunately, you have to watch it at Perez Hilton's website. Or, if you can't fathom that (I sure can't), you can watch or download this better quality version here. Watsons cameo! Duke cameo! (No Blake or Jason, sadly.) Jenny being sexy and badass! And looking shockingly like Anna Friel. It's almost too much awesome to handle. And way better than the other two videos she's released recently, the trippy, no-budget and very literal "Black Sand" and the in-studio "Acid Tongue" (which actually isn't bad; it's just not very creative or anything - but Zooey! I love it just for those two lovely ladies being in the same room). Neither of these seems to be on Youtube either and I'm too lazy to go find where they are. God, Jenny, get with the program and upload all your shit in one place! Anyway, "See Fernando". Just look at the amazing icon I found of Jenny taking down Fernando (aka Michael Runion)! That makes you want to see the whole thing, doesn't it? Go do it. Also, in Jenny news, Orenda Fink stated in an interview recently that she, Maria Taylor, Jenny, and Morgan Nagler are starting an all-girl rock group together. I don't know how serious this plan is or how much time they could realistically devote to it since they've all got about a zillion things going on already but this would be so fucking cool. I'm not sure I could handle that many amazing people in one band.

I am listening to the new Mew album right now. I thought very briefly about waiting until it was released, because I'm pretty sure it'll be amazing, but I couldn't do it. I am too spoiled by leaks now and haven't listened to an album after its official release date since... ages ago. Actually, that's a lie. I listened to the new O+S album for the first time after I got it. And the new Sarah Slean/Art of Time. But that's because the first came, like, two weeks before it was actually released and the second is probably too obscure to have even leaked at all. But anyway, yeah, I am only on my second listen but it seems good. I really love them right now. Also, they have the most amazing/horrible album covers. And band pictures. Evidence:

Like, what is the concept here? I have no clue but it's kind of amazing. Also, how is Jonas almost 33 (according to Wikipedia)?!? He looks about twenty years old in this picture! (And also adorable; he's the top guy, by the way, if you couldn't figure it out.)

I properly cleaned my room for the first time in months yesterday. Actually organized everything in a way that makes sense for the first time in even longer. I bought this new bookcase - which turned out to be much huger than I thought it would be - and I had to clear a space for that so I figured I might as well go all the way. It kind of sucks because my room is way too tiny and it looks even more cramped now but, whatever, all my books look so nice on it! I have more than I realized I did. It's already almost all the way full - though I could fit probably one or two more rows of books on each shelf so it will be okay for awhile.

I've been writing this entry since last night so I guess I'd better actually post it now.

I'm going to see Neko Case tonight! It shall be amazing! Regardless of the uncomfortable stone slabs that pass for seating in the place I'm seeing her.

P.S. KRISTIN CHENOWETH WAS NOMINATED FOR AN EMMY FOR PUSHING DAISIES! WHY AM I SO EXCITED?!? She probably won't win. And PD should have been represented way more. But I didn't think it would be nominated at all so it is exciting. Not that I actually care about awards. I just get too excited over anything PD-related. And season two releases on DVD next Tuesday! I need to buy that shit ASAP.


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