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So I've become a bit obsessed with this kid, Charlie, who is probably old news to anyone keeping up with the latest Youtube celebrities but considering I don't watch many blog-type videos on Youtube he's quite new to me (though I have heard of him before, just never watched him). Anyway, basically, he is English and adorable and funny and has the best smile ever which is good enough for me to be a bit in love with him. I'll just link to his Youtube channel for anyone else who cares to waste away a couple days watching his every video. But the below is too amazing to resist posting and besides, it isn't on his channel which makes it a bit trickier to find on your own!

Honestly, Charlie + the cast of Doctor Who = too much cuteness and awesomeness to handle. My favorite things about this video are Matt Smith's bizarre preoccupation with badgers and Arthur Darvill and Charlie's brilliant jam session.

Also, in relation to the video I posted in the last entry (which, by the way, I forgot to mention, it cracks me up the most when Charlie decides to call Carlisle "Carlie" and keeps insisting he is a girl, lulz - also, his dark laugh is too hilarious), the guy who does the rest of the Reads Twilight videos, Alex, does a very funny job of it too and so those are well worth watching. I watched all of his Twilight videos in a couple hours and laughed too much for my own good.

And now I will continue being completely unproductive for the day by watching even more videos! (For what it's worth, I did clean a bit of the house - which is a massive undertaking indeed - earlier today so that's something slightly more productive anyway.)
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I am so excited to see laugh at New Moon. "You're the only reason for me to stay... alive." What is with that delivery, Pattinson?!? It truly baffles me how he and Kristen are so terrible in these movies yet they seem to be at least decent in several others. I like to entertain the idea that it is because they both hate playing Bella and Edward so much that they fuck it up on purpose. Also, I don't think Rob's American accent does him any favors either. So lots of awkward pauses and stuttering and CGI-ed shirtless Jacob. Should be a barrel of laughs!

In other news, I was thinking the other day about my end-of-the-year albums list for 2008 (since it's getting so close to the end of 2009 already - eek!) and, apart from the fact that I actually am not into a handful of them at all anymore (which always seems to happen - I prematurely label something as awesome and then decide it's not quite so awesome), I realized that the album from last year that's probably held up the best so far is She & Him which is kind of a surprisinging development. I rolled my eyes a bit when they were #1 on Paste's year-end list because I thought the album was good but not that good but now I understand it a little better. I still listen to that album all the time, way more than some of the ones I placed before it, like Who Killed Amanda Palmer and the like. And I think it's because the songs are so simple. There aren't any crazy embellishments to distract you from the fact that they might not be such great songs at their cores because they are great songs at their cores. The whole album just has a really classic, clean, refreshing sound to it even if it's not actually anything particularly groundbreaking. That and I could honestly listen to Zooey sing anything. <3 Now when is Volume Two and/or a new musical project with her hubby, Ben Gibbard???

Speaking of Zooey, she is going to be on an episode of Bones, I think next month. So excited! That show is kind of ridiculous and unrealistic but I love it (Dr. Sweets! Hodgins! The awkward sexual tension between Booth and Bones! What's not to love? Come on!). Though it's going to be kind of strange because she and Emily have practically the exact same voice. And on that note, I shall leave you with these beauties:

They both have the same exact eyes and I never realized before how tiny their pupils are! It's kind of frightening. Maybe that's the reason why Zooey's eyes always look so creepy/awesome.

UNF. Hottest celebrity siblings ever, yes/yes? I have way too many Zooey pictures on my computer for it to be healthy. And the saddest part is I obtained the majority of them in one day because I went through a sudden "MUST HAVE EVERY PHOTO IMAGINABLE" stage awhile back. I will have to share my favorites sometime. She is so unbelievably lovely.

Also, when is (500) Days of Summer coming out on DVD?!? I NEED TO SEE IT AGAIN!

Bye now.
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Time for more Ruby and Will gushing? Yes, I think it is.

You know you want it! )

There are about a gazillion more pictures in the gallery. So I've decided that they are basically my favorite Sims ever, everrrrr. Too. Cute. I'm way more excited about them than the storyline I'm really supposed to be working on right now, but at least they're kind of part of that, so I can be obsessed with them without completely abandoning everything else. Though Ruby is now one day away from growing up and Will is about eight or nine days away, so before I can play them again in college, I have to get all the other Sims involved in the story grown up as well, so I will not be able to squee over them for awhile. Sad, I know. However, it does give me more incentive to play through everyone else's childhood years. Just so I can see Will and Ruby! They are going to be beyond adorable in college. Gah. I can't even think about it without imploding with cuteness.

Anyway... in other non-Sim news, saw Twilight yesterday. I'm not sure what I really think about it, but I'm leaning toward the bad side of the spectrum. I mean, I did enjoy it in the uber-cheesy, so-bad-it's-good way but on the other hand, I kind of hated a lot of aspects of it, even looking at them from that perspective. The biggest thing is that based on his other work, I do think Robert Pattinson is a fairly talented actor, however, there were quite a few points during Twilight that made me feel like cringing on his behalf; most notably, the part where they're talking in a tree and he starts saying "my family, we're different from other vampires..." or something like that. The look on his face is just, ugh, he looks constipated or something. And sometimes his accent seemed off and the makeup was really doing him no favors.  However, the part where Bella first walks into biology class, his reaction was hilarious and I really hope it was intended to be because I don't see how that could be meant to be taken seriously. As for Kristen Stewart, she was mostly pretty good, but sometimes she got a bit iffy as well. She mainly bothered me during the hospital scene at the end, when Edward was saying something about how she should go and live with her mom, and she was all freaking out and saying he couldn't leave her, blah blah blah, there was just way too much stuttering and stammering and it was just really awkward and seemed more campy than truly emotional. And the special effects, oh my God, they were terrible. The end fight scene with James wasn't too bad and mostly believable, but the rest - the climbing up trees and leaping through the forest - looked just horrendous. You could tell it was so low budget. But the worst offender of all was the sparkling, sweet Jesus, the sparkling. They should have just taken it out - it looked like they just put some body glitter on him and called it good. And not only that, it looked all... fuzzy and so fake, like it belonged more in an 80s-era movie than a movie made in 2008. Seriously, they should've just foregone the glittering; it's the stupidest quality of the vampires in the books anyway. And, at the very end, I think it was when Edward was trying to get the strength to stop sucking Bella's blood out, there was this uber-cheesy montage of their relationship with, I'm pretty sure, Rob's own song playing over it - and the song is just terrible and totally ruined any poignancy that may have had. Sorry, Rob, but you do not have a good singing voice. Just the use of montages in general was annoying; they replaced potentially revealing scenes with montages of them talking while music played; pretty pointless waste of space. Anyway, it wasn't a completely terrible waste of time, but it wasn't amazing either. Honestly, though, my expectations were not that high so it neither exceeded or failed to reach them. It was pretty much exactly what I was expecting it to be.

Holy shit, that was long, sorry. I'll try to make this shorter. I finished the book American Wife by Curtis Sittenfeld the other day and I have mixed feelings about it. It took me forever to finish and seemed to progress really slowly. During pretty much the entire first three parts, I couldn't even focus because I kept thinking, "When the hell does he become president?!?" That is the part that the book's been hyped around and it's not even that long despite being the most interesting part. So it did get good at that point but the rest just seemed way too drawn out and detailed and boring. And something about the writing bothered me. It was just really bland or something. And when I checked it out the librarian told me that the ending was "surprising in an unexpected way" but frankly, I was not surprised at all and it was totally expected. I knew that she was going to do something to "betray" her husband because of how vehemently the differences between their political opinions were made clear throughout. And as soon as she mentioned them voting the first time he was elected, I was sure that it would eventually be revealed that she didn't vote for him, it seemed obvious to me, and I was right on that as well. So it wasn't a total letdown but I was expecting it to be a lot better.

Finally, Pushing Daisies is officially over. I am so depressed. I at least hope they show all of the remaining episodes at some point and I will be buying the second season DVD the minute it comes out. But apparently it ends on a huge cliffhanger so that makes the fact that it won't be resolved even more depressing. I really hope that talk of a movie in that article isn't just talk. While I would probably seek out the comic book version mentioned if that comes about, the reason I love the show so much is mostly because of the acting (oh my God, the glorious acting!) and the beautiful sets and that stuff cannot be replicated in a comic book. So I really hope a movie or something happens. Why must this always happen to me? I have never been this upset about the cancellation of a TV show ever. I hate that the general public is apparently too dense to realize the awesomeness of this show. I mean, I'll admit to watching my fair share of reality shows and CSIs, but I realize that that's pretty meaningless shlock while Pushing Daisies is something real and creative and smart. Gah, it's not fair. Anyway, in light of this news, I feel the need to post a bunch of PD picspam or at least Lee Pace/Ned picspam. Stay tuned for that.

Oh My God

Nov. 20th, 2008 01:11 am
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The hilarity, I can't take it. I was cracking up so hard during this entire thing.

How is he so amazingly awesome? Though really, this just made me wish he was still making the Unauthorized Documentary videos (which if you haven't had the pleasure of watching, start with the first one and watch all of them, which unfortunately only amounts to five). He is hilariously awkward as Dr. Reid but he is just hilariously hilarious in real life. Come be my lover, MGG!

Though he totally has some major competition at this point - maybe a certain piemaker who is more adorable than should lawfully be permitted for the safety of girls like me?... Pushing Daisies was on again tonight after two weeks off and I was so happy yet so sad that the inevitable end keeps looming closer. Why oh why must everything I love be so hideously underappreciated by the masses? Anyway, tonight was amazing as usual; between Ned, his almost as cute half-brothers, his adorably (and necessarily) chaste relationship with Chuck, and the ball of cuteness that is Olive Snook, I am so insanely in love with this show. Everything about it is absolute perfection and I do not understand how more people aren't catching on. It feels nice to root for the underdog but it doesn't feel so nice when there's really nothing you can do to help them stay alive.

Anyway, I just love gushing! But I'll stop now because I realize I really need to find some more words that mean "cute" and "adorable" before I go any further.

P.S. Barring any last minute ticket sellouts, I am totally going to see Twilight on Friday and I can't fucking wait. I was an obsessive fangirl over the first book for about a week and my enthusiasm has gradually died down into an "it's so good because it's so bad" attitude... and the acting in the movie from the commercials looks really awkward and forced... but it should at the very least be hilariously terrible. Plus, staring at Robert Pattinson for two hours - I think I can definitely get on board with that. I would include Jackson Rathbone in this statement as well but, really, he is adorable in real life and does nothing for me as Jasper. I think it's the hair - the poof and the blond on their own aren't too shocking but together they just don't really work at all. Also, both of these guys tend to look like homeless bums half the time but the other half of the time they are repulsively attractive and squishably cute, respectably. (Have you seen Jackson's smile - oh my God, the cutest thing everrrrrr.) Oh yeah, I said I needed to stop gushing and using those two words. I think that's my sign to really leave now.


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