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Was confusing and intense and complicated but totally awesome! Love that the new series seems like it's going to be so much darker. Hate that I have to wait until Saturday for the next episode. Argh, damn cliffhangers. Anyway, there's not much I can say about it that wouldn't come across as fangirlish squealing so I'll let the pictures do the talking. With a few that aren't from this episode but I had them lying around waiting to be used so what the hell.



Doctor: These are my top operatives: The Legs, The Nose and Mrs. Robinson.
River: I hate you.



Now I need to go find some LJ icons from the new episode. Later.
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Here we are, the rest of the movies I watched this year, to go along with the ones already posted here. And also the television series/documentaries/whatever the hell else I watched. Woo! I clearly have too much time on my hands.

I watched less movies in the second half of the year. )

TV shows can be cool too. )
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I have developed an addiction to Doctor Who. I. Cannot. Stop. Watching. I've made it well-known here how in love I fell with the latest series, solely due to my strange and ridiculously strong attraction to one Mr. Matt Smith. Despite that, I didn't feel it particularly necessary to go back and catch up on all the previous series because I wasn't sure if I would like them nearly as much. Still, I was bored one day and they're all right there at my fingertips on Netflix so I figured, what the hell, why not go ahead and try. I wasn't completely won over until about halfway through series three but from that point on it became an obsession. Now I've just finished episode four of series four and I've managed to do this all in less than a month. Oh yeah, and I've also managed to get through half of the first series of Torchwood in the past few days as well. It is madness, I'm telling you, madness. Though it's a madness I'm quite enjoying. Random thoughts.
  • Based on four episodes of series four: DONNA NOBLE IS FUCKING INCREDIBLE. Seriously. I didn't think she was as annoying as everyone else apparently did (I've been obsessively reading episode threads on TWOP in edition to obsessively watching the show) when she first showed up in the pre-third series Christmas special but I didn't particularly love her either. Within the first five minutes of Partners in Crime, though, I was crazy about her. I just loved that episode in general. Best series opener of the four, in my opinion (I can't really count series five yet because I have to watch it again and try to look at it objectively which will very probably be impossible), and also without a doubt my favorite of the lighter, more humorous episodes. I mean, between how freakishly adorable the aliens were for being literal walking globs of fat and that priceless charades scene when the Doctor and Donna first re-encounter each other, it was golden.
  • Speaking of companions, I also rather liked Martha. Rose I am still flip-flopping between love and hate for. Mostly, I just hate the way she is being held up as THE MOST GLORIOUS COMPANION TO EVER COMPANION AND THE DOCTOR'S ONE TRUE LOVE in these later seasons. The Doctor's emo moments regarding her are the only annoying thing about them, to be quite honest. Oh yeah, and his God complex, which only seems to be worsening even though David Tennant has finally managed to calm down as an actor. He kind of irritated me a lot in the second series and in part of the third because of his constant ridiculous shouting. The only time I like when he gets all shouty is when he does it to purposely annoy someone. Like when he imitates that growly alien to his face in the Christmas Invasion, that was brilliant. Anyway, what was I talking about? Oh right, Rose. Well, like I said, I have a love/hate relationship with her but, still, I can't deny that my heart started beating like mad at the glimpse of her in Partners in Crime and I'm excited for her imminent return and to see just how exactly it pans out. (Though based on things I've heard, I'm expecting the end result  to be a clusterfuck for everyone involved. But I'm used to that by this point...)
  • Because usually, the build-up to the epic finales is great but the finales themselves are not so much. I liked the series one finale, it was maybe my favorite episode of the entire season, even with GlowyTardisGoddess!Rose. The series two finale was pretty good too - I didn't like what it resulted in but it was certainly a well-done episode. Series three... first of all, despite thinking Martha was generally kick ass, I wasn't very into the first half. The plots were all pretty lame. Especially that damn Dalek two-parter which I had actually watched previously (for Andrew Garfield) and hated with a fiery passion so I really didn't want to have to suffer through it again. But I did. And it was still terrible. For my money, the worst episodes ever. But, luckily, a couple episodes later, it got much better. Human Nature through the Sound of Drums are, in my opinion, the strongest episodes or at least the strongest string of episodes of them all. (Special shoutout to Blink, which was another I'd watched previously but loved and loved even more a second time. Sally Sparrow aka Carey Mulligan was so brilliant and I really think she should make a repeat appearance, though I'm sure she's too busy/famous for it now.) But then... ehhhh. When the Doctor was rapidly aged at the end of Sound of Drums, that's where it lost me. And though I liked Martha saving the entire goddamn world without complaining (and then not complaining again when she's the only person who will actually remember her plight), I hated the whole "clap if you believe in fairies!" resolution. I mean, when you think about it, it's not all that dissimilar to the series five finale and in actuality probably more believable because it was the whole world vs one person believing the Doctor back to life but for reasons I can't quite explain I didn't buy it here even though I bought it with the latest series.
  • Oh my god, how am I writing so much about a silly sci-fi show. This is ridiculous. Umm... quickly, Captain Jack Harkness is also made of win though I haven't decided if I like Torchwood yet or not though. Some of the episodes have been really lame, like the one about the alien sex addict and Cyberwoman, which was a decent idea but was terribly executed and also very oddly placed. But it's slowly started to improve. I've really enjoyed the last couple episodes I watched, Countrycide and Greeks Bearing Gifts. Still, not totally in love. But I've read that the second and third series are much better so I'm going to keep at it unless I start to completely hate it. Also, is it wrong that I am kind of attracted to Owen? He is a total douchebag but I kind of love him because I hate him so much. And I find the actor and his barely-existent lips oddly appealing. I have the strangest taste sometimes, I swear. And also due to the fact that spoilers for long-past seasons are damn near impossible to completely avoid, I am near certain that at some point he will meet a sad fate and I will mourn deeply for the loss of the stupid asshole.
Anyway, yes. Doctor Who. Sometimes horribly cheesy. Sometimes epically amazing. Always entertaining. I should be more worried about how obsessively I am plowing through these episodes but, eh. I'll let the ninth doctor tell you how concerned I am about it:

Also, bonus eleven in all his adorable awkwardness. Because it's not a Doctor Who party without him.

Sorry, I don't have any ten .GIFs at the moment. :( Must rectify that soon.

P.S. While we're speaking .GIFs, I saw this one yesterday and, at the time, found it almost violently hilarious. I had to restrain myself from laughing too hard because my dad would have thought I was crazy. But, still, a couple stray giggles made their way through.

Love it. OMG. Okay, have to go watch more now.
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This song is amazing. I can't get enough of it right now. It's so much fun and the vocals are insane. That scream that lasts about twenty seconds at the end? Ridiculous.

This is also another one I love. It's just so catchy and about seven thousand times better and more original than anything on the radio right now.

I think this girl is pretty fierce. She seems so creative and smart and confident. I wasn't sure I would like her music at first but it's kind of addictive. Okay, extremely addictive. "Many Moons" is also fucking spectacular. I posted that one yesterday on my music blog if you want to hear it. Her fast songs are also very good for pumping me up during workouts, I've discovered in the past couple of days. They just make me want to get up and bounce and flail all over the place.

Speaking of, I somehow managed to lose five pounds last week, according to our scale anyway. I checked twice just to make sure. I did exercise quite a bit more and ate less junk (but still ate some) but I didn't think it would make that big of a difference. But it was a nice surprise after staying the same last week. Now I'm going to try and repeat these results this week. As long as I don't gain any I'll be happy though.

Okay, now I'm going to go watch the newest episode of Doctor Who which I, amazingly, haven't gotten around to yet. Then I'm going to watch some Daria, probably, because I got the DVD set today, yay! Also, I'm very stoked because it only cost me $27.99. See, I originally purchased it at $44.99 but then Amazon drastically reduced the price for about five minutes on the release date and I got a $17 refund. Sweeeeet! That's a super-great price for a 5-season/2-movie DVD set. So I'm happy it didn't end up costing me an arm and a leg.
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So I'm finally getting around to watching the second season of Dead Like Me (which I just realized is on Hulu in its entirety, thank God, because the Netflix player decided to start acting all jerky and laggy on me months ago and also, they don't have the first episode so I would have had to get the DVD just for that one, WTF?!?) and OMG I FORGOT HOW MUCH I FUCKING HATE GEORGE'S MOTHER. WHAT AN INSUFFERABLE BITCH THAT WOMAN IS. HOLY SHIT.

Ahem... anyway. I've been doing a lot of online TV viewing lately. Yesterday, I finished watching Bored to Death (all eight episodes!). Mostly because of Jason Schwartzman. I love him. And also find him strangely attractive even though, technically, he is not extremely good-looking. Anyway, it wasn't an amazing show but it was pretty funny most of the time and unbelievably funny about four times. Also, it took me about half of the episodes to realize that his ex-girlfriend was played by Olivia Thirlby from Juno. I spent the whole time thinking, "WTF I KNOW HER WHERE DO I KNOW HER FROM?!?" I thought she looked/acted a lot like Kat Dennings at first but I knew it wasn't her. Anyway. Yes.

Also, I am embarrassed to admit this but I watched one episode of Doctor Who - a show I have never seen or been interested in at all - because I am ridiculously attracted to the actor who is going to be playing the Doctor in the upcoming season. Seriously, it's ridiculous. Especially because he was only in the episode at the very end for about a minute. Yet I watched the entire thing anyway. WHY DO I DO THESE INSANE THINGS FOR CUTE BOYS?!? I can't even explain it. Because I find him so insanely gorgeous in all of the photoshoots/stills related to the show, like the following:

But every other picture I've seen of him does nothing for me at all! I don't know what it is. I think I am just crazy, is what it is. But I do so enjoy being crazy.


Dec. 2nd, 2009 02:57 pm
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Okay, I'm sorry, I will never post about this show again but I feel like my description of Chad wasn't even nearly good enough to accurately depict his insanity. So I come bearing hilarious clips from The Soup!

The second half of this video is the hilarious part. Though I didn't appreciate it much when I first saw it because I myself didn't exactly know much about The Picture of Dorian Gray then either. But now it is epic! Chad: "So who's Dorian Gray?" And then Joel: "Would Dorian Gray be interested in a five-bedroom villa in Malibu? Does he want me to rip him the latest Bright Eyes CD?" ENDLESS LULZ! (Speaking of Malibu, I forget to mention that Chad actually refers to it as THE 'BU which makes him sound even more douchebaggy than he already does.)

And here is proof of Chad's frightening obsession with hairspray:

I don't even know how he can bear it. I feel gross with just a little bit of hairspray in my hair. He has like... five pounds of the stuff in there. A tornado couldn't force one follicle out of place, I'm sure.

These videos were actually uploaded by Chad himself so at least he can laugh at how ridiculous he is, I guess. But still. Also, in his music section he lists RILO KILEY and FEIST. I have the same musical taste as fucking Chad. BRB BARFING.
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You know what the best show on TV is right now? Million Dollar Listing. It's this "reality" show on Bravo about these three young real estate agents in California. In order of how much they entertain me: Josh, who I know is a sweetheart deep down despite his often immature/douchebaggy/ridiculous/borderline insane behavior and who I may or may not have a TV crush on... in an "I want him to be my gay BFF" sort of way; Chad, who is a complete mental case (as in, packs all of his toiletries for trips in separate Ziploc baggies and gets delight out of karate-chopping pillows into the perfect "homey" shape) and is also in the most unromantic/joyless relationship ever with "Cake" (not only does he use this horrible nickname for her but she uses it for him as well - both of them ad nauseum) though he comes across as completely asexual and the only thing he truly seems to care about apart from his mediocre skills as a realtor and his eyesore of a haircut is their dog, Starla (alternately known as Starlacakes - sensing a pattern here??), that he drags everywhere with him in a man-purse as a way of securing business deals; and finally Madison, who seems nice enough but is a total bore even with his half-hearted "Am I gay? No, I'm just polyamorous!" (a word he totally is not using in the right context, by the way; he seems to think it's a synonym for bisexual) quest to find himself. Did I mention that most of this stuff is obviously, hilariously scripted and that makes it all the better?!? Seriously, this show is golden, folks! Even more golden? Reading all of the snark about it over on TWOP. Just a sampling:

"Even though I generally feel for the mentally retarded, Chad is creepy and needs to learn some social graces, if he is capable of human connection at all (I remain unconvinced)." LOLOLOLOLOLOL!

"As for that big fight at the end of the episode, I'm not sure whose side I'm on. I mean, on the one hand I can totally sympathize with Cake. But on the other hand, Cake also made a very valid point. I just wish Cake would try to see the situation from Cake's point of view. Generally speaking, I suppose I lean towards agreeing with Cake." LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL X 100!!!

I absolutely cannot wait for the season finale, if only for the fact that the abysmal catchphrase "Don't cheapen this day!" seems to have replaced the equally abysmal "Talk is cheap!" that Chad spouts at every given opportunity. Did I mention that this guy is actually attempting to peddle hairspray (he uses enough to damage half the o-zone on his own after all, might as well milk that fact for all it's worth!) and blowdryers and doggie t-shirts and FUCKING ZIPLOC BAGGIES bearing his name/likeness?!? I kid you not. How are these people real?!? Even factoring in that it is totally and completely scripted, I don't think you can fake Chad's certain brand of specialness. You must watch this trainwreck of epic proportions, people!

(Though I do sincerely love Josh. At least when he acts crazy, it seems like he's actually putting on a show for the cameras whereas Chad's seems creepily genuine.)


Seriously, you could get lost in that thing! And this guy is apparently 30-32 years old. Dude, that haircut doesn't even look good on a 15-year-old. I just want to take a massive pair of shears to it everytime I see him. And the best part is, he's totally oblivious to its suckage! He goes to his hairdresser, who practically begs and pleads for him to agree to something different, and pays 600 FUCKING DOLLARS to get that space alien on his head trimmed a quarter of an inch. You cannot make this stuff up.

P.P.S. Here is my BFF Josh (on the right) who looks positively dashing next to Chadbot and teeth-whitener/tanning-salon abuser Madison:

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OMG. LOL. How have I not seen this until now?!? The pictures at the beginning... asdfsghalwkegwioaghlksdg.... so hilariously bad. I only found this because there was finally(!) a new unauthorized documentary video posted, however it doesn't want to load all the way for me and it's labeled as episode ten but there are no episodes six through nine. But what I was able to see of it was hilarious too anyway! Hopefully, I can get it all to work at some point. Anyway, I LOVE GUBE. And I am terribly sad that he hurt himself and is therefore barely present on this season of Criminal Minds. (P.S. The newest episode was so depressing, my God. Poor Hotch!)
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Ahem. Anyway, I started out watching this show thinking it would be so cheesy and badly acted and poorly plotted that it would be hilarious and entertaining, but it turned out to be shockingly well-done. The last few episodes were way intense, the deaths were always awesomely gory, and the whole thing was actually wrapped up very well. I was legitimately freaked out and surprised during the last two episodes tonight. It was amazing.

Also, resemblence?

Yes? No? Maybe? I'm crazy? Either way, they are both terribly cute.

Uh... what was I talking about again??? I can't function properly while staring at this picture.

The funny thing about Ben is that he looks like a completely different person in almost every picture of him taken. It's very strange.


Even though every time I look at him, I just think again about how depressed I am that Pushing Daisies is over. The season two DVD set comes out this month, I believe; that offers a little condolence. But still. I need new Ned! And it is not going to happen! :(

I saved the best for last.


Okay, I am a freak. And I am going to go do something worthwhile now. Like write something besides fangirl babbling.


May. 30th, 2009 11:38 pm
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Just finished watching the third to last (*sniff sniff*) episode of Pushing Daisies. Tres magnifique! As usual. And the next episode looks even more amazing. God, I've missed this show so much. And I will miss it even more once it's gone for good. ABC sucks for canceling it. Everyone in the world who wasn't watching it sucks for being stupid. Good things never last. Sigh. Here are some lovely clips I've found on Youtube of various episodes. Enjoy.

Kristen Chenoweth doin' what she does best - singing her heart out and being all hilarious and adorable at the same time. Also, she is soooo tiny! In the beginning there when they're standing together, she's like half the size of Lee Pace!

OMG, Olive's face at "Is it how many nuns? Like a number puzzle?" And then - Ned: "So... Aunt Lily had a baby twenty-nine years ago, right around the time that Chuck was born, so Chuck... has a cousin her same age but not really her cousin because Lily and Vivian aren't really her aunts!" Olive: "You are killing me!"

"I wake pies and make the dead. That was creepy. I make pies and wake the dead."

Ned's southern accent = full of win.


Group hug. Adorable.

"I would if I could but I can't but you can if you could and you should." Also, Ned's clue pad! So cute.

That was just, like, four from the same episode. Clearly, it was an amazing episode. I would go on forever but I'll stop myself now.

Also, totally unrelated except that it's about television. This is so fucking hilarious (can't embed unfortunately). The ending never fails to crack me up. It is extremely cruel... but the funniest thing ever. And in a similar vein but even more distasteful (You kinda have to watch the video to get it... and it'd also help to have some general knowledge on the trainwreck that is Jon and Kate Gosselin):

This is so wrong. )

Oh my God, I am so going to hell for laughing at that.


Jan. 27th, 2009 01:07 pm
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I had to get some more user pics because I was tired of only having one and I stumbled upon this fantastic community. Seriously, made my day. Best thing ever. And since ABC is apparently refusing to show the last three episodes of Pushing Daisies (damn them!) I need to get my Lee fix any way I can. The good news is I got my sister into this show so I've been watching season one with her. The bad news is we just finished it. I need season two DVDs, like, yesterday. If they're not going to show the rest on TV, they might as well put them out now, right? Anyway. The point of this post is to share the loveliness that is Lee Pace. Without further ado...

Click this. You will not be sorry. )

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  • No Doubt. Holy shit. I know my last post was about them but I am seriously obsessed. I have listened to hardly anything else for about a week now. Gwen Stefani pre-solo career is totally my hero now, I'm telling you. Return of Saturn is especially doing a lot for me. I can't believe I used to own that album and yet I still only remembered, like, two songs apart from the singles. How could I be so dense back then?!? The entire album is so damn good. "Six Feet Under", "Artificial Sweetener", "Too Late", "Suspension Without Suspense", "Home Now", "Dark Blue"... seriously. I know that's almost the entire thing but it's that good! There are only two songs I wouldn't consider awesome and they're still pretty great. One of the non-single tracks I did remember though is "Staring Problem" - I actually used to adore that song. I'm pretty sure I even wrote some story using the lyrics as inspiration and I really wish I still had it somewhere because it's probably hilariously terrible and would have given me a good laugh. Anyway, I think I'm, like, going to buy all of their albums used on Amazon or something because, hello, I need them! Apart from just listening to them, I also got all nostalgic watching the music videos and live Tragic Kingdom show DVDs that came with the Boom Box set... I've had that almost since it came out and I had never watched the live DVD (or listened to the b-sides disc). Jesus. Love love love. Okay, moving on...

  • Pushing Daisies. Maybe it's just because of the fact that pretty soon there will be no more new episodes for me to devour, but I seriously think this show gets better every week. You'd think I'd be really sad watching it but it still hasn't completely sunk in that it will be over soon - I think the depression will set in once there are actually no episodes left. And I will just have to watch it on DVD over and over and over again. It just makes me feel so idiotically happy every time I watch; I love all of the characters and the droolworthy wardrobe and sets and most of all, that pretty much every piece of dialogue uttered is hilarious and instantly quotable. A couple highlights from Wednesday: "Don't be pecking me, woman. That's the peck of cahoots which we are definitely not in." Everything Emerson says is golden. And also Ned telling Chuck, "Are we weird now because I did it with your dad?" - also laugh-out-loud hilarious. And unsurprisingly, next week looks amaaaaazing as well. Olive and Emerson's synchronized "oh HELL no!" - completely brilliant. *sigh* It figures that the only show I've ever loved this obsessively is apparently ignored by most everyone else. What is wrong with you, world?!?

  • Reading. I just finished A Long Way Down by Nick Hornby which I believe is my fiftieth book read for the year, woo! I wasn't going to finish it because I had to return it to the library in a few days and I wasn't sure if I would be able to get it done, but once I started, it was a really fast and enjoyable read. Extremely hilarious. Which is weird to say about a book that has a plot centered around four people who want to jump off the roof of a building, but it's true. I laughed out loud on several occasions which is rare for me with books. Overall, it was really fun and witty and I'm glad I decided to actually read it. I wasn't going to get any more books because I still have a couple I bought that I haven't read yet, but I ended up checking out two more. Oh well... I guess I do have forever to read the ones I own so it doesn't really matter.

  • Sims! It doesn't seem like it, since it was only two posts ago, but the last time I posted pictures was almost three weeks ago. What?! Must. Fix. Now. Here are updates/selected pictures for each of my current families:
Cartwright )

Ruby & Will )

Perkins )

Also... )

Why, yes, I am aware what a dork I am. It's better to embrace it than deny it, right?
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Time for more Ruby and Will gushing? Yes, I think it is.

You know you want it! )

There are about a gazillion more pictures in the gallery. So I've decided that they are basically my favorite Sims ever, everrrrr. Too. Cute. I'm way more excited about them than the storyline I'm really supposed to be working on right now, but at least they're kind of part of that, so I can be obsessed with them without completely abandoning everything else. Though Ruby is now one day away from growing up and Will is about eight or nine days away, so before I can play them again in college, I have to get all the other Sims involved in the story grown up as well, so I will not be able to squee over them for awhile. Sad, I know. However, it does give me more incentive to play through everyone else's childhood years. Just so I can see Will and Ruby! They are going to be beyond adorable in college. Gah. I can't even think about it without imploding with cuteness.

Anyway... in other non-Sim news, saw Twilight yesterday. I'm not sure what I really think about it, but I'm leaning toward the bad side of the spectrum. I mean, I did enjoy it in the uber-cheesy, so-bad-it's-good way but on the other hand, I kind of hated a lot of aspects of it, even looking at them from that perspective. The biggest thing is that based on his other work, I do think Robert Pattinson is a fairly talented actor, however, there were quite a few points during Twilight that made me feel like cringing on his behalf; most notably, the part where they're talking in a tree and he starts saying "my family, we're different from other vampires..." or something like that. The look on his face is just, ugh, he looks constipated or something. And sometimes his accent seemed off and the makeup was really doing him no favors.  However, the part where Bella first walks into biology class, his reaction was hilarious and I really hope it was intended to be because I don't see how that could be meant to be taken seriously. As for Kristen Stewart, she was mostly pretty good, but sometimes she got a bit iffy as well. She mainly bothered me during the hospital scene at the end, when Edward was saying something about how she should go and live with her mom, and she was all freaking out and saying he couldn't leave her, blah blah blah, there was just way too much stuttering and stammering and it was just really awkward and seemed more campy than truly emotional. And the special effects, oh my God, they were terrible. The end fight scene with James wasn't too bad and mostly believable, but the rest - the climbing up trees and leaping through the forest - looked just horrendous. You could tell it was so low budget. But the worst offender of all was the sparkling, sweet Jesus, the sparkling. They should have just taken it out - it looked like they just put some body glitter on him and called it good. And not only that, it looked all... fuzzy and so fake, like it belonged more in an 80s-era movie than a movie made in 2008. Seriously, they should've just foregone the glittering; it's the stupidest quality of the vampires in the books anyway. And, at the very end, I think it was when Edward was trying to get the strength to stop sucking Bella's blood out, there was this uber-cheesy montage of their relationship with, I'm pretty sure, Rob's own song playing over it - and the song is just terrible and totally ruined any poignancy that may have had. Sorry, Rob, but you do not have a good singing voice. Just the use of montages in general was annoying; they replaced potentially revealing scenes with montages of them talking while music played; pretty pointless waste of space. Anyway, it wasn't a completely terrible waste of time, but it wasn't amazing either. Honestly, though, my expectations were not that high so it neither exceeded or failed to reach them. It was pretty much exactly what I was expecting it to be.

Holy shit, that was long, sorry. I'll try to make this shorter. I finished the book American Wife by Curtis Sittenfeld the other day and I have mixed feelings about it. It took me forever to finish and seemed to progress really slowly. During pretty much the entire first three parts, I couldn't even focus because I kept thinking, "When the hell does he become president?!?" That is the part that the book's been hyped around and it's not even that long despite being the most interesting part. So it did get good at that point but the rest just seemed way too drawn out and detailed and boring. And something about the writing bothered me. It was just really bland or something. And when I checked it out the librarian told me that the ending was "surprising in an unexpected way" but frankly, I was not surprised at all and it was totally expected. I knew that she was going to do something to "betray" her husband because of how vehemently the differences between their political opinions were made clear throughout. And as soon as she mentioned them voting the first time he was elected, I was sure that it would eventually be revealed that she didn't vote for him, it seemed obvious to me, and I was right on that as well. So it wasn't a total letdown but I was expecting it to be a lot better.

Finally, Pushing Daisies is officially over. I am so depressed. I at least hope they show all of the remaining episodes at some point and I will be buying the second season DVD the minute it comes out. But apparently it ends on a huge cliffhanger so that makes the fact that it won't be resolved even more depressing. I really hope that talk of a movie in that article isn't just talk. While I would probably seek out the comic book version mentioned if that comes about, the reason I love the show so much is mostly because of the acting (oh my God, the glorious acting!) and the beautiful sets and that stuff cannot be replicated in a comic book. So I really hope a movie or something happens. Why must this always happen to me? I have never been this upset about the cancellation of a TV show ever. I hate that the general public is apparently too dense to realize the awesomeness of this show. I mean, I'll admit to watching my fair share of reality shows and CSIs, but I realize that that's pretty meaningless shlock while Pushing Daisies is something real and creative and smart. Gah, it's not fair. Anyway, in light of this news, I feel the need to post a bunch of PD picspam or at least Lee Pace/Ned picspam. Stay tuned for that.

Oh My God

Nov. 20th, 2008 01:11 am
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The hilarity, I can't take it. I was cracking up so hard during this entire thing.

How is he so amazingly awesome? Though really, this just made me wish he was still making the Unauthorized Documentary videos (which if you haven't had the pleasure of watching, start with the first one and watch all of them, which unfortunately only amounts to five). He is hilariously awkward as Dr. Reid but he is just hilariously hilarious in real life. Come be my lover, MGG!

Though he totally has some major competition at this point - maybe a certain piemaker who is more adorable than should lawfully be permitted for the safety of girls like me?... Pushing Daisies was on again tonight after two weeks off and I was so happy yet so sad that the inevitable end keeps looming closer. Why oh why must everything I love be so hideously underappreciated by the masses? Anyway, tonight was amazing as usual; between Ned, his almost as cute half-brothers, his adorably (and necessarily) chaste relationship with Chuck, and the ball of cuteness that is Olive Snook, I am so insanely in love with this show. Everything about it is absolute perfection and I do not understand how more people aren't catching on. It feels nice to root for the underdog but it doesn't feel so nice when there's really nothing you can do to help them stay alive.

Anyway, I just love gushing! But I'll stop now because I realize I really need to find some more words that mean "cute" and "adorable" before I go any further.

P.S. Barring any last minute ticket sellouts, I am totally going to see Twilight on Friday and I can't fucking wait. I was an obsessive fangirl over the first book for about a week and my enthusiasm has gradually died down into an "it's so good because it's so bad" attitude... and the acting in the movie from the commercials looks really awkward and forced... but it should at the very least be hilariously terrible. Plus, staring at Robert Pattinson for two hours - I think I can definitely get on board with that. I would include Jackson Rathbone in this statement as well but, really, he is adorable in real life and does nothing for me as Jasper. I think it's the hair - the poof and the blond on their own aren't too shocking but together they just don't really work at all. Also, both of these guys tend to look like homeless bums half the time but the other half of the time they are repulsively attractive and squishably cute, respectably. (Have you seen Jackson's smile - oh my God, the cutest thing everrrrrr.) Oh yeah, I said I needed to stop gushing and using those two words. I think that's my sign to really leave now.

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Look what I bought Sunday!

Clicky-click. )

I was kind of pissed though because first I looked at Meijer and I found the first two but not Apartment Life and that was the one I wanted the most. So I just bought those two there thinking they wouldn't be any cheaper anywhere else then we go to Wal-Mart and they're all $5 cheaper. Gah! Oh well. Anyway, I haven't really done much yet but what I have done/watched my sister do is pretty awesome. The apartments are a lot smaller than I was assuming though... like, even the more expensive ones still seem tiny. I haven't tried out the most expensive ones yet so maybe they're bigger but still... I moved a family of three into a pretty high-priced apartment and barely had room to place the toddler's crib and changing table and stuff. I have no idea what I'm going to do when he grows up, though!

And here are a few pictures is one picture (because I stupidly deleted the rest) just for the sake of it:

*squee* )

Yeah, so they're basically the cutest family ever. More information about them a little later.

Also, look what I bought forever ago on Amazon and finally got yesterday!

Goodies. )

Yay for spending money!

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I need to take this time to mention two guys I would totally have babies with given the opportunity. And this is not a title I throw around very easily so they are very special men indeed. Too bad they are completely unattainable. Oh well, a girl can dream, right? I present the sexy to you below. Just try to resist it.

They're bringing sexy back... yeah! )

Someone kidnap them for me and bring them to me, 'kay?


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