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OMG, I really want to see Rabbit Hole. Basically because, hello, John Cameron Mitchell is awesome but it just looks really good in general. It doesn't get a wide release until January, apparently, and I don't even know if it will make it all the way over here but I hope it does. Also, I need to watch Hedwig and the Angry Inch again sometime soon. "The Origin of Love" came up on shuffle the other day after I hadn't heard it for awhile and I had to listen to it three more times because, holy crap, so awesome. <3 <3 <3

Anyway, I feel like a massive dork because all I post about here lately is the Sims. But. It's a good thing to distract me when I'm feeling stressed out which I have been lately. Between finishing NaNo (I made it about 500 words past 50k. I could have gotten more but I didn't want to force it if I didn't have to and it wasn't coming very naturally anymore. I'm still nowhere near done with the story and I do intend to work on it more and hopefully finish it someday but I need to take a long break first.), trying to study and memorize math concepts that I haven't had to use in years (I'm taking the ACT next weekend which I should have done a long time ago but, alas, I didn't so I'm doing it now.) and hitting a bit of a plateau with my weight loss (I really need to stop eating so much crap but stress also makes me eat which sucks because eating too much makes me stressed too so it's an endless vicious cycle.), I've got a lot of stressful things I need to be distracted from. Just for a little while. So that I don't go completely crazy by trying to focus on them 24/7. Anyway. The point is, yes, I'm going to post about Sims again. And it's even lamer than usual. You were warned.

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Last time: Just read the last entry. It's right below you after all.

P.S. Oh my God, I am such a stan for these videos, I swear. It's kind of frightening. You have no idea how anxious I'd been waiting for a new video; it took forever and I was beginning to think there wouldn't be anymore. This is a week or so old now but I still love it. Well, I love the song; the video I'm a bit undecided on. BUT THE SONG, GAH. I think it's my favorite one so far. It's just the perfect combination of ethereal and pretty and dark and eerie.


I swear to God, she's like the prettiest girl in the world. On top of being a stunning lyricist. And an impressive harpist. And, though some might not think so, a lovely singer. HOW IS SHE SO LUCKY AND WHY AM I NOT HER?!?
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I like to collect random .GIFs. My criteria for choosing which ones to save is basically this. They have to be a. adorable, b. hilarious, c. fierce, d. sexy, or e. all of the above. It also helps if they feature someone I am obsessed with. So here we are, terrible amounts of picture-loading below the cut, just to warn you.


Hope you enjoyed.


Jan. 10th, 2010 09:40 pm
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OMG. Remember how I said that Ben macro was the most amazing picture ever earlier? Well, I was wrong. Because this is the best picture ever:

OMG. Dying right now. I fucking love that kid and his wacky sense of humor. And, by the way, he does totally own that TV's Hottest Hunks title. I mean, Shemar who? Seriously. Who can even look at him when you've got the eye candy that is pasty, skinny Gubler distracting you? No one, that's who.


I've somehow turned into a .GIF-spamming fool. I'm not sure how or when that happened.

Okay. Here is some PRETTY to go with all that crazy:

BRB. I gotta go upload a new EPIC Gube userpic. (I found all of these glorious things while wasting time on ONTD all day, by the way. I officially have no life.)
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"And then I have a new [She & Him] record coming out in the spring. It's official. It's done and being released in the spring. And we're going to go on tour."

OMG OMG OMG HYPERVENTILATING OVER HERE! 2010 is going to be a kick ass year judging by the releases I already know are coming out. Of course, I don't really prescribe to the theory that a certain year is a "bad" year because it's always possible to find amazing music; you just have to be willing to search for it.

And this news seems to be a perfect opportunity to indulge in that Zooey picspam I promised awhile ago, yes?

Somehow, I managed to cull 500-some photos down into 24. I don't know how I managed that. It was very difficult.
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First of all, a few weeks back, I got in an uber-organizational mood and decided that I was going to attempt to completely re-organize all of my Sims downloads... and we're talking completely re-organize, as in they were barely organized at all to begin with, just hundreds of files dumped into vague folders like "clothing" and "hair". Not to mention, most of the file names were completely cryptic as to what exactly they were or where they came from. Somehow, though, I managed to figure out what almost everything was (and the stuff that didn't have any clues in the names and I had no idea what the fuck they were in image previews I figured were better off deleted anyway) and now every last piece of custom content is organized into sub-folders with their creator and title so that I will never not know what they are again. It was terribly frustrating at times but I feel good about it now.

But no, that wasn't quite enough for me. Then I decided, "Oh, what the hell?!? I've already done this, might as well do everything else I've been too lazy to attempt now as well!" So over the past few days I've been trying to impose some sort of quality control on my clothing, most of all, because I had (and still do, really) way too much and I've also managed to townify and correctly bin it. Then I moved on to the hair and deleted all of the ages that certain ones didn't work on. After many boring, repetitive hours and a few panic situations (One: after townifying all my teen boy clothes, their skin suddenly turned white with every full outfit; after much painstaking taking out, putting in, restarting Bodyshop ad naseum I narrowed it down to a few random outerwears. Two: Bodyshop randomly crashing on one hair, only in the toddler stage, that it had never had troubles with before - also resolved through much trial and error.) I think the transformation is complete. These are the results, all Sims generated by rolling the die in Bodyshop, with absolutely no altering done by me, and I am very happy with them:


Finally! I can have townies with decent fashion taste! Previously fashion-forward Sims will no longer transition into disgusting outfits on their birthdays! Hopefully, once I actually start seeing the results in game, I'll think it was all worth it. (It's scary how much I care about these things but my tolerance for images that are not pleasing to the eye is very low.)

Onto the actual Newbury part of this post, with all of the deleting of content, a lot of their clothes, hair, and make-up got messed up so I've been having to go into the spare houses to make sure everybody stays looking good - just because I'm not playing them doesn't mean I shouldn't be keeping them well-groomed for potential walkby situations! And here are a couple amusing things I happened in on while doing so...

Crazy, you want some? )

Meanwhile, because Bodyshop is retarded and doesn't let you give a Sim new hair if their old one happens to be deleted, I had to recreate Onyx and Xander in a different neighborhood so that I could fix them up and export them all nice and shiny.


Stepping out of the Twilight Zone and into the real Newbury world, over at Penny and her fiance, Morgan's apartment, I had forgotten that the last time I was there she had already managed to get knocked up.

Cute chilluns up ahead! )

Alrighty. Anyway, I spent far too much time on this. Bye now.

P.S. I totally forgot this one! Here's Nico, Miranda's second-to-last child, all grown up and non-fat (Is it just me or does the male fat body look more like they're pregnant?!? The female one is kinda cute but the male is just gross.) since we never got to see him again after he was exiled in the college bin.

Piccy. )

He still looks kind of permanently stoned. Which is kind of awesome.
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Guh. So bittersweet. Her speech is so adorable; I could watch it a million times and still get teary-eyed.

In other news, Joanna Newsom and Andy Samberg on the red carpet:

Bonus pic of Will Arnett bein' a creeper:

Anyway, she looks great... except those huge-ass earrings are distracting me, she should've gotten rid of those. And I'm not really feeling the hair either. But holy crap is she beautiful or what? Also it's so weird to see Joanna freaking Newsom looking all glam at a red carpet event. I mean, I guess her image has completely changed in the past couple of years, but whenever I think of her I only ever still see this Joanna -

- so it's a bit of a shock to see that she's transformed into Glam!Joanna:

I'm not complaining though. She's dead sexy and that's awesome as long as she doesn't decide to go all pop starlet with her music or anything crazy like that. I don't think she's stupid though. Speaking of that music, girl, you look great but get your ass off the red carpet and into a recording studio! It's been too long since Ys! (Though I'd be reluctant to try and top a masterpiece like that too if it was my album.)

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Ahem. Anyway, I started out watching this show thinking it would be so cheesy and badly acted and poorly plotted that it would be hilarious and entertaining, but it turned out to be shockingly well-done. The last few episodes were way intense, the deaths were always awesomely gory, and the whole thing was actually wrapped up very well. I was legitimately freaked out and surprised during the last two episodes tonight. It was amazing.

Also, resemblence?

Yes? No? Maybe? I'm crazy? Either way, they are both terribly cute.

Uh... what was I talking about again??? I can't function properly while staring at this picture.

The funny thing about Ben is that he looks like a completely different person in almost every picture of him taken. It's very strange.


Even though every time I look at him, I just think again about how depressed I am that Pushing Daisies is over. The season two DVD set comes out this month, I believe; that offers a little condolence. But still. I need new Ned! And it is not going to happen! :(

I saved the best for last.


Okay, I am a freak. And I am going to go do something worthwhile now. Like write something besides fangirl babbling.

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But I must post about Mr. Whishaw again. You see, ever since I watched that interview I posted a link to in the last entry (which was randomly recommended to me on the front page of Youtube and I couldn't believe I had never seen), I've been back in obsessive mode in regards to him. It's frightening, really. I discovered this lovely fansite which has a fantastic gallery that is responsible for my folder of saved pictures being much larger now than it was a few days ago.

Anyway, this post is mainly for me to gush over how freaking adorable he looked at the Cannes Film Festival. I'm a little behind because it was actually more than a month ago now but whatever. He looked positively squishable. And the hair. Oh my goodness, the hair! He always has such awesome/terrible hair that looks like he just rolled out of bed. It's like Robert Pattinson's hair but better. Because Whishaw > Pattinson. Obviously. It's so obvious I shouldn't have even needed to say it.

I'm LJ-cutting this because there are many pictures and much gushing. Enter at your own risk. )

Oh wait. I found these while perusing posts about Bright Star on ONTD and they are fucking hysterical.

LOL LOL LOL. My favorite part is the variation on Annabel Lee: "A pimp there lived that you may know by the name of GQ MOTHERFUCKER." Oh my God. They're retarded. But hilarious.

Now I'm really out!

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This should be a regular occurrence, yes? Because I go a week or two without seeing him at all and I forget how much I love him. But then I am reminded and I get all fangirly again. This time it happened when I decided to check out his IMDB page to see if there had been any progress in his upcoming movies (BECAUSE I AM A STALKER) and I found out that a. he has another new one scheduled, excitement; b. he was apparently in the movie The International for less than ten seconds... yet I still have a strange desire to subject myself to it (I've heard it's terrible) for those few very brief seconds; c. he was nominated for a BAFTA for Criminal Justice, OMG, I hope he wins. Wait. Does this mean he'll be at the awards?!? And are they broadcasted on American television because if he is I NEED TO SEE IT!!! BBC America, maybe? I can't find any information about this but I kind of doubt it. But that would be amazing.

Anyway. The point of this is. I also ended up on the official site for Bright Star and found some hot pictures of him being all Keats-y and stuff.


And is this his handwriting?!? These were titled "Ben's Notes" so I think it is. ZOMG. He even has beautiful handwriting. (This sounds so creepy.)

Okay. I have this weird fetish for cigarettes. Like, I don't really enjoy being around someone who is smoking in real life but whenever I read about someone smoking in a book or see it in a movie or a photo or whatever I find it soooooo sexy. Like, unbelievably sexy. Case in point:


And this one from Brideshead which I've posted before but it's like my fave pic of him evarrrr!!!!

So adorable.

Here's one more (non-smoking) picture for good measure:


Edit: Oh my God, I was searching for him on Youtube and found a bunch of Twilight "dream cast" videos with him in them. PLEASE, KEEP MY BEN AWAY FROM THE TWILIGHT FRANCHISE! Though I highly doubt he would actually be in one of those movies even if he was offered a role. Because he seems to have very good taste. And would probably have a nervous breakdown if he was ever stalked to the extent that Robert Pattinson now is because he also seems very shy.


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This is amazing.

This sounds so perfect and so similar to the album version it's scary. That crazy high part at the end absolutely kills me. Like, the first few times I listened to it, I just could not convince myself that the same person was singing that part and the rest of the song. I still can't quite wrap my head around it even if this video is proof. And he does it so effortlessly! He's not even straining just a little bit to reach these super high notes and it's insane! I just love this song. And I love being obsessed with new bands. I just bought their latest EP and album for $12 with no shipping and you should too. Apparently, they are putting out a new record this year and I am very excited. They're so good. (I should really be posting this to my music blog but whatever; I just posted a song of theirs there... I've got to wait a few days or something before I do another.)

However, as much as I love their music, I'm trying really hard not to care that they're a Christian band. I mean, good music is good music and all and it doesn't really bother me that they're religious because it's not like they're all "GOD GOD GOD" in every song. But then I found this and it scared me. As do some of those reviews. But that's from a few years ago. And they don't seem so Jesus-freak-y to me anymore from what I've seen. So I'm trying not to be judgmental. Because they are a really good band regardless of that.

And also, the resemblance isn't there at all in promo band pictures or when you look at his face full-on, but the lead singer, Wes, is totally reminding me of Leighton from Lydia. See, he doesn't look like him here (top left). But here and here there is definitely at least a small resemblance. The similarities are in stage presence mostly - like posture and shit, I guess. But also he has almost the same haircut in those pictures. The second one especially - oh my God, Leighton, is that you?!? Seriously. I tried to find a good picture of him for comparison but I don't really have one saved though I swear I've seen one with a similar pose or something. But anyway, I got kind of sidetracked in my quest:

Damn. He is so beautiful. *drools all over keyboard*

Ahem... here's some Mindy for good measure, too. I can't talk about the beautiful people in Lydia without mentioning her, of course.

Okay, enough shallowness.

Have I mentioned I am hopefully seeing them live next month? I don't really know yet but if I don't I think I'll kill myself, no joke. Okay, maybe I'm joking but seriously, they are the only band I am absolutely dying to see right now. And I've already missed them on at least three (well, actually two because they ended up dropping out of one) occasions in the past year. And this is headlining! Or co-headlining, I guess, but it's still so much better than supporting so I absolutely have to go! Anyway. Yes. That is my mission currently. I'm also seeing Maria Taylor (and the Whispertown 2000) on Sunday, holla! I haven't been to a show since May of last year. Rilo Kiley. Good times. The word is they're putting out an album of rarities. I don't even care that this could be seen as another sign of their demise or that it will likely be all songs I've already heard; I am just uber-excited.

Here's another video before I go!

Peace out. (That was stupid. I will never say that again, k?)

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You know you're obsessed with someone when you add movies to your Netflix queue that sound absolutely abysmal just because they're in them for maybe five minutes and when you spend pretty much half a day searching desperately for links to download some British miniseries that they star in. Yep, that's me. The good news is I did end up finding that miniseries due to the fact that I win at Googling. The bad news is there are about seven million parts and it's all on RapidShare which is, like, the devil incarnate as far as filehosting websites go. So it's going to take me forever to download and hopefully, halfway through, there won't be one dead link so that it ruins the whole thing or something... but it is totally worth it.

Anyway, pretty pretty pictures of this person I'm obsessed with? These are so beautiful I can hardly stand it.

Ahem... anyway.

I believe I said something about me trying to work on writing the other day? Yeah, hasn't really happened yet... You see, it's just so much less work for me to spend all day staring at pretty pictures and watching Youtube videos instead. Anyway, it will happen sometime. And yes, I'm aware I've already broken my rule of not posting until I have something substantial to say but, well, this is my LiveJournal so I'll post what I want, right? Anyone else who happens to be reading this can ignore my fangirling - it's just that when I get obsessed with someone or something, I get extremely obsessed and that's basically all I think about for a week or two. Just as a warning for the future.


Jan. 27th, 2009 01:07 pm
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I had to get some more user pics because I was tired of only having one and I stumbled upon this fantastic community. Seriously, made my day. Best thing ever. And since ABC is apparently refusing to show the last three episodes of Pushing Daisies (damn them!) I need to get my Lee fix any way I can. The good news is I got my sister into this show so I've been watching season one with her. The bad news is we just finished it. I need season two DVDs, like, yesterday. If they're not going to show the rest on TV, they might as well put them out now, right? Anyway. The point of this post is to share the loveliness that is Lee Pace. Without further ado...

Click this. You will not be sorry. )

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I haven't posted an actual new entry since the beginning of the month so here is a brief bulleted list of random things that are on my mind right now:

  • My Best of '08 list can be found here. I'm rather happy with it as of right now. Let's see how I feel in a year.
  • I've been updating my ongoing list of things I've read, watched, and listened to this year regularly so check that out if you're interested in my opinions on things like that.
  • So now that I'm done with '08 albums, I'm already onto '09 ones. I've kind of downloaded a bunch and not kept most of them after one listen because they weren't really things I thought I would like much in the first place but I have found one gem so far: A Camp's Colonia. It is Nina Persson from the Cardigans' solo/side project and this is her second release and it is so so so beautiful. "Golden Teeth and Silver Medals" came up on shuffle a week or so ago and I fell so in love that I was afraid to listen to the rest in case it didn't measure up but the whole thing is gorgeous. Lovely pop songs bathed in beautiful string and brass arrangements, smart lyrics, and Nina's flawlessly pretty voice. So so good.
  • Also, Asobi Seksu - Hush. It's no Citrus but it sounds pretty good; I still have to listen to it more to really get a feel for it. However, I can say that Yuki's voice is amazing on this record.
  • Okay, I am going to attempt to say this without making it sound totally weird, but I am insanely attracted to Andrew Bird. Like, I'm not even that into his music (though I could see myself liking it more if I actually gave it more than my passing attention) and it's not really a physical attraction (though he is a rather good-looking man) but I'm just, like... attracted to him as a person or something. I don't know. I can't explain it. But every time I see or hear about him, I'm just instantly interested and intrigued for some reason.
  • And also, I'm very excited for Maria Taylor's new album. From the two songs she's released so far (three if you count the version of the title track that's on Savannah Drive) this could potentially be her best album yet. Though, is it troubling that I'm actually more excited about Andy LeMaster's involvement than about Maria herself? I mean, I love the girl. But I'm slightly obsessed with Andy. Anyway, yes, I am looking forward to it.
  • I'm going to attempt to work on some writing today or tomorrow so I should have something in that department to post soon.
  • Also, I uploaded about a million new Sims 2 pictures here and here. So if you actually care about that, there you go.
  • Also, PRESIDENT OBAMA. It is so surreal to me still. I was about ten when Bush went into office so I don't really have any proper memories of anyone but him as president since politics weren't exactly on my mind at eight years old. So it's so strange to have a new one. Every time I hear "President Obama" on the news I just kind of can't believe it. So exciting, though.
  • Also, I sure use the word "also" a lot, don't I? Also, also, also.

Now, if you don't mind, I'm going to take a moment to indulge myself and drool over all the pretty:


Okay, I'm done now.
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This is as of... around midnight today. I know it's still a day until the new year but I figured my charts wouldn't be changing much within that time frame so I just said to hell with it and copied them all down now. So because I am a maniac here is basically every incarnation of my chart I could come up with:

Top 50 Artists )

Top 50 Songs )

Top 50 Songs (with only one appearance per artist) )

And fuck. This is JUST FUCKING FANTASTIC. I hate my life.

To take my mind off this monstrosity of a fuck-up (and the fact that I should be doing more productive things), here are some Sims pictures. If you want to see them all, just go to the gallery. I'm way too lazy to upload everything there and then post every single picture to this and I bet no one besides me looks at them anyway, so, yeah, it doesn't matter.

The Thompsons: A (Very) Brief History )

College begins... NOW! )

One more thing. This is fantastic:

I love Zooey. Why is that girl so amazing?
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...only when I actually have some though. When I'm broke, I hate money. Yet at the same time still want it. Hmm...

Anyway, the point of this post is "omg look what I bought!!!!11!!!" so I'll get right to that:


Yay! And before you tell me how excessive and impulsive all of that No Doubt is, let me tell you that it was super super cheap, okay? I think the other three CDs combined cost more than five ND CDs, so it's not that crazy. I am slightly worried about the quality though because I like things to look nice and new always but that's always my biggest worry with buying things used and it usually turns out okay. Anyway, I got all eight CDs for under $35, awesome! I think my next CD-buying goal is to get all of the albums that will be on my best of '08 list that I don't yet own physical copies of because it makes sense to own things that I consider my favorites. (And P.S. that list will be coming soon-ish as in a month or two and I will probably post it here as well as to my music journal because I'm weird like that.)

And because I have a strange need to fully divulge every detail when it comes to money-spending, I also bought Paste and Venuszine with She & Him on the covers and Bust with Jenny Lewis on the cover - which cost like $15 all together (why do magazines cost so much??)... and two of those magazines I would have no interest in normally... the things I do to satisfy my obsessions.

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  • No Doubt. Holy shit. I know my last post was about them but I am seriously obsessed. I have listened to hardly anything else for about a week now. Gwen Stefani pre-solo career is totally my hero now, I'm telling you. Return of Saturn is especially doing a lot for me. I can't believe I used to own that album and yet I still only remembered, like, two songs apart from the singles. How could I be so dense back then?!? The entire album is so damn good. "Six Feet Under", "Artificial Sweetener", "Too Late", "Suspension Without Suspense", "Home Now", "Dark Blue"... seriously. I know that's almost the entire thing but it's that good! There are only two songs I wouldn't consider awesome and they're still pretty great. One of the non-single tracks I did remember though is "Staring Problem" - I actually used to adore that song. I'm pretty sure I even wrote some story using the lyrics as inspiration and I really wish I still had it somewhere because it's probably hilariously terrible and would have given me a good laugh. Anyway, I think I'm, like, going to buy all of their albums used on Amazon or something because, hello, I need them! Apart from just listening to them, I also got all nostalgic watching the music videos and live Tragic Kingdom show DVDs that came with the Boom Box set... I've had that almost since it came out and I had never watched the live DVD (or listened to the b-sides disc). Jesus. Love love love. Okay, moving on...

  • Pushing Daisies. Maybe it's just because of the fact that pretty soon there will be no more new episodes for me to devour, but I seriously think this show gets better every week. You'd think I'd be really sad watching it but it still hasn't completely sunk in that it will be over soon - I think the depression will set in once there are actually no episodes left. And I will just have to watch it on DVD over and over and over again. It just makes me feel so idiotically happy every time I watch; I love all of the characters and the droolworthy wardrobe and sets and most of all, that pretty much every piece of dialogue uttered is hilarious and instantly quotable. A couple highlights from Wednesday: "Don't be pecking me, woman. That's the peck of cahoots which we are definitely not in." Everything Emerson says is golden. And also Ned telling Chuck, "Are we weird now because I did it with your dad?" - also laugh-out-loud hilarious. And unsurprisingly, next week looks amaaaaazing as well. Olive and Emerson's synchronized "oh HELL no!" - completely brilliant. *sigh* It figures that the only show I've ever loved this obsessively is apparently ignored by most everyone else. What is wrong with you, world?!?

  • Reading. I just finished A Long Way Down by Nick Hornby which I believe is my fiftieth book read for the year, woo! I wasn't going to finish it because I had to return it to the library in a few days and I wasn't sure if I would be able to get it done, but once I started, it was a really fast and enjoyable read. Extremely hilarious. Which is weird to say about a book that has a plot centered around four people who want to jump off the roof of a building, but it's true. I laughed out loud on several occasions which is rare for me with books. Overall, it was really fun and witty and I'm glad I decided to actually read it. I wasn't going to get any more books because I still have a couple I bought that I haven't read yet, but I ended up checking out two more. Oh well... I guess I do have forever to read the ones I own so it doesn't really matter.

  • Sims! It doesn't seem like it, since it was only two posts ago, but the last time I posted pictures was almost three weeks ago. What?! Must. Fix. Now. Here are updates/selected pictures for each of my current families:
Cartwright )

Ruby & Will )

Perkins )

Also... )

Why, yes, I am aware what a dork I am. It's better to embrace it than deny it, right?
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Time for more Ruby and Will gushing? Yes, I think it is.

You know you want it! )

There are about a gazillion more pictures in the gallery. So I've decided that they are basically my favorite Sims ever, everrrrr. Too. Cute. I'm way more excited about them than the storyline I'm really supposed to be working on right now, but at least they're kind of part of that, so I can be obsessed with them without completely abandoning everything else. Though Ruby is now one day away from growing up and Will is about eight or nine days away, so before I can play them again in college, I have to get all the other Sims involved in the story grown up as well, so I will not be able to squee over them for awhile. Sad, I know. However, it does give me more incentive to play through everyone else's childhood years. Just so I can see Will and Ruby! They are going to be beyond adorable in college. Gah. I can't even think about it without imploding with cuteness.

Anyway... in other non-Sim news, saw Twilight yesterday. I'm not sure what I really think about it, but I'm leaning toward the bad side of the spectrum. I mean, I did enjoy it in the uber-cheesy, so-bad-it's-good way but on the other hand, I kind of hated a lot of aspects of it, even looking at them from that perspective. The biggest thing is that based on his other work, I do think Robert Pattinson is a fairly talented actor, however, there were quite a few points during Twilight that made me feel like cringing on his behalf; most notably, the part where they're talking in a tree and he starts saying "my family, we're different from other vampires..." or something like that. The look on his face is just, ugh, he looks constipated or something. And sometimes his accent seemed off and the makeup was really doing him no favors.  However, the part where Bella first walks into biology class, his reaction was hilarious and I really hope it was intended to be because I don't see how that could be meant to be taken seriously. As for Kristen Stewart, she was mostly pretty good, but sometimes she got a bit iffy as well. She mainly bothered me during the hospital scene at the end, when Edward was saying something about how she should go and live with her mom, and she was all freaking out and saying he couldn't leave her, blah blah blah, there was just way too much stuttering and stammering and it was just really awkward and seemed more campy than truly emotional. And the special effects, oh my God, they were terrible. The end fight scene with James wasn't too bad and mostly believable, but the rest - the climbing up trees and leaping through the forest - looked just horrendous. You could tell it was so low budget. But the worst offender of all was the sparkling, sweet Jesus, the sparkling. They should have just taken it out - it looked like they just put some body glitter on him and called it good. And not only that, it looked all... fuzzy and so fake, like it belonged more in an 80s-era movie than a movie made in 2008. Seriously, they should've just foregone the glittering; it's the stupidest quality of the vampires in the books anyway. And, at the very end, I think it was when Edward was trying to get the strength to stop sucking Bella's blood out, there was this uber-cheesy montage of their relationship with, I'm pretty sure, Rob's own song playing over it - and the song is just terrible and totally ruined any poignancy that may have had. Sorry, Rob, but you do not have a good singing voice. Just the use of montages in general was annoying; they replaced potentially revealing scenes with montages of them talking while music played; pretty pointless waste of space. Anyway, it wasn't a completely terrible waste of time, but it wasn't amazing either. Honestly, though, my expectations were not that high so it neither exceeded or failed to reach them. It was pretty much exactly what I was expecting it to be.

Holy shit, that was long, sorry. I'll try to make this shorter. I finished the book American Wife by Curtis Sittenfeld the other day and I have mixed feelings about it. It took me forever to finish and seemed to progress really slowly. During pretty much the entire first three parts, I couldn't even focus because I kept thinking, "When the hell does he become president?!?" That is the part that the book's been hyped around and it's not even that long despite being the most interesting part. So it did get good at that point but the rest just seemed way too drawn out and detailed and boring. And something about the writing bothered me. It was just really bland or something. And when I checked it out the librarian told me that the ending was "surprising in an unexpected way" but frankly, I was not surprised at all and it was totally expected. I knew that she was going to do something to "betray" her husband because of how vehemently the differences between their political opinions were made clear throughout. And as soon as she mentioned them voting the first time he was elected, I was sure that it would eventually be revealed that she didn't vote for him, it seemed obvious to me, and I was right on that as well. So it wasn't a total letdown but I was expecting it to be a lot better.

Finally, Pushing Daisies is officially over. I am so depressed. I at least hope they show all of the remaining episodes at some point and I will be buying the second season DVD the minute it comes out. But apparently it ends on a huge cliffhanger so that makes the fact that it won't be resolved even more depressing. I really hope that talk of a movie in that article isn't just talk. While I would probably seek out the comic book version mentioned if that comes about, the reason I love the show so much is mostly because of the acting (oh my God, the glorious acting!) and the beautiful sets and that stuff cannot be replicated in a comic book. So I really hope a movie or something happens. Why must this always happen to me? I have never been this upset about the cancellation of a TV show ever. I hate that the general public is apparently too dense to realize the awesomeness of this show. I mean, I'll admit to watching my fair share of reality shows and CSIs, but I realize that that's pretty meaningless shlock while Pushing Daisies is something real and creative and smart. Gah, it's not fair. Anyway, in light of this news, I feel the need to post a bunch of PD picspam or at least Lee Pace/Ned picspam. Stay tuned for that.
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Alright, so basically my current goal in Simworld is to recreate the characters from this story I am writing/putting off writing as Sims. I'm not really going to attempt to imitate the plot completely because a. without giving away anything, it just simply ends way too sadly for me to put my precious Simmies through that and b. I've kind of come up with a gazillion alternate endings in my head (though I'm sticking with the original one if I ever do finish the actual story) so I'm going to try to work some of those into the Sim version. This isn't really meant to be taken seriously as, in my opinion, it's really hard to make something serious when it revolves around the fucking Sims, for Christ's sake. It's just something fun for me to do so that I don't get bored and stick to the same generic "get married, have lots of babies" route that I always go down in the game.

So! With that being said... here's my plan. I am moving each of the main five characters into the neighborhood one at a time, as toddlers (except Ollie, who is starting as a child just so that he and Daniel have an age difference; I briefly considered making them twins for the Sim version but decided against it) with their parents and letting them grow up into teens (while taking plenty of screen captures, of course) before moving onto the next character. That way, I won't get overwhelmed by trying to sync up a million houses on the same schedule or anything. Then once they're all nearly out of their teen years, I will move them to college where the real fun will ensue, yay! I've tried to model their looks and personalities after they are in the story as much as possible; I even downloaded a shit ton of new clothes, hairs, etc. just so that they would be perfectly represented. I am so lame, I know.

Anyway, first up is Andy because he's my favorite and the most accurate representation looks-wise, I think. He's just so cute and friendly-looking, which is perfect. (Also, as far as looks go, I made all of the characters as adults and then aged them down to toddlers and they all are surprisingly adorable still, which I was afraid they wouldn't be.) Also, his Sim family is the most genuine because, honestly, his parents were the only family members I really had completely fleshed out and they turned out just perfect; the others are all quite "meh". So, I present to you a few highlights from Andy's childhood. All of the pictures with short explanatory captions can be found here.

Andy Cartwright: The Early Years )

Not very eventful so far, I know, but I told you - the real fun won't happen until college. Until then, they are just basically living normal kid lives. At the moment, he is a teen and I am planning a little bit of fun so hopefully things will be more interesting soon.

However, right now, I am totally enamored by these two other Sims. Their names are Ruby and Will and I originally planned to make them solely to serve as some non-townie friends for Andy but they have stolen my heart! They are the most adorable Sims to ever exist, I do believe. I felt bad about abandoning the Rileys before they ever had a chance to get started so partly as an ode to them and partly because I'm lazy, Ruby and Will ended up being slightly tweaked and teen-ified clones of them. I already thought Annie Riley was uber-adorable but somehow my slight changes made Ruby even cuter. Seriously. I spent way too much time taking pictures of her every facial expression. And Will is nearly as cute as well so they're perfect for each other.

Let the picspam ensue! )

Also, Will's lifetime want is to send three children to college and Ruby's is to have six grandchildren, so they can be my couple who has a gazillion adorable kids! Yay yay yay! Seriously. Their cuteness kills me. And to think, they were just supposed to be background characters...

Anyway, that's all for now. Much more to come, you can be sure of it. (No, I am not embarrassed by my obsession, should I be?)
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Look what I bought Sunday!

Clicky-click. )

I was kind of pissed though because first I looked at Meijer and I found the first two but not Apartment Life and that was the one I wanted the most. So I just bought those two there thinking they wouldn't be any cheaper anywhere else then we go to Wal-Mart and they're all $5 cheaper. Gah! Oh well. Anyway, I haven't really done much yet but what I have done/watched my sister do is pretty awesome. The apartments are a lot smaller than I was assuming though... like, even the more expensive ones still seem tiny. I haven't tried out the most expensive ones yet so maybe they're bigger but still... I moved a family of three into a pretty high-priced apartment and barely had room to place the toddler's crib and changing table and stuff. I have no idea what I'm going to do when he grows up, though!

And here are a few pictures is one picture (because I stupidly deleted the rest) just for the sake of it:

*squee* )

Yeah, so they're basically the cutest family ever. More information about them a little later.

Also, look what I bought forever ago on Amazon and finally got yesterday!

Goodies. )

Yay for spending money!


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