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This post is brought to you by Matt Smith and Karen Gillan and their adorably platonic relationship both on and off-screen. Not gonna lie, I kind of ship them in real life. (Also, I apologize for all the extra loading time these cause. I couldn't help it! It's hard to narrow the selection down when there's so much cuteness to choose from!) (Also, also, I want to be Karen. She's adorable, she's hilarious, she has great hair, and she gets to hang out with Matt all the time. Amazing.)

Oh, and obligatory:

Finally, this hilarious video (Hulloooooooooo!):

Okay, last one I promise, but this is funny too:
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Alright, so the thing is... I've gotten kind of bored with these Sims already. I don't want to completely abandon them or anything but I also really want to start another legacy. So that's what I did. But I still have a bazillion pictures to get through first because I've been so lazy about posting them. So I'll probably be on some sort of Sims-posting frenzy over the next couple of days while I try to make my way through it all. Because it seems kind of a waste to let them just sit around on my computer forever, right? Even if they'll only be seen here by about two people? Anyway, so here we go.
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Two families combined again. Then there is one more after this before the rotation starts all over again. And, OMG, I am ridiculously in love with them all. Also, I wish I could think of a decent name for this neighborhood. I can only ever think of really stupid crap. Bleh.

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I do have one more household in this neighborhood I should be decorating but I decided to put it off by playing every other household except that one first. In the end, I suppose this just gives me more to do all at once because I'll have to decorate then play that same family but whatever. Anyway, I have five separate households to deal with (so what? I've passed a lot of hours making random Sims in Bodyshop due to boredom!) and I've decided I'm going to rotate between them on a weekly Sim basis, aka I will play one Monday to Monday before switching to the next and doing the same thing; I figured that would be the easiest way for me to remember to switch because I've always been really bad at keeping multiple households accurately synced up. So... these are my first rounds with the first two households! Originally I decided to group them together because I thought romance would blossom and they would come together at some point. Well, that doesn't look to be happening now (without my drastic intervention and I'm trying to be less of a control freak this time) but I'm still going to cram their stories together because they're the only single-person households. That being said, I really tried to keep the picture count down. Really. I actually got rid of a lot but there's still quite a few here. Because that's just how I roll.

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Well, after I finished with the Newburys I had to take a break from the Sims for awhile because the prospect of decorating a bunch of new houses and going through the predictable "getting started" routine with a neighborhood of new Sims was not very appealing to me at the time. It still isn't but I've been going back to it a bit again over the past few days. I haven't really gotten anywhere apart from decorating like mad and only spending an hour or two actually playing but it's something, right? So I don't have much to offer yet but I have some more of my adorable Sims to show off. Just them being pretty basically. I'm very attached to all of them because I've never really put a lot of effort into making unique Sims of my own before; I've either used downloaded ones or barely tweaked face templates so it was a big step! Okay, a few pictures:

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Last time: Caleb was having second thoughts about fatherhood... but that's just too bad because May was already pregnant with their second child, Camilla. Meanwhile, the last of generation nine, Lena and Remy grew up into a lesbian tomboy and a tanorexic vixen-in-training, respectively, before they were shipped off to college. Then there was some more growing up, this time of the generation ten kids. <INSERT CUTEST CHILDREN EVER COMMENT HERE> And then there was an attempted robbery but thanks to the kickass police force of Bougainvillea he only made it about two steps inside the house. Still, Henry continued the family trend of being full of wussy manbabies by having an emotional breakdown anyway.

Can you tell that I've really been half-assing these last few Newbury installments? It's kind of because I just want to get them out of the way and start something new already. And also because these pictures all feel like they happened a lifetime ago. Anyway, as far as that starting something new goes, I was just going to start another legacy but, the thing is, I've been making a lot of random Sims lately and now I'm attached to all of them and it would be impossible for me to decide which to use! So... I think I'm going to just, like, make a few different households with different story trajectories in mind for all of them and kind of follow the whole neighborhood with less focus on a single family. We'll see how that works. Do you want a preview of some of the Sims that will occupy it? Yes? Okay!
Gah. I kind of don't even want to go back to the Newburys now. But I will. I don't even have much more to play through before they're over. I will miss them but I AM SO EXCITED FOR NEW SIMS! I have a lot more than the ones above but, naturally, they are SURPRISES! Okay, I am going to go upload more Newbury pics and maybe post another entry tonight.

IN OTHER NEWS, THIS NEW OWEN PALLETT RECORD IS FUCKING EPIC! Seriously. I like it about ten billion times more than anything else I've heard by him. It is amazing! The last three songs especially are, like, the most flawless, beautiful, breathtaking trio ever. OMG. I CAN HARDLY STAND IT. FUCK.


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