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So... Neko last night! It was really weird seeing most of the concert in complete daylight but, I have to say, especially at this time of the year, I'd so much rather be outside than crammed into a small space with a bunch of other people. It's so much more comfortable. We weren't terribly close but we still had a good, unobscured view, and the people onstage didn't look like ants so it was all good. And the concert was over before ten o'clock! We got home before eleven-thirty! I know this makes me sound old and cranky but all concerts should be like this! Especially when they're ones that take a three-hour drive to get to (this one, happily, wasn't).

Anyway, the opener was Jason Lytle from Grandaddy. I wasn't too excited about him so I read through his first two songs and while I was casually listening, I was thinking, "Well, this is nice enough." Then I finished my book (should've brought another one!) and by the fifth or sixth song was thinking, "Haven't I already heard this?" Yeah, all of his songs kind of sounded the same. And they all sounded like they were at least six minutes long too. And he went on forever. I swear, he played almost as long as Neko did. Anyway, he wasn't offensively bad or anything, just really boring.

And Neko herself was, well, brilliant of course. Her voice sounded perfect from the very first song and she and Kelly are hilarious between songs. Plus, she looked super cute. She was all dressed down in jeans and a t-shirt and just looked generally adorable. Also, I think she has the most perfect shade of red hair; it's so pretty.

I attempted to remember the setlist in order but realized that it would be impossible. So the first two songs and the last one and the encore are in order. The rest are totally not, I just know that they were somewhere in between it all. With commentary.

The first thing Neko did after coming out was claim that the entire audience was drunk because a few people got rowdy when her microphone wasn't loud enough. Love it.

Things That Scare Me
MAYBE SPARROW (Flawless. And I was happy to hear this; it's one of my favorites on Fox Confessor.)
People Got a Lotta Nerve (She or Kelly, I can't remember which one now, introduced this as a song about a "homicidal picnic" and then went on about how we looked like we were having a homicidal picnic because everyone had picnic baskets and shit but were also... drunk. Or whatever. This stuff doesn't seem as funny paraphrasing it like this.)
Deep Red Bells (This was great. During the "Where does this mean world cast its cold eye?/Who's left to suffer long about you?" part, all of the instruments dropped out and Neko belted it out a cappella. It was amazing.)
The Pharaohs (A song about "an imaginary boyfriend" who everyone has, even guys. And according to Neko all guys' imaginary boyfriends look like Clint Eastwood. Then, after the song, she and Kelly were talking about how sexy he looked even in some really old movie where his pants are pulled up to his chest. A style which, for whatever reason, Neko called "jail pants". Amusement.)
Red Tide
I Wish I Was the Moon
Hold On, Hold On
Margaret vs. Pauline (I seem to always get stuck next to obnoxious people. The people sitting next to me, I believe, were actually drunk, and before this song, one of the guys yelled out, "JOHN THE BAPTIST!!!" and then when the song started he was all like, "IT'S EVERYTHING'S SO EASY FOR PAULINE!!" Thanks, dude. I don't need your commentary.)
Middle Cyclone
Prison Girls (About "how sexy prison is". "Have you ever been there?" Neko asked defensively when the audience laughed at this. Because she has... in elementary school on a tour that was supposed to "scare [her] straight". According to Kelly, it did exactly the opposite. This story was much longer and funnier but I couldn't accurately represent it in type.)
The Tigers Have Spoken
I'm an Animal
Don't Forget Me (This was the only song that left me slightly disappointed... the recorded version is probably my least favorite song on Middle Cyclone but I still like it. Neko sounded great but I like the piano on the record so much better than the weird guitar sounds it was replaced with live. They just sounded out-of-place on such a calm song.)
That Teenage Feeling (I'm not positive this was second-to-last but it's the only song I can place here with any certainty. Anyway, during the last two songs, this drunk woman way up in the front started dancing, which was mostly a lot of waving arms and swaying hips, and at the end of each song, she would put her hands together and bow like everyone was cheering for her. It was both hilarious and annoying as fuck. I was trying to focus on Neko but it was very hard. She reminded me of the chick back at Tori in '05 who was interpretive dancing to "Tear in Your Hand".)
This Tornado Loves You (I was able to focus entirely on Neko for this because, damn, this is such a perfect song. And she sounded - shocker - amazing.)

About ten seconds after they went offstage, they came back for the encore. Which was nice. I hate when it takes ages for the band to come back out. And the encore was totally made of win. She played five more songs and I was a happy camper.

VENGEANCE IS SLEEPING (I adore this song and I had given up hope on hearing it by this point so I was excited when they played it. It was so beautiful and everyone was standing for it and swaying (in a non-annoying-drunk way) and it was magical.)
Lady Pilot
Star Witness (She stated at the beginning of the encore that they were going to play this even though they hadn't practiced it in awhile and it would sound like crap. But it sounded great to me.)
FAVORITE (This was the song that excited me most because I love it a whole lot [and the live version is so much better than the album version] and sometimes she plays it a lot and sometimes she doesn't. But her voice is so fucking perfect on this song. It's intense.)
Knock Loud (I don't particularly love this song but I wasn't expecting it so it was still exciting.)

So, yeah, it was great. There was lots of banter I am either forgetting right now or is just too impossible to describe without making it sound totally lame. The only complaint I have about the whole thing is that her merch was kind of expensive but, whatever, it's Neko; I'm willing to throw a few more dollars than I'm used to her way. Also, even though she played quite a few songs, her set seemed very short. The encore made it a bit better but after "This Tornado Loves You", I was just like, "What?... That's it? But she just started." I have a feeling I wouldn't have been fully satisfied without hearing her last three records nearly in their entirety though which is a bit of a lofty request. Anyway, AWESOMENESS.

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I forgot how much I loved this song. And Amanda performing it solo in her bedroom, wearing only lingerie and a robe, reminds me. It's glorious, I promise you.

The only thing missing is Brian. It's just as amazing without him but, damn, I miss that crazy dude so much! I don't think I've mentioned this but I got the Who Killed Amanda Palmer DVD awhile back ($8.49 shipped, how much of a deal is that?!?) which has all of the music videos and a couple live performances and some interview/tour footage. Anyway, there's this really brief glimpse of Amanda and Brian together backstage at one of her shows and then of him watching her perform and it about made me explode with simultaneous joy and sadness. They are so great together. If there is never another Dresden Dolls album or I never get to see them live (if I had to, I'd settle for Amanda by herself, but I'd choose the both of them over just her any day), I will never get over how depressing that will be.

You know what else is amazing? Jenny Lewis' new video for "See Fernando". Unfortunately, for some reason, it is not up on Youtube. Even more unfortunately, you have to watch it at Perez Hilton's website. Or, if you can't fathom that (I sure can't), you can watch or download this better quality version here. Watsons cameo! Duke cameo! (No Blake or Jason, sadly.) Jenny being sexy and badass! And looking shockingly like Anna Friel. It's almost too much awesome to handle. And way better than the other two videos she's released recently, the trippy, no-budget and very literal "Black Sand" and the in-studio "Acid Tongue" (which actually isn't bad; it's just not very creative or anything - but Zooey! I love it just for those two lovely ladies being in the same room). Neither of these seems to be on Youtube either and I'm too lazy to go find where they are. God, Jenny, get with the program and upload all your shit in one place! Anyway, "See Fernando". Just look at the amazing icon I found of Jenny taking down Fernando (aka Michael Runion)! That makes you want to see the whole thing, doesn't it? Go do it. Also, in Jenny news, Orenda Fink stated in an interview recently that she, Maria Taylor, Jenny, and Morgan Nagler are starting an all-girl rock group together. I don't know how serious this plan is or how much time they could realistically devote to it since they've all got about a zillion things going on already but this would be so fucking cool. I'm not sure I could handle that many amazing people in one band.

I am listening to the new Mew album right now. I thought very briefly about waiting until it was released, because I'm pretty sure it'll be amazing, but I couldn't do it. I am too spoiled by leaks now and haven't listened to an album after its official release date since... ages ago. Actually, that's a lie. I listened to the new O+S album for the first time after I got it. And the new Sarah Slean/Art of Time. But that's because the first came, like, two weeks before it was actually released and the second is probably too obscure to have even leaked at all. But anyway, yeah, I am only on my second listen but it seems good. I really love them right now. Also, they have the most amazing/horrible album covers. And band pictures. Evidence:

Like, what is the concept here? I have no clue but it's kind of amazing. Also, how is Jonas almost 33 (according to Wikipedia)?!? He looks about twenty years old in this picture! (And also adorable; he's the top guy, by the way, if you couldn't figure it out.)

I properly cleaned my room for the first time in months yesterday. Actually organized everything in a way that makes sense for the first time in even longer. I bought this new bookcase - which turned out to be much huger than I thought it would be - and I had to clear a space for that so I figured I might as well go all the way. It kind of sucks because my room is way too tiny and it looks even more cramped now but, whatever, all my books look so nice on it! I have more than I realized I did. It's already almost all the way full - though I could fit probably one or two more rows of books on each shelf so it will be okay for awhile.

I've been writing this entry since last night so I guess I'd better actually post it now.

I'm going to see Neko Case tonight! It shall be amazing! Regardless of the uncomfortable stone slabs that pass for seating in the place I'm seeing her.

P.S. KRISTIN CHENOWETH WAS NOMINATED FOR AN EMMY FOR PUSHING DAISIES! WHY AM I SO EXCITED?!? She probably won't win. And PD should have been represented way more. But I didn't think it would be nominated at all so it is exciting. Not that I actually care about awards. I just get too excited over anything PD-related. And season two releases on DVD next Tuesday! I need to buy that shit ASAP.

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Last time: Avery, Blake and Charlotte headed off to college. There was lots of drama involved. Charlotte hooked up with her creepy old drama professor. Avery beat up on some random girl for no reason. And Blake's girlfriend died! The horror! How in the world will he ever manage to move on?!?

5.6: The Grim Reaper Is Not Amused. )

In non-Sims related news, I just bought, um... seven new books. Eek. I actually narrowed the list down a lot though from the original amount because I told myself I could only spend $20 right now. So I decided on these:

  • Like Life - Lorrie Moore (Love her. I hope I like this better than Birds of America though I'm afraid nothing will ever effect me like Anagrams did; it was just the perfect book at the perfect time type situation.)
  • The Violent Bear It Away - Flannery O'Connor (I thought Wise Blood was amazing and needed more right away... well, I've still got her short stories but that's a huge collection and I wanted to read this first.)
  • The Great Gatsby - F. Scott Fitzgerald (I am long overdue for reading this.)
  • Atonement - Ian McEwan (I tried to buy this from Amazon but they apparently ran out of stock permanently and canceled my order so let's try it again, shall we?)
  • Less Than Zero - Bret Easton Ellis (I limited myself to one book of his for now. In case I hate it or something. But I am excited to read it!)
  • The Blindfold - Siri Hustvedt (Total impulse buy. Someone mentioned this book in the same breath as The Secret History - it wasn't even a comparison between the actual books, just between how much the person liked them - but I looked it up on Amazon and the summary literally sent a shiver down my spine. A shiver as in, "OMG, this sounds so perfect! I need it now!" So yeah, I've got high expectations here.)
  • I Capture the Castle - Dodie Smith (It's been on my wishlist for awhile. And it was cheap. So I finally caved in. I feel similarly about this as I do about reading Atonement - I'm kind of weary about whether I'll like them or not but I have a weakness for 20s/30s era stories so I must read them.)

Neko Case and the Decemberists are coming to Michigan this summer and I really want to go. Up until now, I kinda sorta wanted to but was pretty indifferent (I haven't been much in the mood for shows lately; the long traveling really wears on me after awhile) but now I suddenly feel much more passionate about it. They're both pretty expensive - well, more expensive than I'm used to - but I have most of the money right now. I just wish they weren't so damn far away. Neko's actually playing twice and one of them is much closer but it's also more expensive. So I don't know. We shall see.


Feb. 20th, 2009 10:51 pm
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The new Neko Case record is so fucking amazing. I listened to it last night really loud on headphones while lying in bed and I just felt like it was pulsing all throughout my body; it was this totally indescribable feeling. It feels kind of long because Fox Confessor was so short but I seriously love every song in its own way and wouldn't cut any of them. When Fox Confessor first came out, I was obsessed with it for a really long time and I still think it's pretty damn near perfect so I really wasn't expecting her to match its brilliance, but she undoubtedly has. I can't say yet whether I'll like Middle Cyclone better or not in the long run but they are at least equals. It amazes me how consistently great this woman's music has been for the past few years. My favorite song right now is "This Tornado Loves You" - God, what a perfect opener and just a perfect song in general. That first "What will make you believe me?" at the end just kills me; it's the total embodiment of all that is awesome about Neko's voice and it gives me chills.

Also, I'm obsessed with the final verse of the title track:

It was so clear to me
that it was almost invisible.
I lie 'cross the path waiting
just for a chance to be
a spiderweb trapped in your lashes.
For that, I would trade you my empire for ashes.
But I choke it back,
how much I need love.

That is just so heartbreaking and beautiful beyond words. The lyrics on this album are amazing, like waaaaay impressive. Definitely my favorite album of the year so far and I'm guessing it'll remain pretty high up there. There is a lot of good stuff coming out this year though - Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Maria Taylor, St. Vincent... well, those are the ones I'm mainly excited for but there are probably about a million more. Also, apparently Tori Amos' new album is called Abnormally Addicted to Sin which is really clunky and cheesy-sounding but at the same time, completely different from the rest of her recent album titles. I don't know. I've given up getting excited for new stuff from her - then I guess I'll just be even more impressed if it ends up actually being great, but I'm not expecting anything at this point.

And one last thing, new Maria Taylor video. Omagah, this girl is so freaking cute. As is Neely Jenkins. And Morgan Nagler. And all three of them together in the same video wearing pretty dresses and smashing things. Basically, it kicks complete ass. And oh yeah, the song's amazing as well.

ALSO ALSO I need this video now! And also new music would be nice. Actually, I'm willing to wait as long as it takes for them to make something new as long as it's as good as Illuminate - it's just very hard.

Leighton is so sexy, my goodness. And Mindy is beautiful. <3 <3 <3 I really wish they were coming here on their headlining tour but, as usual, it is not meant to be. :( They are, like, the one band I would do anything to see live right now. Everyone else I could care less about in comparison. K, bye.


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