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So I wrote a couple little... poem things yesterday and today. I say "things" because the first one is really, really short: Ticking, Waiting. But those first four lines just came to me very suddenly and I liked them a lot and was afraid to ruin them by trying to force anything more. I already feel like the last three lines don't quite hold up and are obviously more purposefully thought out but oh well. I still like it quite a lot. The second one, Jailbird, is kind of an amalgamation of several poems I tried to write that turned out really badly so I basically took the few good parts and created something new out of them. I wrote this in two chunks of time: the basics of it frantically in the middle of the night and the rest just a couple hours ago. I'm quite happy with it. As for my other writing, I've actually been working on the story that will be finished in about ten years if I keep going at this rate, titled at the moment Mending and Other Lessons in Love. I've almost got chapter five finished, woohoo! So I'm going to try and complete that soon. It really only needs a few more paragraphs. Then the next chapter or two will be quite easy to put together because I've already got some stuff written from forever ago. As for my NaNo story, Swan Dive, I'm in a bit of a rut at the moment and can't seem to write anything more than basic outline details/dialogue with no description. I just can't seem to make myself sit down and actually write anything properly even though I've got about a million parts I could start on. Anyway. That's all.

P.S. Everyone needs to listen to these songs. So fucking good.

(Also "Sadness Is a Blessing" but there aren't any videos of the studio version on Youtube.)
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Oh my God, I spent all last night on Youtube, seriously. Mostly watching every single (relevant) video that was labeled as Now It's Overhead or Andy LeMaster. I'd seen a lot of them before and 70% of them are terrible quality but I thought they might have somehow miraculously gotten better or something. I did find a few things I'd never seen though. Then I switched to Maria Taylor and Bright Eyes and Azure Ray performances. Here are the highlights of my night, so that I can find them again later if I should ever want to.

"Surrender." How have I never seen this one?!? It's so high-quality! I only wish there were other songs from this same set.

"Wonderful Scar." I actually think I like this better than the album version. Andy's vocals sound better.

"Type A."


This one might be my favorite "new" discovery of the night (as in I'd never watched it before). Maria and Andy are too adorable. <333 "Cartoons and Forever Plans."

"Song Beneath the Song."

This video has so few views! Probably because the title/description is foreign so no one knows what it is. I almost didn't watch it for that very reason. Anyway, kind of awkward and short but Maria's answer is so cute and I've never actually seen any type of video interview with Andy before. If only there was more to it! And, uh, I've never heard of the third guy in this so moving on...

Oh my God, so random and dorky but so adorable.

Bright Eyes performing "Jejune Stars" a few days ago on Letterman. Not really Andy-heavy but, you know, he's there! Playing the bass and being awesome in the background! (Is it wrong that I wish the Bright Eyes show in Michigan wasn't sold out 85% for the reason that Andy will probably be there? But, you know, I like Conor too! Except these shirts he's been wearing recently, WTF.)

Bonus baby Conor! "At the Bottom of Everything" before I'm Wide Awake It's Morning even came out. Seriously, he looks so young here! And his little dedication at the beginning of the song makes me chuckle.

Alright, I'm done now. I also watched the Bright Eyes bits from the Spend an Evening with Saddle Creek documentary and though Andy's tiny interview parts in those are probably 75% of the time he gets throughout the whole thing, I'm getting it next from Netflix anyway. I can't believe I've never thought about watching it before considering how many Saddle Creek bands I listen to!
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1. I've been (finally) posting my albums of 2010 list over at my music blog for the past few days. Check it out here if you are so inclined. I've still yet to post my number one but that will be coming sometime tomorrow, probably early in the day as there's really no point in holding it back since, to me, it's very obvious anyway.

2. I haven't really been good about mentioning it here but I've also been posting bits of the novel I started during NaNoWriMo, Swan Dive, over at my Dreamwidth. (I know, I have too many journals to keep up with.) As far as the chapters go, the ones that have no date beside them I pretty much haven't touched since I first wrote them back in November, the ones that say "updated" have been edited/vastly improved and "new" means, obviously, that they are newly written. I've basically just been adding them as I go along but I haven't written much apart from outline notes in a week or two. I'm going to try to get back into the real thing soon.

3. I am SO EXCITED FOR THE NEW ELECTED ALBUM, HOLY SHIT! I had honestly resigned myself at some point last year to the fact that it was never going to happen so the news basically blew my mind. So unexpected! I really hope Blake can still deliver the goods after so long. Truthfully, though, I have more faith in him than Jenny at this point. After all, he did write one of the best songs on Under the Blacklight and it was also just about the only song that sounded like it was written in more than ten minutes lyrics-wise. So I'm not too concerned. Plus he's been silent for so damn long he must be sitting on a masterpiece by now.

4. I am going to be posting a few of these one after the other in quick succession in an attempt to get reasonably caught up to where I am now (which isn't going to happen because I'm playing as I'm posting, haha). So... enjoy or scroll past, your choice.

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So, a couple of years ago, I posted this entry with some random stats so I thought I would post an updated one. At first, I was going to do both my milestones and my monthly artists/tracks but the website with the monthly stats has apparently closed so I could only do my milestones. It was weird, though, because the first seven or so tracks remained the same while the others all changed. The only reason I can think of for this has to do with deleting songs from my library. Sometimes I delete stuff if I end up noticing it's got some sort of typo so it makes sense that if they're deleted from the library it messes with all of the other songs. Anyway, it doesn't really matter. Some of the replacements are better than the songs that were originally there so I don't really care. Random comments added wherever I feel like making them.


And now I am going to link to the website where I can get these stats because every freaking time I want to use it I forget what it is and then have to go on a wild Google goose chase for it.
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I am so stoked on Arcade Fire's Album of the Year win at the Grammy awards the other night! I know that to win a Grammy is essentially meaningless these days (I still can't get over the fact that fucking Jamie Foxx has one for that lesson in auto-tune failure called "Blame It") but it's really nice to see someone who genuinely deserves tons of awards get one on such a large, typically mainstream-oriented platform. Also, it was so cute and refreshing how truly shocked and happy they were to win. When they came onstage to accept the award, I loved Win just saying in disbelief, "What the hell?" And then at the end, "We're going to play another song now because we like music." Aww. I'm not even the biggest Arcade Fire fan but I felt so proud of them.

As far as the rest of the show went, there wasn't much of note. Gaga's new single is terribly underwhelming and her performance wasn't really anything special either though her voice did sound good. I can't decide if the whole egg thing on the red carpet was brilliant or stupid. I think I'm kind of over her in general right now, unless her album turns out to be spectacular. The performance that surprised me the most was Mumford & Sons/Avett Brothers/Bob Dylan. Bob's voice is basically non-existent at this point but Mumford & Sons were way better than I remember thinking they were and the whole jam session feel of it was very cool. And the only other notable performance was B.o.B/Bruno Mars/Janelle Monae. I don't really care for the first two but Janelle was rocking it as per usual. Also, conveniently ignoring the fact that I can't stand Beyonce, this photo is beyond adorable:

Gah, I was going to supplement this post with a couple awesome .GIFs but Tinypic/my internet connection is being a jerk and won't let me upload them. So, here, have an awesome performance of "We Used to Wait" instead!

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I'm working on prepping my albums of the year list for my music blog right now and it's proving to be a rather tiring task. I finally just got my top twenty ordered how I want to and I think I'm happy with all of the albums I decided to put there. At least I hope I am because I refuse to change it any more; otherwise I'll never be finished. Though I keep discovering albums I should have listened to that I'm just now getting around to checking out. Ugh. But I have to draw the line somewhere. I made one last-minute inclusion that I just fell in love with a week or so ago and it's pretty hard to compare how I feel about an album I just heard versus one I've had for months so I'll just have to deal with it and accept that a year from now, there will be albums I wish I would have put in there that I didn't. So. Yeah. Right now, I am writing all of the little reviews which, I swear, every year I say, "Oh, I'm not going to bother writing long reviews this year. Just a few sentences." But then I start writing and just can't fucking stop! No matter how I try! So I think I'm writing more this year than ever. Even for the fucking honorable mentions! I just can't seem to shut up! Anyway. Hopefully, that will be done before 2010 is too far gone or maybe before it's even ended. But don't count on that, I'll probably procrastinate for at least a couple more weeks.

As I am doing right now by posting another Alpha update, woo! But there hasn't been one in awhile and I'm still impossibly behind (seriously, as soon as I start to catch up to where I am in the game here I get re-obsessed with playing and end up way ahead again) so it's a reasonable form of procrastination. Besides, I already had this stuff all written, I just had to copy and paste all the text and image links in and voila! Finished! I've still got another ready after this too so I might post that in a bit as well. Anyway. Right now, I seriously still have no clue who I'm going to pick for heir! Gah! SPOILER ALERT: I've already decided it will probably be one of the twins but choosing which one is the hard part! I was leaning towards Bree because she's awesome. Then I was leaning towards both of them because Brendan is also awesome. Then I was leaning towards Brendan because Bree found herself a super-boring boyfriend. Now I'm leaning towards both of them again because I found her a better boyfriend. AAAAAHHHH! IT'S SO DIFFICULT!!!

Also, as you can see, I've kind of given up on the "last time" intros because I figure it's just as easy to go back and look at the previous entries. And, besides, no one reads this anyway so it doesn't really matter!

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P.S. This is the most adorable/awesome thing in the entire world, I swear. I love that this part of the song is like an epic indie rock dance party.

Also, these lyrics are not in the part of that song featured in the video but I am so in love with them right now. <3 <3 <3

It seems I got it wrong.
I was chasing after something that was gone
to the black of night.
Now I know it's not what I wanted at all.

And you said something like
All you want is all the world for yourself
But all I want is the perfect love,
Though I know it's small,
I want love for us all.

And not just the lyrics but Sufjan + Shara Worden singing together there, oh my goodness, totally amazing. And also the very end of that song breaks my heart. And "Futile Devices". And the "Oh bathing boy/Amazing you" bit in "All for Myself". And this part in "Vesuvius" - "Sufjan, follow the path, it leads to an article of imminent death/Sufjan, follow your heart, follow the flames or fall on the floor/Sufjan, the panic inside, the murdering ghost that you cannot ignore" - gives me major chills. And also "I'm not fucking around" in "I Want to Be Well". And the "I love you a lot/I love you from the top of my heart" section of "All Delighted People". And and and. And I'm just totally crushing on Sufjan in general right now. Kbai.
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Hello. So. Sorry about the squee-fest last night. Sometimes, I just need to get that sort of thing out and I like to do it here so that when I get around to posting to my music blog it actually sounds semi-professional and not like I'm five years old. I also apologize for this because I'm about to do it again, just for a moment. But this:

When I try to move my arms sometimes,
they weigh too much to lift.
I think you buried me awake
(my one and only parting gift).


And this:

When your helicopter came and tried to lift me out,
I put its rope around my neck
and after that, you didn't bother with the airlift or the rescue;
you knew just what to expect.



Anyway. The actual point of this post is to talk about my latest writing endeavors. Which have been few and far between because the creative portion of my brain seems to be half-dead right now. But I'm trying to work past it. Last night and this morning, I managed to finish the next chapter of my longish-though-I-don't-really-know-how-long story which is here. Granted, it didn't really involve a lot of actual writing, just lots of word-switching and phrase-changing and maybe a few brand new sentences here and there, but I need to ease myself back into the process slowly. Now that I've got that done I'm going to try to do something more substantial. There are a lot of options right now. I still have about three half-finished short stories, along with one I've recently sort of halfheartedly started (I'm not feeling halfhearted about the story itself, just the trying to get down on paper what works so well in my head), not to mention the many ideas I still have sitting around that haven't progressed past a couple sentences. I also have, of course, the major story, which I have lots of bits and pieces of finished but a lot to fill in between those bits. So I've been thinking: next month is National Novel Writing Month and, while I'm not going to promise myself I'll write a whole freaking novel in that time (because I know me and it probably won't happen, especially if I'm forcing it), I think it might be a good idea to use it to progress as far as possible with that story as I can in that time. So, until then, I'm going to try to wrap up some of my less ambitious pieces. Honestly, they really don't need that much more work to be finished; it's just that I get stuck on one particular section and can't seem to get back into the groove again. But I am going to try. Because I hate when I go through these periods of never being able to write. And if I ever want to achieve the pipe dream of being a legitimate, published author someday I definitely have to learn how to force myself to be more disciplined and consistent. So, yes. I should probably wrap this up and go write something proper, shouldn't I?

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OMG, I just read this review of a Sufjan Stevens show from a couple nights ago and was like HOLY CRAP I NEED TO SEE HIM LIVE so I go look at his tour dates and it turns out he was in Michigan FUCKING TONIGHT. WTFFFFFF?!?!?!? I hope he tours more in support of this album because it sounds like it is fucking phenomenal live. And it's basically all I've been listening to with any consistency lately. That and various other Sufjan songs, because I'm still trying to get into his back catalog and really loving some songs, but I'm just not feeling any other album as much as I do the stuff he's released this year. Oh, also, I've been listening a lot to Hospice by the Antlers these past few days. I listened to this last year around when it was released and thought it was insanely boring and couldn't even remember five minutes later what any of it sounded like. But since it seems so universally loved, I decided to check it out again and I had it sitting on my mp3 player and "Sylvia" came up on shuffle and I loved it so I listened to the whole album and now I'm kind of obsessed. Strangely enough, it's not nearly as quiet and reserved and simplistic overall as I remembered it being. And it's ridiculously emotional and devastating. I didn't know that it was all supposed to tell a story before but now that I do, guh, it's so much more depressing. The whole album kind of makes me hurt inside in a really good way. Back to Sufjan, "John Wayne Gacy, Jr." is a song that does that to me as well. It like... actually makes my stomach feel strange and queasy because it's just so upsetting and chilling but it's so damn good that I can't help but subject myself to the horror over and over again. Those last few lines kill me: "And in my best behavior/I am really just like him/Look beneath the floorboards/For the secrets I have hid." HOLY SHIT SO CREEPY. And his falsetto on the "oh my god" and "on the mouth" bits, asdkjfdgklweutgjskldgja, IT KILLS ME, KILLS ME! SUFJAN, HOW ARE YOU SUCH A FUCKING MUSICAL GENIUS?!? Seriously, he is so damn brilliant that he actually makes me love and sing along shamelessly to a song that tells me to "get real, get right with the Lord." I don't agree with it but, fuck it, it's just so ridiculously catchy. Damn, I even love "Djohariah" to death now and the first time I heard it I'm like, "No way am I sitting through about twelve minutes of guitar noodling every time I listen to this EP." But now that looooooong build-up to the part of the song with actual real lyrics seems so epic and cathartic to me that it's like as close to a fucking religious experience that a non-religious person can get. IT'S AMAZING, OKAY?!?

Alrighty then... I am clearly past the point of no return with this obsession because I am using excessive curse words to get across my point and I can't even say one bad thing about any of his music anymore. But I don't even care. IT IS SO GLORIOUS. SUFJAN IS LIKE A MUSICAL GOD AND I DON'T EVEN CARE IF HE WOULD TAKE OFFENSE TO 

Bye now.
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For no other reason than immense boredom, I decided it was time to update this list. I haven't purchased nearly as many CDs in the last year as I have in years past but there are still quite a few additions. And I'm just a nerd with nothing better to do, okay?
... )
Also, I removed the below CDs from that list because I am trying to get rid of them. I do not necessarily dislike all of them now (though that is the case for a lot of them), I just don't like them enough to care whether I have a physical copy. I've transferred them all onto the computer so I don't really need them anymore at this point. So, hey, if you see anything that catches your fancy, you can buy it from me here!
... )
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So... I haven't posted an actual new entry here in awhile. I guess my life has been pretty boring as of late. Not that it isn't always. But guess what? I actually did something interesting this week. I saw Lydia on Thursday night! I'll be honest, for the past couple weeks, I've been kind of wondering if it would even be worth it since the band has basically disintegrated by now (only Leighton and Craig are left; they had two random dudes playing keys and bass for them) and I was afraid that because of that, I would be disappointed. But I knew if I didn't go I would end up regretting it down the line; even though I would have liked to see them under more ideal circumstances, with most of the band still intact, seeing them this way would still be way better than never seeing them. And, actually, it ended up being totally awesome anyway. Truthfully, I didn't even really think about how I would have liked Mindy (or anyone else) to be there at all except before/after the fact because I didn't find myself missing her much during the performance itself. It was still spectacular without her. But I'll get to all that later.

Cut because there's lots of pictures and rambling ahead. )
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This song is amazing. I can't get enough of it right now. It's so much fun and the vocals are insane. That scream that lasts about twenty seconds at the end? Ridiculous.

This is also another one I love. It's just so catchy and about seven thousand times better and more original than anything on the radio right now.

I think this girl is pretty fierce. She seems so creative and smart and confident. I wasn't sure I would like her music at first but it's kind of addictive. Okay, extremely addictive. "Many Moons" is also fucking spectacular. I posted that one yesterday on my music blog if you want to hear it. Her fast songs are also very good for pumping me up during workouts, I've discovered in the past couple of days. They just make me want to get up and bounce and flail all over the place.

Speaking of, I somehow managed to lose five pounds last week, according to our scale anyway. I checked twice just to make sure. I did exercise quite a bit more and ate less junk (but still ate some) but I didn't think it would make that big of a difference. But it was a nice surprise after staying the same last week. Now I'm going to try and repeat these results this week. As long as I don't gain any I'll be happy though.

Okay, now I'm going to go watch the newest episode of Doctor Who which I, amazingly, haven't gotten around to yet. Then I'm going to watch some Daria, probably, because I got the DVD set today, yay! Also, I'm very stoked because it only cost me $27.99. See, I originally purchased it at $44.99 but then Amazon drastically reduced the price for about five minutes on the release date and I got a $17 refund. Sweeeeet! That's a super-great price for a 5-season/2-movie DVD set. So I'm happy it didn't end up costing me an arm and a leg.
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The new Nina Nastasia album is blowing my mind right now and the best part is that it's completely unexpected. I've been kind of over Nina for two or three years now - and probably haven't listened to her at all in at least a year - mostly because her last couple of albums didn't impress me much. When I read that her new one, Outlaster, would be very orchestral that got me more excited than I would have been otherwise because some of my favorite songs of hers have always been the ones with lots of strings. Well, it leaked not long ago (speaking of leaks, it seems like everything is leaking right now; I have a ton of albums I need to listen to) so, naturally, because I have no willpower (and because I was still only vaguely interested), I downloaded it. The first time through nothing much stood out, probably because I was pre-occupied with something else at the time. But last night, I listened to it again and it just blew me away and now I can't stop listening to it. It's easily the best thing she's done which is pretty impressive six albums in. A lot of artists, once they have that many releases under their belt, seem to settle and stick to what they're good at without ever branching out much, therefore becoming rather bland and tiresome. Based on her last two albums (which, admittedly, I haven't listened to in ages and might feel completely differently about now), I thought that had happened to Nina. Though this album is essentially very typical of her and not too drastically different, it's like everything has been amped up times ten which is what makes it so amazing. I've always found myself wishing she would do more with her music: more twisted melodies, more strings, more emotion in her voice - and she finally has. Speaking of her voice, holy shit, when did she become this huge, passionate belter?!? Seriously. Though her voice is charming and perfectly suited to the folk-y kind of music she makes, I've never thought it was particularly strong or versatile. Turns out she was just holding out on us this whole time. Majorly. Girlfriend's voice on this album is insane. Especially on "This Familiar Way," which is the album's clear standout, not just for her incredible vocals but the strings are also ridiculous and the melody is so deliciously dark and kind of sensual at the same time. And she doesn't only let loose on that one song. It's the entire album - other songs like "What's Out There," "Wakes," and "One Way Out," they're so surprisingly potent and aggressive and full of emotion. I'm honestly awestruck. Now I think I'm going to go have a listening party with her older stuff. It's been too long since I've listened to it.
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A couple nights ago, I dreamed that Lady Gaga died. Then, last night, I dreamed that it was all just a huge publicity stunt. The weirdest part isn't that I was dreaming about Gaga but that I could totally imagine her doing something like that in real life. Haha. Also weird is that I actually remembered because usually my dreams begin to fade shortly after I wake up until I can only remember the vaguest bits and pieces of them.

Anyway, I really wanted to talk about the new She & Him album here. I like to blabber on randomly about music I like here first because it makes it easier to write proper, better-articulated reviews for my music blog. So... I think the album is completely amazing. And I think I may have actually decided that it's better than Volume One which is something I didn't think I would be able to say. I adore that album so much that it's probably one of the few albums from a couple years ago that I still play regularly. Based on "In the Sun," which is cute and catchy but a little low on substance, I wasn't sure Volume Two would live up to that. But it totally does! I feel like Zooey's voice is much more confident and versatile on this record and her melodies are also more varied and less predictable - for example, I don't think she could have written a song like "Home" a few years ago because it's got so many interesting twists in melody. The only thing I feel is slightly downgraded here are the lyrics though they weren't exactly the strongest part of Volume One either so it's not really a problem for me. Overall, though, the album's got a much fuller and more self-assured sound to it. Volume One will always hold a special place in my heart but I can most definitely make room for Two as well.

As far as specific songs go... I love pretty much all of them. "Thieves" and "Lingering Still" I already knew were amazing from live performances and they transfer flawlessly to the studio, benefiting from an added layer of backing vocals from Zooey that aren't possible live. By the way, I think her real genius is in creating background vocal melodies and arrangements because typically I don't pay attention to them so much but hers are always so interesting and just as vital to the song as the main vocal line. "Don't Look Back" and "Over It Over Again" are two of my very favorites for this exact reason. Also, they're so much fun, like in "Don't Look Back" when her voice goes really low and then Matt kicks in with this surfer-esque guitar before the chorus and the adorable, shouted vocals in "Over It Over Again" which is just an adorable, terribly infectious song in general (just the opening piano melody and the way Zooey delivers the first line, "Why do I always wanna sock it to you hard?" already put a huge smile on my face). At this very moment, though, I'm all about "Ridin' in My Car". I'm generally kind of indifferent to covers, particularly when they're put on a proper full-length album, because I'd almost always rather hear another original song instead. That's how I felt about the covers on One; I do like them quite a bit but, if pressed, I would have to admit they're the weakest link for me. But both covers here are completely brilliant and perfectly Zooey-fied. I can't get over how fucking amazing she sounds on "Ridin' in My Car" - as much as I don't have a problem (as many people seem to) with Zooey's cutesy, more affected vocals, I love this song mostly because it's completely devoid of them; she just sounds so clear and effortless and flawless and perfect. Her backing vocals during Matt's verses make me melt they're so lovely. I enjoy the slower, more sparse songs - "Me and You," "Brand New Shoes" - for similar reasons. The instrumentation is pulled back and her vocals just shine and sound so natural and pure and full of emotion in a really subtle way. Also, the closer, "If You Can't Sleep," is just Zooey singing the lyrics over layers of her wordless harmonizing and is basically divine. I really love "Sing" too even though the line about watching Cribs is kind of cringe-worthy; it's just got a really gorgeous, understated yet memorable quality to it. Basically, yes, the whole thing is great. Even the bonus tracks are great! The iTunes bonus, "I Knew It Would Happen That Way," is a perfect two minutes of beautiful, melancholy vintage pop and the b-side to "In the Sun," a cover of "I Can Hear Music," is so sunny and joyous and lovely. Everything is lovely lovely lovely. I have such a girl crush on Zooey is basically what all of this rambling amounts to.
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Those shoes make my feet hurt just looking at them, Jesus Christ. I'm not feeling this yellow hair phase she's going through right now and I'm not really into her makeup lately either (it makes her look kind of old and harsh) but I just love her ridiculous style. It's far more interesting than the rest of the standard red carpet dresses anyway. That first dress is kick-ass.

Besides Godga, the Grammys were boring as shit. She was the first to perform and I knew it was going to go all downhill from there but for some reason, I watched the entire show anyway. I'm a masochist, apparently. Most of the performances were so bad, OMG. Black Eyed Peas. Jamie Foxx. Blech. And I can't believe that both of them are actually Grammy winners (I think I actually hate that fucking "Blame It" song more than any BEP songs now that I think about it) - not that being a Grammy winner actually means much these days but whatev, it still makes me want to vomit. The only other performance that impressed me was Pink. Beyonce was a hot mess. As usual. PRAISE GODGA.

Also, this is the cutest thing ever, okay?

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Last time: Caleb was having second thoughts about fatherhood... but that's just too bad because May was already pregnant with their second child, Camilla. Meanwhile, the last of generation nine, Lena and Remy grew up into a lesbian tomboy and a tanorexic vixen-in-training, respectively, before they were shipped off to college. Then there was some more growing up, this time of the generation ten kids. <INSERT CUTEST CHILDREN EVER COMMENT HERE> And then there was an attempted robbery but thanks to the kickass police force of Bougainvillea he only made it about two steps inside the house. Still, Henry continued the family trend of being full of wussy manbabies by having an emotional breakdown anyway.

Can you tell that I've really been half-assing these last few Newbury installments? It's kind of because I just want to get them out of the way and start something new already. And also because these pictures all feel like they happened a lifetime ago. Anyway, as far as that starting something new goes, I was just going to start another legacy but, the thing is, I've been making a lot of random Sims lately and now I'm attached to all of them and it would be impossible for me to decide which to use! So... I think I'm going to just, like, make a few different households with different story trajectories in mind for all of them and kind of follow the whole neighborhood with less focus on a single family. We'll see how that works. Do you want a preview of some of the Sims that will occupy it? Yes? Okay!
Gah. I kind of don't even want to go back to the Newburys now. But I will. I don't even have much more to play through before they're over. I will miss them but I AM SO EXCITED FOR NEW SIMS! I have a lot more than the ones above but, naturally, they are SURPRISES! Okay, I am going to go upload more Newbury pics and maybe post another entry tonight.

IN OTHER NEWS, THIS NEW OWEN PALLETT RECORD IS FUCKING EPIC! Seriously. I like it about ten billion times more than anything else I've heard by him. It is amazing! The last three songs especially are, like, the most flawless, beautiful, breathtaking trio ever. OMG. I CAN HARDLY STAND IT. FUCK.
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Let me rant for a second. I fucking hate how small userpics have to be now. And also how, even when I resize it to the exact dimensions in Photoshop, still feels the need to compress the file all to hell so the picture looks ugly and pixelated. Grr. I haven't changed mine since before these restrictions were in place and now I know why. I finally got one to look decent but it wasn't even the picture I wanted to use in the first place. Fuck you,

In other news, went shopping today and spent more Christmas money than I had planned to but I guess it's good not to just buy books and CDs all the time (even though I'm going to buy some of those too, how can I not?!?). Anyway, I got some socks because mine always seem to disappear into thin air on me. Seriously. And also a new coat because I've had the same one for, like, five years now. It's a peacoat like my old one but shorter and red and black tartan patterned. And it was half off. Woo! And I got (500) Days of Summer on DVD. So stoked to watch it again! Though I'm kinda disappointed there are hardly any bonus features. WTF?!? There was so much stuff they could've put on there - I know Zooey and Joe did a bunch of promo-type stuff when it came out like interviews, and that Sid & Nancy thing, and that "Why Do You Let Me Stay Here?" music video. WHY IS NONE OF THAT ON THERE?!? And I also bought a new pair of shoes. They are so hot. They were also very on sale, I wouldn't have gotten them otherwise, and here is a picture I found online!

Eeee! I cannot actually walk very well in high heels but I am going to get better, okay? They're also going to kill my feet but, come on, sometimes you have to sacrifice for the sake of fashion, right? THE IMPORTANT THING IS THEY LOOK GOOD!

One negative aspect of the shopping trip though: the bookstore that I go to a lot (pretty much the only one that's less than an hour away) has downsized for whatever reason and now the store is only half the size that it used to be which means less books - and they didn't really have a fantastic selection in the first place so now all they've got is, like, Nicholas Sparks and Twilight and shit like that. So depressing. I guess I'm going to have to do all of my book-shopping online now because I don't get to make the 1.5 hour trek to Barnes & Noble very often. It's probably better for my budget that way because I usually buy them used but still, the feeling of buying one in person, holding it in your hands, is so not the same!

Umm... what else? The new Los Campesinos! album is pretty fucking ace. Pretty much the whole thing has grown on me now. "In Medias Res" is basically the most beautiful, amazing thing ever and it's really hard for me to actually get past that to listen to the rest. I love the part after the glockenspiel solo (which is so typically LC! by the way) where it abruptly gets all dark and creepy and slow. It sounds very much like Xiu Xiu but, um, actually good because, for the most part, Xiu Xiu makes my ears bleed. And the lyrics: "Drag my corpse to the airport/Lay me limp on the left wing/Drop me at the highest point and trace a line around the dent I leave in the ground/That'll be the initial of the one you will marry now I'm not around." I'm torn between finding that a. worryingly morbid, b. strangely romantic, or c. ridiculously depressing. And it's got strings and brass and just, gah, so good and so much growth from their first album.

I also loooove "We've Got Your Back" and "I Warned You: Do Not Make an Enemy of Me" and "This Is a Flag. There Is No Wind" ("CAN WE ALL PLEASE JUST CALM THE FUCK DOWN?!?") and "Coda: A Burn Scar in the Shape of the Sooner State" - that last one is just a gorgeous, gorgeous, albeit far too brief track and closes the album perfectly. I also really like "Who Fell Asleep In" but Gareth's voice is just really far in the front of the mix and it sounds kind of jarring at times, like it doesn't fit with the actual melody of the song, but I think that's probably intentional. I like it more every time I hear it though. And I adore this part of the lyrics: "In a note I read, 'If you should go blind and deaf/I'll cleanse and I'll bathe you and I'll cook for you daily/I will take a dry ballpoint pen and trace on your chest/All of the same conversations that we have now in bed.'" Sweet, right? But then he says in response, "I don't mean to be selfish/But I think I'd sooner just be dead" and I LOL. Also, "Straight in at 101" is great and hilarious: "I think we need more post-coital and less post-rock/Feels like the build-up takes forever but you never touch my cock." Brilliant. And I love the end bit lyrically ("I phoned my friends and family to gather 'round the television/The Talking Heads count down the most heart-wrenching break-ups of all time/Imagine the great sense of waste, the indignity, the embarrassment/When not a single one of that whole century was mine") but Gareth singing a cappella makes me cringe; he just doesn't have the voice to pull it off. And, well, anyway, the whole thing is pretty great. The only tracks I could completely do without are the pointless interludes and the title track and "Plan A" are just okay - I actually loved that one the first time I listened but it's kind of grating in excess; it's really good if you're feeling super angsty and like you want to scream at the top of your lungs though.

One more thing. Also relating to LC!. Everyone should be forced to watch the tour videos they have posted on Vimeo. They're hilarious. I especially enjoyed Lolz in America (Part Two). The alternate life bits had me seriously laughing ridiculously hard. Especially the one regarding Ollie. OMG. Amazing. And now I will shut up.


Dec. 8th, 2009 03:42 pm
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I have been posting way too much lately about absolutely nothing but SERIOUSLY. I JUST HAPPENED UPON THIS NEWS AND I THINK I AM SERIOUSLY HYPERVENTILATING HERE!!!

She & Him Announce Volume Two
When you name your first album Volume One, coming up with a title for your second album is fairly easy. And Zooey Deschanel and M. Ward are not about to ruin a good thing. She & Him's Volume Two is due March 23 on Merge.
The record contains 13 songs, including covers of NRBQ's peppy-but-sad "Ridin' in My Car" and 50s/60s country-pop starlet Skeeter Davis's "Gonna Get Along Without You". One of the new originals, "In the Sun", features guest vocals from indie-pop group Tilly and the Wall. In a recent interview, Zooey said a She & Him tour is also in the works for 2010.

Volume Two:

01 Thieves
02 In the Sun [ft. Tilly and the Wall]
03 Don't Look Back
04 Ridin' in My Car (NRBQ cover)
05 Lingering Still
06 Me and You
07 Gonna Get Along Without You (Skeeter Davis cover)
08 Home
09 I'm Gonna Make It Better
10 Sing
11 Over It Over Again
12 Brand New Shoes
13 If You Can't Sleep

EEEEEEEEE!!!! "LINGERING STILL"! I am most excited for that because I looooove it from live performances. And I'm guessing "Thieves" = "Thieves Among Us" which is another great new song they've already played several times. Also, TILLY AND THE WALL!!! THIS IS GOING TO BE EPIC!!!! I want it to be March right now. I seriously cannot wait. I guess I will have to make do (or is it due? do makes more sense to me) with Zooey's guest appearance on Bones Thursday night. I am excited for that too!

One more thing...


That is all. I just had to get that out of my system.
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Go to your charts, and find your overall top 20 albums. Now list your favorite and least favorite track from each album. (And least favorite in most of these albums' cases means "still pretty awesome", just for the record.)

1. Neko Case – Middle Cyclone
Best track: "This Tornado Loves You"
Worst track: "Don't Forget Me"

2. Lydia – This December; It's One More and I'm Free
Best track: "A Story for Supper"
Worst track: "...When the Ghosts Make Love Again" but since that's an instrumental which I often forget even exists and therefore doesn't seem like a fair choice, "Fools and Luxury"

3. Jenny Lewis – Acid Tongue
Best track: "Bad Man's World"
Worst track: "Sing a Song for Them" (I would say "Carpetbaggers" but it's actually a great song minus Elvis Costello)

4. 1997 – Notes From Underground
Best track: "#3"
Worst track: "Candle"

5. Grammatics – Grammatics
Best track: "Polar Swelling"
Worst track: "Rosa Flood"

6. Copeland – You Are My Sunshine
Best track: "The Day I Lost My Voice (The Suitcase Song)"
Worst track: "Strange and Unprepared"

7. Jeniferever – Spring Tides
Best track: "St. Gallen"
Worst track: "Lives Apart"

7. Stars – Set Yourself on Fire
Best track: "Your Ex-Lover Is Dead"
Worst track: "He Lied About Death"

9. 1997 – A Better View of the Rising Moon
Best track: "Droppin' Dimes" (though I'm partial to "In Your Car" at this specific moment in time)
Worst track: "Lovelikepoetry"

10. Now It's Overhead – Now It's Overhead
Best track: "A Skeleton on Display"
Worst track: "6th Grade Roller" (I love you, Andy, but WTF is this mess?)

11. The Anniversary – Designing a Nervous Breakdown
Best track: "Till We Earned a Holiday"
Worst track: "Hart Crane"

12. Yeah Yeah Yeahs – It's Blitz!
Best track: "Runaway"
Worst track: "Shame and Fortune"

13. The Decemberists – The Hazards of Love
Best track: "The Wanting Comes in Waves/Repaid"
Worst track: "Isn't It a Lovely Night?"

14. Mandy Moore – Amanda Leigh
Best track: "Nothing Everything"
Worst track: "Everblue"

15. Asobi Seksu – Citrus
Best track: "Nefi+Girly"
Worst track: "Pink Cloud Tracing Paper" (I really dislike James Hanna's voice)

16. Los Campesinos! – We Are Beautiful, We Are Doomed
Best track: "You'll Need Those Fingers for Crossing"
Worst track: "The End of the Asterisk" (far less superior retread of "My Year in Lists", IMO)

17. Stars – In Our Bedroom After the War
Best track: "Take Me to the Riot"
Worst track: "The Ghost of Genova Heights" (I despise this song, to be quite honest)

18. Lydia – Illuminate
Best track: MMMmmmmmm.... "Stay Awake" though I really love most of the album equally
Worst track: "A Fine Evening for a Rogue"

19. Now It's Overhead – Fall Back Open
Best track: "Reverse"
Worst track: "Profile"

19. No Doubt – Return of Saturn
Best track: "Too Late"
Worst track: "Magic's in the Makeup" or "Marry Me", both are pretty gag-worthy

I would elaborate more on my choices because it is almost physically painful for me to list things without explaining myself but I'm tired and need to go to bed. Also, this list seems really skewed to albums that were released this year but's album charts have always been pretty fucked up anyway.

Real quickly, two more music-related notes:

WHERE HAS BEACH HOUSE BEEN ALL MY LIFE?!? OR, MORE ACCURATELY, WHERE HAD MY GOOD PAIR OF EARS DISAPPEARED TO WHEN LISTENING TO THEM IN THE PAST?!? SPECIFICALLY DEVOTION. (I will stop with the caps now.) Because, within the span of a week at most, it has seriously become one of my favorite albums ever. So fucking perfect and beautiful and... gah. I'm in love. I have a tag on titled "i want to marry this voice" and there is no voice that more perfectly encompasses that statement than Victoria Legrand's.

Also, I've spent the night simultaneously squeeing and marveling over this video. (Shut up, I will link to my other pointless journal instead of Youtube if I want to!) IT IS SO BADASS! Also, he is the most fucking adorable little thing. I just want to squish him or put him in my pocket or both. So cute.
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"And then I have a new [She & Him] record coming out in the spring. It's official. It's done and being released in the spring. And we're going to go on tour."

OMG OMG OMG HYPERVENTILATING OVER HERE! 2010 is going to be a kick ass year judging by the releases I already know are coming out. Of course, I don't really prescribe to the theory that a certain year is a "bad" year because it's always possible to find amazing music; you just have to be willing to search for it.

And this news seems to be a perfect opportunity to indulge in that Zooey picspam I promised awhile ago, yes?

Somehow, I managed to cull 500-some photos down into 24. I don't know how I managed that. It was very difficult.


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