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Oh my God, I spent all last night on Youtube, seriously. Mostly watching every single (relevant) video that was labeled as Now It's Overhead or Andy LeMaster. I'd seen a lot of them before and 70% of them are terrible quality but I thought they might have somehow miraculously gotten better or something. I did find a few things I'd never seen though. Then I switched to Maria Taylor and Bright Eyes and Azure Ray performances. Here are the highlights of my night, so that I can find them again later if I should ever want to.

"Surrender." How have I never seen this one?!? It's so high-quality! I only wish there were other songs from this same set.

"Wonderful Scar." I actually think I like this better than the album version. Andy's vocals sound better.

"Type A."


This one might be my favorite "new" discovery of the night (as in I'd never watched it before). Maria and Andy are too adorable. <333 "Cartoons and Forever Plans."

"Song Beneath the Song."

This video has so few views! Probably because the title/description is foreign so no one knows what it is. I almost didn't watch it for that very reason. Anyway, kind of awkward and short but Maria's answer is so cute and I've never actually seen any type of video interview with Andy before. If only there was more to it! And, uh, I've never heard of the third guy in this so moving on...

Oh my God, so random and dorky but so adorable.

Bright Eyes performing "Jejune Stars" a few days ago on Letterman. Not really Andy-heavy but, you know, he's there! Playing the bass and being awesome in the background! (Is it wrong that I wish the Bright Eyes show in Michigan wasn't sold out 85% for the reason that Andy will probably be there? But, you know, I like Conor too! Except these shirts he's been wearing recently, WTF.)

Bonus baby Conor! "At the Bottom of Everything" before I'm Wide Awake It's Morning even came out. Seriously, he looks so young here! And his little dedication at the beginning of the song makes me chuckle.

Alright, I'm done now. I also watched the Bright Eyes bits from the Spend an Evening with Saddle Creek documentary and though Andy's tiny interview parts in those are probably 75% of the time he gets throughout the whole thing, I'm getting it next from Netflix anyway. I can't believe I've never thought about watching it before considering how many Saddle Creek bands I listen to!
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So, as I mentioned, I saw Maria Taylor on Sunday night. I think I am sufficiently recovered enough from the fact that I didn't get home until 3:30(!) in the morning and just the general awesomeness of the show now to talk about it a bit.

First of all, the doors were supposed to open at nine (which is ridiculous by the way) and, being that things can never happen on time, didn't actually open until after nine-thirty. And it was pouring rain the entire time. So we sat in the car for more than an hour waiting because I didn't want to get wet. Fun times. Then the show probably didn't start until at least ten, probably later. The first opening act was some local girl whose name is spelled Hana and pronounced "henna" and her voice sounded almost exactly like The Hush Sound's Greta on Goodbye Blues, seriously. Anyway, she was alright but nothing special and only sang about five songs. Thank God because I wasn't expecting there to be more than one opener in the first place and I just wanted to see Maria!

So then it was time for the Whispertown 2000. I have to admit, I probably wouldn't have gone to this if they weren't opening because I love Maria but not quite enough to warrant driving six hours there and back for her alone - but since I love this band too it made the drive more worth it. And they were pretty fucking awesome. Morgan is so adorable and kept babbling incoherently about nothing in particular between songs. And she and Vanesa both sounded amazing. And Tod was hot. And on a less shallow note, played some really kickass guitar solos. And Casey... well, I didn't pay much attention to him during their set but he was rather amusing later on. So let's see, they played:

Lock and Key
Old Times
Erase the Lines
Pushing Oars
Ebb and Flow
Firecracker (new song)
Time Will Welcome Anything (new song)
From the Start/Jamboree

Roughly in that order. The middle few might be off a bit but the first and last three were in that order. Anyway, I was so excited for "Ebb and Flow" and "Erase the Lines" because they are my favorites on the new album and they didn't disappoint. And the two new songs were also fantastic. For the last two songs, Maria's band came onstage with them (they asked Maria to as well but she didn't sadly) and "From the Start/Jamboree" was especially fucking insanely awesome. They could've played one or two more songs from their first album but it was great anyway.


So then I decided to buy merch between their set and Maria's. Maria had an extremely disappointing t-shirt selection: one was just grey and said Maria Taylor in a really boring font on the front, another was some bland color I don't remember exactly and said Savannah Drive in the same font as on the EP, and the third had a little tiny bird on the front and said Maria Taylor on the back (grey again). I didn't really like any of them but I wanted to support her so I got the third one because at least it had some sort of picture on it and I hate shirts that are only text. She also had button packs. Which I should have gotten but didn't. And I also got a Whispertown t-shirt and Swim. And guess what? I had them sign it! Which was exciting.

The uber-cute message in red is from Morgan; I have no idea if that little squiggly line is supposed to be her signature but if it is, whoa, that does not even form letters. The big thank you is from Vanesa (who is so pretty, by the way). And the one on Casey's head is Casey (duh) which is actually legible if it wasn't written on top of the picture. Tod was onstage setting up for Maria because he played with her too. I guess I could've found him at the end and had him sign it but, whatever, I was tired and ready to go home. (He was so sexy, though, oh my God. In fact, Maria's entire band was really good-looking. I was trying to focus only on Maria but between her hot keyboard player [who also did most of the background vocals; I, of course, would have preferred Andy LeMaster but this guy actually kinda sounded like him and did a good job on his parts anyway] and Tod it was very hard.) Anyway. Yeah, they were all super-nice and I couldn't think of much to say but it was cool anyway.

Maria came on while I was still talking to them so I kinda missed "Ladyluck" but that's okay because it's not one of my favorite songs. Despite the fact that I didn't get out on the floor until her first song was over, I was still pretty much on top of the stage. Seriously, there were not that many people there at all. The place definitely wasn't even close to capacity-full and it was kind of sad; I would've thought she'd draw a larger audience than that. It was also kind of cool for selfish reasons though because I got to be super-close and it wasn't all crammed and sweaty so that was nice. I really wish I had thought to bring a camera because I would've been able to get some pretty good pictures (even with my shitty photography skills).

Anyway, the music? Oh yeah, it was amazing, predictably. The songs sound so much more alive than they do on record. I mean, I love her records (well, sorta like Ladyluck) but they're really restrained and calm, even in the most upbeat or loudest parts. They were totally rocking live though. Especially "Xanax" - which was every bit as kickass as I was expecting it to be - and "Song Beneath the Song"; they closed with that one and everyone came up onstage and it was just one big jam session. Her voice also sounded flawless and much more commanding and intense than on the albums, especially on the songs from 11:11 and on the choruses of "Replay" which she got really into. A few songs into the set, Casey from Whispertown came over and stood at the side of the stage and he was being really obnoxious and loud between songs (not in an annoying way though; he was hilarious) and generally bugging Maria and she kept cracking up during the slow songs and having to start over. At one point, she made him go hide in the corner so that she could get through one without laughing. And then she said, "Casey actually doesn't drink if you can believe it" and at the end, when they all came up, he put his hat on her and it was super-cute. She also kept almost hitting her guitar player in the head which was funny. And talked about how the night before she and Morgan had decided that they were going to tour with each other forever because they loved it so much and then they drank so much that the show was terrible. And she was just generally extremely adorable. And also, she is really really tiny in person! Like Jenny Lewis levels of tiny. And sooooo beautiful. Anyway, setlist, not in order at all except the first three songs and the last song:

No Stars
Clean Getaway
Time Lapse Lifeline
Birmingham 1982
A Good Start
My Favorite Love
Cartoons and Forever Plans
Speak Easy
Song Beneath the Song

I think that's all. Which isn't very much. She wasn't on very long and she didn't do an encore. But other than the shortness of her set, it was perfect. Oh and also, she dedicated "Birmingham 1982" to Casey which was basically the most awkward thing ever because he was making lovey-dovey motions to her during the chorus and cracking her up. Then she said how she dedicated it to her sister once before and how that was even more awkward. So the drummer joked about her being from Alabama and incest and she was like, "I am from 'Bama" and it was so fucking cute. And doesn't make much sense when I try to explain it.

So then I waited around for awhile and ended up talking to her for about five seconds because she seemed in a hurry and it was already so late. I've kind of blacked out on everything I said but it wasn't much and basically amounted to "I love you so much! You were so good!" Stuff like that. But she was really nice and gave me a hug and signed my ticket stub (because that's all I had; I didn't think about having something for her to sign until that moment). So yay! And then we got out of there. And got home at 3:30. The End.


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This is amazing.

This sounds so perfect and so similar to the album version it's scary. That crazy high part at the end absolutely kills me. Like, the first few times I listened to it, I just could not convince myself that the same person was singing that part and the rest of the song. I still can't quite wrap my head around it even if this video is proof. And he does it so effortlessly! He's not even straining just a little bit to reach these super high notes and it's insane! I just love this song. And I love being obsessed with new bands. I just bought their latest EP and album for $12 with no shipping and you should too. Apparently, they are putting out a new record this year and I am very excited. They're so good. (I should really be posting this to my music blog but whatever; I just posted a song of theirs there... I've got to wait a few days or something before I do another.)

However, as much as I love their music, I'm trying really hard not to care that they're a Christian band. I mean, good music is good music and all and it doesn't really bother me that they're religious because it's not like they're all "GOD GOD GOD" in every song. But then I found this and it scared me. As do some of those reviews. But that's from a few years ago. And they don't seem so Jesus-freak-y to me anymore from what I've seen. So I'm trying not to be judgmental. Because they are a really good band regardless of that.

And also, the resemblance isn't there at all in promo band pictures or when you look at his face full-on, but the lead singer, Wes, is totally reminding me of Leighton from Lydia. See, he doesn't look like him here (top left). But here and here there is definitely at least a small resemblance. The similarities are in stage presence mostly - like posture and shit, I guess. But also he has almost the same haircut in those pictures. The second one especially - oh my God, Leighton, is that you?!? Seriously. I tried to find a good picture of him for comparison but I don't really have one saved though I swear I've seen one with a similar pose or something. But anyway, I got kind of sidetracked in my quest:

Damn. He is so beautiful. *drools all over keyboard*

Ahem... here's some Mindy for good measure, too. I can't talk about the beautiful people in Lydia without mentioning her, of course.

Okay, enough shallowness.

Have I mentioned I am hopefully seeing them live next month? I don't really know yet but if I don't I think I'll kill myself, no joke. Okay, maybe I'm joking but seriously, they are the only band I am absolutely dying to see right now. And I've already missed them on at least three (well, actually two because they ended up dropping out of one) occasions in the past year. And this is headlining! Or co-headlining, I guess, but it's still so much better than supporting so I absolutely have to go! Anyway. Yes. That is my mission currently. I'm also seeing Maria Taylor (and the Whispertown 2000) on Sunday, holla! I haven't been to a show since May of last year. Rilo Kiley. Good times. The word is they're putting out an album of rarities. I don't even care that this could be seen as another sign of their demise or that it will likely be all songs I've already heard; I am just uber-excited.

Here's another video before I go!

Peace out. (That was stupid. I will never say that again, k?)


Feb. 27th, 2009 11:08 pm
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So I got this really weird urge to be obsessive over Andy LeMaster today and I looked up all of the Bright Eyes albums on Wikipedia to see which songs he sang backing vocals on because I am nuts. AND WTF HE SINGS THE ENTIRE SECOND VERSE OF "THE CITY HAS SEX". HOW DID I NOT KNOW THIS?!? I mean, he sounds kind of different because the song's all angsty and stuff, but aahhhhh... I found this insanely exciting. I probably just didn't realize because it's been ages since I last listened to that song. Anyway. That's my awesome discovery of the day.

EDIT: ALSO "FOUR WINDS". CONOR + MARIA + ANDY HARMONIZING = EAR ORGASM. I've listened to this song seven billion times and never realized, though. But I guess most of those were before I really knew/cared about Andy. Though some random dude I've never seen before pretending to sing his part in the video = lame. I had to re-watch it just now to make sure he wasn't in it and I was pretty sure he wasn't, but was secretly hoping he would be. It would've made it so much better, you know?

Speaking of Andy, the new Maria Taylor album seems pretty good so far - I haven't listened to it much yet and it seems kind of boring at times, but this is nothing new with her - her music's never exactly been very energetic or exciting. But it sure is pretty. Is it wrong that my favorite songs are the ones that he sings BV on? God, I am so sad. But seriously. "It's Time" sort of sounds like a Now It's Overhead song on Valium and with Maria on lead vocals. And "Cartoons and Forever Plans" is basically the cutest thing ever. But the album needs more Andy. I know this is ridiculous to say because it's Maria's album but whatever. It's true. Really, though, Andy just needs to put out something new himself because his voice is like drugs to me, okay? NEED MOAR.

And oh yeah, the new Yeah Yeah Yeahs album is totally spectacular to me - like, genius if you want the truth. It's probably pissing off all the people who are like "MAKE ANOTHER FEVER TO TELL!!111!" but I think it could actually turn out to be my favorite of theirs. It is totally synthtastic which I adore. And it has no bad songs. There is one that I feel "meh" about but it's far from terrible. And two that I just think are "good". But 7/10 fucking spectacular songs is pretty impressive. I'm just blown away by it. And the production is fucking immense. There are so many layers.

God, this is already a really good year music-wise. Anyway, this was just to gush and go insane over my little discovery. So I'll stop before I sound like even more of a psycho.


Feb. 20th, 2009 10:51 pm
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The new Neko Case record is so fucking amazing. I listened to it last night really loud on headphones while lying in bed and I just felt like it was pulsing all throughout my body; it was this totally indescribable feeling. It feels kind of long because Fox Confessor was so short but I seriously love every song in its own way and wouldn't cut any of them. When Fox Confessor first came out, I was obsessed with it for a really long time and I still think it's pretty damn near perfect so I really wasn't expecting her to match its brilliance, but she undoubtedly has. I can't say yet whether I'll like Middle Cyclone better or not in the long run but they are at least equals. It amazes me how consistently great this woman's music has been for the past few years. My favorite song right now is "This Tornado Loves You" - God, what a perfect opener and just a perfect song in general. That first "What will make you believe me?" at the end just kills me; it's the total embodiment of all that is awesome about Neko's voice and it gives me chills.

Also, I'm obsessed with the final verse of the title track:

It was so clear to me
that it was almost invisible.
I lie 'cross the path waiting
just for a chance to be
a spiderweb trapped in your lashes.
For that, I would trade you my empire for ashes.
But I choke it back,
how much I need love.

That is just so heartbreaking and beautiful beyond words. The lyrics on this album are amazing, like waaaaay impressive. Definitely my favorite album of the year so far and I'm guessing it'll remain pretty high up there. There is a lot of good stuff coming out this year though - Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Maria Taylor, St. Vincent... well, those are the ones I'm mainly excited for but there are probably about a million more. Also, apparently Tori Amos' new album is called Abnormally Addicted to Sin which is really clunky and cheesy-sounding but at the same time, completely different from the rest of her recent album titles. I don't know. I've given up getting excited for new stuff from her - then I guess I'll just be even more impressed if it ends up actually being great, but I'm not expecting anything at this point.

And one last thing, new Maria Taylor video. Omagah, this girl is so freaking cute. As is Neely Jenkins. And Morgan Nagler. And all three of them together in the same video wearing pretty dresses and smashing things. Basically, it kicks complete ass. And oh yeah, the song's amazing as well.

ALSO ALSO I need this video now! And also new music would be nice. Actually, I'm willing to wait as long as it takes for them to make something new as long as it's as good as Illuminate - it's just very hard.

Leighton is so sexy, my goodness. And Mindy is beautiful. <3 <3 <3 I really wish they were coming here on their headlining tour but, as usual, it is not meant to be. :( They are, like, the one band I would do anything to see live right now. Everyone else I could care less about in comparison. K, bye.
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I haven't posted an actual new entry since the beginning of the month so here is a brief bulleted list of random things that are on my mind right now:

  • My Best of '08 list can be found here. I'm rather happy with it as of right now. Let's see how I feel in a year.
  • I've been updating my ongoing list of things I've read, watched, and listened to this year regularly so check that out if you're interested in my opinions on things like that.
  • So now that I'm done with '08 albums, I'm already onto '09 ones. I've kind of downloaded a bunch and not kept most of them after one listen because they weren't really things I thought I would like much in the first place but I have found one gem so far: A Camp's Colonia. It is Nina Persson from the Cardigans' solo/side project and this is her second release and it is so so so beautiful. "Golden Teeth and Silver Medals" came up on shuffle a week or so ago and I fell so in love that I was afraid to listen to the rest in case it didn't measure up but the whole thing is gorgeous. Lovely pop songs bathed in beautiful string and brass arrangements, smart lyrics, and Nina's flawlessly pretty voice. So so good.
  • Also, Asobi Seksu - Hush. It's no Citrus but it sounds pretty good; I still have to listen to it more to really get a feel for it. However, I can say that Yuki's voice is amazing on this record.
  • Okay, I am going to attempt to say this without making it sound totally weird, but I am insanely attracted to Andrew Bird. Like, I'm not even that into his music (though I could see myself liking it more if I actually gave it more than my passing attention) and it's not really a physical attraction (though he is a rather good-looking man) but I'm just, like... attracted to him as a person or something. I don't know. I can't explain it. But every time I see or hear about him, I'm just instantly interested and intrigued for some reason.
  • And also, I'm very excited for Maria Taylor's new album. From the two songs she's released so far (three if you count the version of the title track that's on Savannah Drive) this could potentially be her best album yet. Though, is it troubling that I'm actually more excited about Andy LeMaster's involvement than about Maria herself? I mean, I love the girl. But I'm slightly obsessed with Andy. Anyway, yes, I am looking forward to it.
  • I'm going to attempt to work on some writing today or tomorrow so I should have something in that department to post soon.
  • Also, I uploaded about a million new Sims 2 pictures here and here. So if you actually care about that, there you go.
  • Also, PRESIDENT OBAMA. It is so surreal to me still. I was about ten when Bush went into office so I don't really have any proper memories of anyone but him as president since politics weren't exactly on my mind at eight years old. So it's so strange to have a new one. Every time I hear "President Obama" on the news I just kind of can't believe it. So exciting, though.
  • Also, I sure use the word "also" a lot, don't I? Also, also, also.

Now, if you don't mind, I'm going to take a moment to indulge myself and drool over all the pretty:


Okay, I'm done now.


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