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Hello. So. Sorry about the squee-fest last night. Sometimes, I just need to get that sort of thing out and I like to do it here so that when I get around to posting to my music blog it actually sounds semi-professional and not like I'm five years old. I also apologize for this because I'm about to do it again, just for a moment. But this:

When I try to move my arms sometimes,
they weigh too much to lift.
I think you buried me awake
(my one and only parting gift).


And this:

When your helicopter came and tried to lift me out,
I put its rope around my neck
and after that, you didn't bother with the airlift or the rescue;
you knew just what to expect.



Anyway. The actual point of this post is to talk about my latest writing endeavors. Which have been few and far between because the creative portion of my brain seems to be half-dead right now. But I'm trying to work past it. Last night and this morning, I managed to finish the next chapter of my longish-though-I-don't-really-know-how-long story which is here. Granted, it didn't really involve a lot of actual writing, just lots of word-switching and phrase-changing and maybe a few brand new sentences here and there, but I need to ease myself back into the process slowly. Now that I've got that done I'm going to try to do something more substantial. There are a lot of options right now. I still have about three half-finished short stories, along with one I've recently sort of halfheartedly started (I'm not feeling halfhearted about the story itself, just the trying to get down on paper what works so well in my head), not to mention the many ideas I still have sitting around that haven't progressed past a couple sentences. I also have, of course, the major story, which I have lots of bits and pieces of finished but a lot to fill in between those bits. So I've been thinking: next month is National Novel Writing Month and, while I'm not going to promise myself I'll write a whole freaking novel in that time (because I know me and it probably won't happen, especially if I'm forcing it), I think it might be a good idea to use it to progress as far as possible with that story as I can in that time. So, until then, I'm going to try to wrap up some of my less ambitious pieces. Honestly, they really don't need that much more work to be finished; it's just that I get stuck on one particular section and can't seem to get back into the groove again. But I am going to try. Because I hate when I go through these periods of never being able to write. And if I ever want to achieve the pipe dream of being a legitimate, published author someday I definitely have to learn how to force myself to be more disciplined and consistent. So, yes. I should probably wrap this up and go write something proper, shouldn't I?

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I love lyrics. And I love to put down permanently somewhere lyrics that especially strike me so that I can come back to them later and fall in love with them again. So here will do. I'll come back and add more periodically. These aren't my favorite lyrics ever or anything, just ones that I happen to notice or remember while I'm listening to a song randomly. This space is more for one or two sentence lines that really get stuck inside my head and don't go away, ones that I like more for their imagery or just the way the words sound than for their profoundness or how technically good they are. They might not even be songs that I particularly adore as a whole (okay, usually they are) but I just happen to love that one line. Usually the simpler things are what get to me most and these are kind of a reflection of that. No lengthiness allowed. Just short, sweet, to the point, and perfect. All in my opinion of course.


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Oh God, these are so lovely but so so sad. The first verse especially, it's like a knife through the heart.

Swimming Eyes )

This band is my life right now. Seriously. Forget every other band I've been obsessed with in the last few months; those are nothing compared to how I feel about this one. I'll deem one of their songs "the most beautiful thing I've ever heard" and then I'll fall in love with another one and it'll become the most beautiful thing. Basically, the entirety of their musical output is the most beautiful thing I've ever heard. Except for their first EP which is extremely different from all of their other music and the vocals sound horrible and not even like the same person (even though it is). It's kind of weird to try and figure out how they got from there to how they sound now. But basically, yes, insane amounts of beauty to be found here. Go listen for yourself.


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