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So... I haven't posted an actual new entry here in awhile. I guess my life has been pretty boring as of late. Not that it isn't always. But guess what? I actually did something interesting this week. I saw Lydia on Thursday night! I'll be honest, for the past couple weeks, I've been kind of wondering if it would even be worth it since the band has basically disintegrated by now (only Leighton and Craig are left; they had two random dudes playing keys and bass for them) and I was afraid that because of that, I would be disappointed. But I knew if I didn't go I would end up regretting it down the line; even though I would have liked to see them under more ideal circumstances, with most of the band still intact, seeing them this way would still be way better than never seeing them. And, actually, it ended up being totally awesome anyway. Truthfully, I didn't even really think about how I would have liked Mindy (or anyone else) to be there at all except before/after the fact because I didn't find myself missing her much during the performance itself. It was still spectacular without her. But I'll get to all that later.

Cut because there's lots of pictures and rambling ahead. )
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THE FUCK. Why must 1997 continue to torture me by continuing to put out really good music but also continuing the really annoying trend of inner band turmoil?!? URGH. Between the amount of members they and Lydia have lost over the past few years, it's like they're actually four bands instead of two, there's been so many of them. It doesn't annoy me so much with Lydia though because at least it's not main, essential band members they're losing. Well, except for Maria but Mindy is clearly a much better fit than she ever was. But with 1997, first it's having a different female vocalist for each album and now KEVIN?!? I at least thought I could count on Kevin to keep the sound of the band somewhat consistent! I mean, there's still Caleb but ugh... annoying. Now I must be hypnotized by the Gaga until she eases my pain. (I'm kind of obsessed with the sequence from "Paparazzi" depicted in this userpic - her look there is just so deliciously bizarre. Those Mickey Mouse ear sunglasses fascinate me!)
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OMG. Beach House. How have I not realized how amazing they are until now?!? I've listened to them a couple times in the past and couldn't figure out why they were so universally loved. But I downloaded their upcoming album just for the hell of it pretty much and am completely in love with it. It's so moody and retro and sensual. And Victoria's voice is pretty much orgasmic. LOVE LOVE LOVE. Now I have to listen to their other albums and realize what an idiot I was for not liking them the first time.

Also, this song. I'll not listen to it for awhile and forget how FUCKING AMAZING it is and then hear it and fall in love all over again. This happened recently. I am so simultaneously excited/nervous for their new album. I mean, how in the world are they going to top Illuminate?!? I have faith in them but it just seems like such an impossible task, you know? (Even though this song isn't even on that album.)

This place is going dead
So snap our picture, let's go down outside
You're so perfect in pink
Black bracelet, I could never forget
So let's drink up tonight
You say, you say it, it's running through my veins
Well, please stay safe, you're seventeen
Limousine will take us to meet the crowds
Never seen room for mistake
But your best way out was her

Dresses and alcohol join
I'll bring you back to your car first
So why we cry?
And we will soon forget

Now we're safe and so sound
I can hear your heartbeat, she whispers in the car
Well, travel east until you see Ironwood
Now it's understood, it's finally kicked in
And as we stop by this gathering of fire at the rocks
I've forgotten this whole world and here's to one more
A story told to scare, a tale to replace words of no real meaning
And such awful tasteless lips

Dresses and alcohol join
I'll bring you back to your car first
So why we cry?
And we will soon forget

Let's say we were better than our bodies were found
And I saw her but there she goes and there she goes
Her bright face, black smile, we can't change that

I never knew that a night could end so, so, so, so
So there we were minutes from making it
Celebrate we're finally done and gone
And though this highway is all too long
One more mile to the hotel

This music's soft and it sounds so good to me
You taste of liquor but who will care?
I almost fought to the death yet death had come to this fight
Look, look, now let's see who...

One twenty-two, I softly worried
Not saying a word to the driver
Just sing your favorite verse out of key
I still think it sounds, you sound so good to me

I bet you love me now
Now that you've had your drinks
It's been fun but it's always...
This girl loves fear

This can wait, I can't stay
He said it's up here on the right
Wait, no, I don't know, it's safe
Where did you go when... ?
Now all I see are faces, pale to the touch
Close your eyes and sing, we're lost

But the car had too much force to it
And the road is so unforgiving
Windows shatter like dust and make
Glass streets and something for our feet

But she asked can we slow down
Traffic is time so we drove and we drove and we drove
'Cause all we lost was years
Oh well, think of this, think of me
We will soon forget
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I love lyrics. And I love to put down permanently somewhere lyrics that especially strike me so that I can come back to them later and fall in love with them again. So here will do. I'll come back and add more periodically. These aren't my favorite lyrics ever or anything, just ones that I happen to notice or remember while I'm listening to a song randomly. This space is more for one or two sentence lines that really get stuck inside my head and don't go away, ones that I like more for their imagery or just the way the words sound than for their profoundness or how technically good they are. They might not even be songs that I particularly adore as a whole (okay, usually they are) but I just happen to love that one line. Usually the simpler things are what get to me most and these are kind of a reflection of that. No lengthiness allowed. Just short, sweet, to the point, and perfect. All in my opinion of course.


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This is amazing.

This sounds so perfect and so similar to the album version it's scary. That crazy high part at the end absolutely kills me. Like, the first few times I listened to it, I just could not convince myself that the same person was singing that part and the rest of the song. I still can't quite wrap my head around it even if this video is proof. And he does it so effortlessly! He's not even straining just a little bit to reach these super high notes and it's insane! I just love this song. And I love being obsessed with new bands. I just bought their latest EP and album for $12 with no shipping and you should too. Apparently, they are putting out a new record this year and I am very excited. They're so good. (I should really be posting this to my music blog but whatever; I just posted a song of theirs there... I've got to wait a few days or something before I do another.)

However, as much as I love their music, I'm trying really hard not to care that they're a Christian band. I mean, good music is good music and all and it doesn't really bother me that they're religious because it's not like they're all "GOD GOD GOD" in every song. But then I found this and it scared me. As do some of those reviews. But that's from a few years ago. And they don't seem so Jesus-freak-y to me anymore from what I've seen. So I'm trying not to be judgmental. Because they are a really good band regardless of that.

And also, the resemblance isn't there at all in promo band pictures or when you look at his face full-on, but the lead singer, Wes, is totally reminding me of Leighton from Lydia. See, he doesn't look like him here (top left). But here and here there is definitely at least a small resemblance. The similarities are in stage presence mostly - like posture and shit, I guess. But also he has almost the same haircut in those pictures. The second one especially - oh my God, Leighton, is that you?!? Seriously. I tried to find a good picture of him for comparison but I don't really have one saved though I swear I've seen one with a similar pose or something. But anyway, I got kind of sidetracked in my quest:

Damn. He is so beautiful. *drools all over keyboard*

Ahem... here's some Mindy for good measure, too. I can't talk about the beautiful people in Lydia without mentioning her, of course.

Okay, enough shallowness.

Have I mentioned I am hopefully seeing them live next month? I don't really know yet but if I don't I think I'll kill myself, no joke. Okay, maybe I'm joking but seriously, they are the only band I am absolutely dying to see right now. And I've already missed them on at least three (well, actually two because they ended up dropping out of one) occasions in the past year. And this is headlining! Or co-headlining, I guess, but it's still so much better than supporting so I absolutely have to go! Anyway. Yes. That is my mission currently. I'm also seeing Maria Taylor (and the Whispertown 2000) on Sunday, holla! I haven't been to a show since May of last year. Rilo Kiley. Good times. The word is they're putting out an album of rarities. I don't even care that this could be seen as another sign of their demise or that it will likely be all songs I've already heard; I am just uber-excited.

Here's another video before I go!

Peace out. (That was stupid. I will never say that again, k?)


Feb. 20th, 2009 10:51 pm
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The new Neko Case record is so fucking amazing. I listened to it last night really loud on headphones while lying in bed and I just felt like it was pulsing all throughout my body; it was this totally indescribable feeling. It feels kind of long because Fox Confessor was so short but I seriously love every song in its own way and wouldn't cut any of them. When Fox Confessor first came out, I was obsessed with it for a really long time and I still think it's pretty damn near perfect so I really wasn't expecting her to match its brilliance, but she undoubtedly has. I can't say yet whether I'll like Middle Cyclone better or not in the long run but they are at least equals. It amazes me how consistently great this woman's music has been for the past few years. My favorite song right now is "This Tornado Loves You" - God, what a perfect opener and just a perfect song in general. That first "What will make you believe me?" at the end just kills me; it's the total embodiment of all that is awesome about Neko's voice and it gives me chills.

Also, I'm obsessed with the final verse of the title track:

It was so clear to me
that it was almost invisible.
I lie 'cross the path waiting
just for a chance to be
a spiderweb trapped in your lashes.
For that, I would trade you my empire for ashes.
But I choke it back,
how much I need love.

That is just so heartbreaking and beautiful beyond words. The lyrics on this album are amazing, like waaaaay impressive. Definitely my favorite album of the year so far and I'm guessing it'll remain pretty high up there. There is a lot of good stuff coming out this year though - Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Maria Taylor, St. Vincent... well, those are the ones I'm mainly excited for but there are probably about a million more. Also, apparently Tori Amos' new album is called Abnormally Addicted to Sin which is really clunky and cheesy-sounding but at the same time, completely different from the rest of her recent album titles. I don't know. I've given up getting excited for new stuff from her - then I guess I'll just be even more impressed if it ends up actually being great, but I'm not expecting anything at this point.

And one last thing, new Maria Taylor video. Omagah, this girl is so freaking cute. As is Neely Jenkins. And Morgan Nagler. And all three of them together in the same video wearing pretty dresses and smashing things. Basically, it kicks complete ass. And oh yeah, the song's amazing as well.

ALSO ALSO I need this video now! And also new music would be nice. Actually, I'm willing to wait as long as it takes for them to make something new as long as it's as good as Illuminate - it's just very hard.

Leighton is so sexy, my goodness. And Mindy is beautiful. <3 <3 <3 I really wish they were coming here on their headlining tour but, as usual, it is not meant to be. :( They are, like, the one band I would do anything to see live right now. Everyone else I could care less about in comparison. K, bye.


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