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Let me rant for a second. I fucking hate how small userpics have to be now. And also how, even when I resize it to the exact dimensions in Photoshop, still feels the need to compress the file all to hell so the picture looks ugly and pixelated. Grr. I haven't changed mine since before these restrictions were in place and now I know why. I finally got one to look decent but it wasn't even the picture I wanted to use in the first place. Fuck you,

In other news, went shopping today and spent more Christmas money than I had planned to but I guess it's good not to just buy books and CDs all the time (even though I'm going to buy some of those too, how can I not?!?). Anyway, I got some socks because mine always seem to disappear into thin air on me. Seriously. And also a new coat because I've had the same one for, like, five years now. It's a peacoat like my old one but shorter and red and black tartan patterned. And it was half off. Woo! And I got (500) Days of Summer on DVD. So stoked to watch it again! Though I'm kinda disappointed there are hardly any bonus features. WTF?!? There was so much stuff they could've put on there - I know Zooey and Joe did a bunch of promo-type stuff when it came out like interviews, and that Sid & Nancy thing, and that "Why Do You Let Me Stay Here?" music video. WHY IS NONE OF THAT ON THERE?!? And I also bought a new pair of shoes. They are so hot. They were also very on sale, I wouldn't have gotten them otherwise, and here is a picture I found online!

Eeee! I cannot actually walk very well in high heels but I am going to get better, okay? They're also going to kill my feet but, come on, sometimes you have to sacrifice for the sake of fashion, right? THE IMPORTANT THING IS THEY LOOK GOOD!

One negative aspect of the shopping trip though: the bookstore that I go to a lot (pretty much the only one that's less than an hour away) has downsized for whatever reason and now the store is only half the size that it used to be which means less books - and they didn't really have a fantastic selection in the first place so now all they've got is, like, Nicholas Sparks and Twilight and shit like that. So depressing. I guess I'm going to have to do all of my book-shopping online now because I don't get to make the 1.5 hour trek to Barnes & Noble very often. It's probably better for my budget that way because I usually buy them used but still, the feeling of buying one in person, holding it in your hands, is so not the same!

Umm... what else? The new Los Campesinos! album is pretty fucking ace. Pretty much the whole thing has grown on me now. "In Medias Res" is basically the most beautiful, amazing thing ever and it's really hard for me to actually get past that to listen to the rest. I love the part after the glockenspiel solo (which is so typically LC! by the way) where it abruptly gets all dark and creepy and slow. It sounds very much like Xiu Xiu but, um, actually good because, for the most part, Xiu Xiu makes my ears bleed. And the lyrics: "Drag my corpse to the airport/Lay me limp on the left wing/Drop me at the highest point and trace a line around the dent I leave in the ground/That'll be the initial of the one you will marry now I'm not around." I'm torn between finding that a. worryingly morbid, b. strangely romantic, or c. ridiculously depressing. And it's got strings and brass and just, gah, so good and so much growth from their first album.

I also loooove "We've Got Your Back" and "I Warned You: Do Not Make an Enemy of Me" and "This Is a Flag. There Is No Wind" ("CAN WE ALL PLEASE JUST CALM THE FUCK DOWN?!?") and "Coda: A Burn Scar in the Shape of the Sooner State" - that last one is just a gorgeous, gorgeous, albeit far too brief track and closes the album perfectly. I also really like "Who Fell Asleep In" but Gareth's voice is just really far in the front of the mix and it sounds kind of jarring at times, like it doesn't fit with the actual melody of the song, but I think that's probably intentional. I like it more every time I hear it though. And I adore this part of the lyrics: "In a note I read, 'If you should go blind and deaf/I'll cleanse and I'll bathe you and I'll cook for you daily/I will take a dry ballpoint pen and trace on your chest/All of the same conversations that we have now in bed.'" Sweet, right? But then he says in response, "I don't mean to be selfish/But I think I'd sooner just be dead" and I LOL. Also, "Straight in at 101" is great and hilarious: "I think we need more post-coital and less post-rock/Feels like the build-up takes forever but you never touch my cock." Brilliant. And I love the end bit lyrically ("I phoned my friends and family to gather 'round the television/The Talking Heads count down the most heart-wrenching break-ups of all time/Imagine the great sense of waste, the indignity, the embarrassment/When not a single one of that whole century was mine") but Gareth singing a cappella makes me cringe; he just doesn't have the voice to pull it off. And, well, anyway, the whole thing is pretty great. The only tracks I could completely do without are the pointless interludes and the title track and "Plan A" are just okay - I actually loved that one the first time I listened but it's kind of grating in excess; it's really good if you're feeling super angsty and like you want to scream at the top of your lungs though.

One more thing. Also relating to LC!. Everyone should be forced to watch the tour videos they have posted on Vimeo. They're hilarious. I especially enjoyed Lolz in America (Part Two). The alternate life bits had me seriously laughing ridiculously hard. Especially the one regarding Ollie. OMG. Amazing. And now I will shut up.
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This is too cute.

I love how adorably heavy their accents are. I enjoy accents very much.

Also, the new girl is a redhead so I approve! As long as she can sing, that is.


Jun. 3rd, 2009 12:45 am
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  • New layout. Just 'cause. It annoys me that the sidebar is not the same color as the rest of the page but apparently that can't be changed easily. And I am far too lazy to actually put any effort into how this thing looks.
  • I didn't really care for most of the Dark Was the Night compilation (mostly because I don't really care for most of the artists on it) but My Brightest Diamond's cover of "Feeling Good" and Feist and Ben Gibbard's rendition of "Train Song" are my jams right now. When I listen to "Feeling Good", I can't help lip-syncing along while making dramatic faces and arm motions. It's that intense. It makes me want to be Shara Worden. I also do this to her two songs on The Hazards of Love. She's just so badass.
  • I'm also kind of obsessed with the new Mew song, "Introducing Palace Players" - it's a very interesting combination of weird and dance-y. Like, it's shifting time signatures all over the place and you've got this guy singing in a crazy high voice about God knows what but then it's so catchy. It makes me want to shake my booty excessively. In other words, totally hot. I didn't really like this band until I heard this song. But now I'm getting all into their other stuff too. Another new album to look forward to! Yay!
  • Aleks is leaving Los Campesinos! This makes me a sad girl. At least she is doing it not because of band tensions but because she wants to do the respectable thing and finish school. But still. Being in a rock band is so much cooler! In my opinion. Anyway, they are doing one more tour with her this summer but they are not coming here which makes me even sadder. But they have also apparently finished (or are finishing?) their next record which will still have her on it so I imagine they'll be releasing it soon-ish because it'd be a bit weird to put it out after a replacement has already taken over. They are so prolific. Three albums in less than two years? Craziness. I hope it's good.
  • One last bit of music-related blabber. Thank God I was bored and, since I have fallen back in love with her lately, just looked up Mandy Moore on Wikipedia. 'Cause it informed me that there is a special Target edition of her newest album with bonus tracks just like there was for Wild Hope. They are only demos of album tracks but still, any kind of extras make my day. And we are going shopping on Thursday. I can't wait. Mandy is my homegirl and the album is really growing on me. The end of "Fern Dell" is insane. Every time I listen to it, I just can't help thinking how happy I am she's broken out of the pop princess mold and become a legit artist. I feel like she's my baby and I've watched her grow up or something... probably because I used to own her teenybopper albums and I thought "Candy" was totally amazing back when it was first released. I was, like, ten then. Oh my God. That song is not appropriate for a ten-year-old to enjoy! It seems really sweet and innocent on the surface but it's kind of racy. So, anyway, yeah, I feel like I've kind of grown up with her. She's the only singer I listened to back in my horrible taste days that I don't feel embarrassed at all about still liking now. Oh wait, No Doubt too but they were always good; they just happened to be popular hence my listening to them back then.
  • Also about Mandy Moore, my sister and I watched Saved! a few days ago when we were bored and I forgot how much I love that movie. It's so fucking hilarious. And one of the only decent movies Mandy's been in, haha. I enjoy her music but I can't say that I enjoy most of her films. Anyway, yes, this movie is great. "I'm the father. I'm the boyfriend. I'm his boyfriend." Heh. That part always makes me crack up. And also, "I just ran my van into Jesus!"
  • Ugh. I really want to work on my story because I am so close to finishing it but I have not been in the writing zone at all lately. I feel like everything I attempt to write sucks complete ass. Even stuff I'm almost copying word-for-word from my notebook that I wrote ages ago. I'm just in a rut. And it's really annoying. I feel like the longer it takes, the less connection I'll have to these characters and the less enthusiastic I'll feel about finishing it. But I just can't do it! And it frustrates me so much.
  • I've also barely been reading anything lately. I'm in a rut there too. If I read too many books in a short period of time, I start to feel overwhelmed and worn out and just want to take a break for awhile. I did finish reading Eliot's collected poetry though so I think I'm going to start on something new soon. Once I get started, I'm usually fine and it's hard to pull myself away but it's the actual getting started that seems like so much work for me. I think I just look at my huge collection of unread books and get freaked out and don't know where to start and also I'm afraid I won't like something that I want to like, etc. Basically, these are all super lame reasons and I should just suck it up and start something.
  • I think our computer needs a new video card. Sometimes, the screen will randomly go black for no reason and today when I had to restart it after it did that, the error report said it had something to do with the video card. I don't know where to start with that really technical stuff though. Basic computer problems I can handle. Installing new hardware and deciding what to buy and all that shit is much scarier.
  • I really need to watch This Film Is Not Yet Rated. I moved it to the top of my Netflix queue after randomly reading the Wikipedia entry on the MPAA (Can you tell I get bored often and therefore end up looking up the most random shit ever? In this particular instance, I somehow went from J.D. Salinger to film ratings; not sure how that happened.) and now it's been sitting around for weeks because I'm not really interested in the topic anymore. But I would just feel wrong if I sent it back without watching it. I need to do it soon though so I can get the last disc of the first season of Dead Like Me since, for some retarded reason, the last few episodes aren't available on Netflix Instant.
  • Let's end things on another music note. I am so fucking pissed off about my Yeah Yeah Yeahs pre-order! This album came out more than two months ago and I still haven't gotten it. I emailed the company a couple weeks after the release date and they told me I had to wait until it had been four weeks for delivery even though I knew that if it hadn't gotten to me by then, it wasn't going to. Of course I was right so I contact them again last week or so and they claim they're sending a new copy. And if I don't get that one, I'm just going to give up and be out $20+ for no reason because I can't deal with it anymore. What sucks even more is that the only reason I purchased it from their website was because I thought the deluxe edition was exclusive to it but then I found out it's on Amazon for way cheaper and if I'd have ordered it from there I never would've had to deal with all this crap. Argh! It's so frustrating. I mean, it's not like I don't have the album downloaded but still, I want my physical copy, damn it!
  • I think that's all. Actually, I was out of things I specifically wanted to mention about five bullets ago but I kept thinking up more random stuff to waste my time talking about. But now I'm all dried up. So. Goodnight.
  • Edited to add: You know Zoeey Deschanel is awesome when she can turn an advert for cotton into a freakin' amazing song. Check it out. (The actual commercial is pretty damn cute too. I've been seeing it on TV every once in awhile. She's so adorable. <3) I've decided I would seriously be okay with it if she decided to quit acting and just do music. I mean, I like watching her act because she's so cute but it's not like she's a revelation of an actress or anything. I just want more pretty songs!


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