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Last time: Just read the last entry. It's right below you after all.

P.S. Oh my God, I am such a stan for these videos, I swear. It's kind of frightening. You have no idea how anxious I'd been waiting for a new video; it took forever and I was beginning to think there wouldn't be anymore. This is a week or so old now but I still love it. Well, I love the song; the video I'm a bit undecided on. BUT THE SONG, GAH. I think it's my favorite one so far. It's just the perfect combination of ethereal and pretty and dark and eerie.


I swear to God, she's like the prettiest girl in the world. On top of being a stunning lyricist. And an impressive harpist. And, though some might not think so, a lovely singer. HOW IS SHE SO LUCKY AND WHY AM I NOT HER?!?
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I just found this on Youtube. Excited! It's especially awesome because I was so enraptured at the time I forgot 99.9% of the actual words she said. <333

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Bowerbirds = Great! And very nice based on the 30 seconds it took me to buy their CD from them.


Have One on Me
Soft as Chalk
The Book of Right-On
Encore: Occident

Audience Q&A w/ Joanna + band members afterward = OMG AMAZING. THIS SHOULD HAPPEN AT EVERY 

More coherent thoughts when I've had a few hours sleep, mmkay?

For now:

There is a blacksmith,
and there is a shepherd,
and there is a butcher boy,
and there is a barber, who's cutting
and cutting away at my only joy.
I saw a rabbit,
as slick as a knife,
and as pale as a candlestick,
and I had thought it'd be harder to do,
but I caught her, and skinned her quick:
held her there,
kicking and mewling,
upending, unspooling, unsung and blue;
told her "wherever you go,
little runaway bunny,
I will find you."
And then she ran,
as they're liable to do.

Be at peace, baby,
and be gone.

Edit: here's my more cohesive review. It's also a review of the album itself, for good measure. And because I'm obsessed, you know.
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So, after my initial freakout to the new Joanna Newsom album, I don't think I ever mentioned that I'M GOING TO SEE HER LIVE! ON FRIDAY! And it's going to be epic, amazing, beautiful, perfect, transcendental, etc. By the way, Have One on Me is fucking spectacular. It all kind of washed over me the first time and I was a teeny bit unimpressed but I love almost every song now. It's just that there's so much to get through and a lot of it is of the slow, pretty, 6+ minute variety that it takes awhile to really sink in. Even "Autumn," which was the only song I couldn't get into at all because it has no drastic melody changes or catchy bits to grab onto, clicked with me last night and now I think it's just stunning. My favorite songs at the moment are the title track (EPIC), "Baby Birch" (OMG ALSO EPIC IN THE END), "In California," "Go Long" (two of the most fucking GORGEOUS things I've ever heard), and "Soft as Chalk" (I think of this as, like, a more mature and refined "Inflammatory Writ"; in other words, totally AWESOME - the piano on this song is brilliant). And pretty much everything else but those are my very favorites.

Here's a shitty video of Joanna performing "Soft as Chalk" on Jimmy Fallon last night for your time. It must mean she's pretty damn talented if it shines through even in an out-of-sync, I'm-recording-my-TV-with-a-video-camera clip, right? Plus, she's so damn beautiful. Edit: I found a better clip. Also, Jimmy mentions the show I am going to at the end, ZOMG!


Rant, several days later: I just have to say this because it has been bugging me. I honestly can't take anyone who says Joanna can't sing seriously at this point. I mean, even though I personally loved her Milk-Eyed Mender voice, I could understand why people would say that back then. But now... her voice really isn't all that harsh anymore. Not to mention, she always sings on-key, she has rather amazing control over it, and her higher register is very pure and clean (and actually always has been, which is apparent in songs like "En Gallop" and "Clam, Crab, Cockle, Cowrie"). So, no, her voice may not be to your taste but it's not bad! And I'm really tired of people saying stupid shit like "HOLY GOD SHE SOUNDS LIKE A DYING CAT" when she sounds perfectly fine. STFU, HATERS. LET'S SEE YOU BE ONE OF THE MOST TALENTED PEOPLE WORKING IN THE MUSIC INDUSTRY TODAY. Ugh.
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Guh. So bittersweet. Her speech is so adorable; I could watch it a million times and still get teary-eyed.

In other news, Joanna Newsom and Andy Samberg on the red carpet:

Bonus pic of Will Arnett bein' a creeper:

Anyway, she looks great... except those huge-ass earrings are distracting me, she should've gotten rid of those. And I'm not really feeling the hair either. But holy crap is she beautiful or what? Also it's so weird to see Joanna freaking Newsom looking all glam at a red carpet event. I mean, I guess her image has completely changed in the past couple of years, but whenever I think of her I only ever still see this Joanna -

- so it's a bit of a shock to see that she's transformed into Glam!Joanna:

I'm not complaining though. She's dead sexy and that's awesome as long as she doesn't decide to go all pop starlet with her music or anything crazy like that. I don't think she's stupid though. Speaking of that music, girl, you look great but get your ass off the red carpet and into a recording studio! It's been too long since Ys! (Though I'd be reluctant to try and top a masterpiece like that too if it was my album.)

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I love lyrics. And I love to put down permanently somewhere lyrics that especially strike me so that I can come back to them later and fall in love with them again. So here will do. I'll come back and add more periodically. These aren't my favorite lyrics ever or anything, just ones that I happen to notice or remember while I'm listening to a song randomly. This space is more for one or two sentence lines that really get stuck inside my head and don't go away, ones that I like more for their imagery or just the way the words sound than for their profoundness or how technically good they are. They might not even be songs that I particularly adore as a whole (okay, usually they are) but I just happen to love that one line. Usually the simpler things are what get to me most and these are kind of a reflection of that. No lengthiness allowed. Just short, sweet, to the point, and perfect. All in my opinion of course.



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