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I forgot how much I loved this song. And Amanda performing it solo in her bedroom, wearing only lingerie and a robe, reminds me. It's glorious, I promise you.

The only thing missing is Brian. It's just as amazing without him but, damn, I miss that crazy dude so much! I don't think I've mentioned this but I got the Who Killed Amanda Palmer DVD awhile back ($8.49 shipped, how much of a deal is that?!?) which has all of the music videos and a couple live performances and some interview/tour footage. Anyway, there's this really brief glimpse of Amanda and Brian together backstage at one of her shows and then of him watching her perform and it about made me explode with simultaneous joy and sadness. They are so great together. If there is never another Dresden Dolls album or I never get to see them live (if I had to, I'd settle for Amanda by herself, but I'd choose the both of them over just her any day), I will never get over how depressing that will be.

You know what else is amazing? Jenny Lewis' new video for "See Fernando". Unfortunately, for some reason, it is not up on Youtube. Even more unfortunately, you have to watch it at Perez Hilton's website. Or, if you can't fathom that (I sure can't), you can watch or download this better quality version here. Watsons cameo! Duke cameo! (No Blake or Jason, sadly.) Jenny being sexy and badass! And looking shockingly like Anna Friel. It's almost too much awesome to handle. And way better than the other two videos she's released recently, the trippy, no-budget and very literal "Black Sand" and the in-studio "Acid Tongue" (which actually isn't bad; it's just not very creative or anything - but Zooey! I love it just for those two lovely ladies being in the same room). Neither of these seems to be on Youtube either and I'm too lazy to go find where they are. God, Jenny, get with the program and upload all your shit in one place! Anyway, "See Fernando". Just look at the amazing icon I found of Jenny taking down Fernando (aka Michael Runion)! That makes you want to see the whole thing, doesn't it? Go do it. Also, in Jenny news, Orenda Fink stated in an interview recently that she, Maria Taylor, Jenny, and Morgan Nagler are starting an all-girl rock group together. I don't know how serious this plan is or how much time they could realistically devote to it since they've all got about a zillion things going on already but this would be so fucking cool. I'm not sure I could handle that many amazing people in one band.

I am listening to the new Mew album right now. I thought very briefly about waiting until it was released, because I'm pretty sure it'll be amazing, but I couldn't do it. I am too spoiled by leaks now and haven't listened to an album after its official release date since... ages ago. Actually, that's a lie. I listened to the new O+S album for the first time after I got it. And the new Sarah Slean/Art of Time. But that's because the first came, like, two weeks before it was actually released and the second is probably too obscure to have even leaked at all. But anyway, yeah, I am only on my second listen but it seems good. I really love them right now. Also, they have the most amazing/horrible album covers. And band pictures. Evidence:

Like, what is the concept here? I have no clue but it's kind of amazing. Also, how is Jonas almost 33 (according to Wikipedia)?!? He looks about twenty years old in this picture! (And also adorable; he's the top guy, by the way, if you couldn't figure it out.)

I properly cleaned my room for the first time in months yesterday. Actually organized everything in a way that makes sense for the first time in even longer. I bought this new bookcase - which turned out to be much huger than I thought it would be - and I had to clear a space for that so I figured I might as well go all the way. It kind of sucks because my room is way too tiny and it looks even more cramped now but, whatever, all my books look so nice on it! I have more than I realized I did. It's already almost all the way full - though I could fit probably one or two more rows of books on each shelf so it will be okay for awhile.

I've been writing this entry since last night so I guess I'd better actually post it now.

I'm going to see Neko Case tonight! It shall be amazing! Regardless of the uncomfortable stone slabs that pass for seating in the place I'm seeing her.

P.S. KRISTIN CHENOWETH WAS NOMINATED FOR AN EMMY FOR PUSHING DAISIES! WHY AM I SO EXCITED?!? She probably won't win. And PD should have been represented way more. But I didn't think it would be nominated at all so it is exciting. Not that I actually care about awards. I just get too excited over anything PD-related. And season two releases on DVD next Tuesday! I need to buy that shit ASAP.

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I love lyrics. And I love to put down permanently somewhere lyrics that especially strike me so that I can come back to them later and fall in love with them again. So here will do. I'll come back and add more periodically. These aren't my favorite lyrics ever or anything, just ones that I happen to notice or remember while I'm listening to a song randomly. This space is more for one or two sentence lines that really get stuck inside my head and don't go away, ones that I like more for their imagery or just the way the words sound than for their profoundness or how technically good they are. They might not even be songs that I particularly adore as a whole (okay, usually they are) but I just happen to love that one line. Usually the simpler things are what get to me most and these are kind of a reflection of that. No lengthiness allowed. Just short, sweet, to the point, and perfect. All in my opinion of course.


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I just found out a film adaptation is being made of An Invisible Sign of My Own by Aimee Bender, which is a very good book, and this should be exciting news except... it is starring Jessica Alba. This scares me. A lot. I did not picture Jessica Alba while I was reading this book, okay? Hopefully, the movie is alright regardless of her acting... or some miracle happens and she is suddenly an amazing actress. I am just really baffled by this casting choice.

Anyway, guess who went to Barnes & Noble on Saturday? Me! Finally. It kind of pains me to spend such a ridiculous amount of cash on books and CDs when I could get them a lot cheaper used, or hell, even brand new, on Amazon or something but... I just love the feeling of going to the store and seeing all these things and picking them up and evaluating them and deciding to buy them. It's just not the same when you buy stuff online. Anyhow, I spent, like, $100 (shameful! I vow to spend the rest of my Christmas money very thriftily) and this is what I ended up getting:

What $100+ will buy you at B&N... )

Anyway, I really really just want to work on my story right now but I have more important things that I have been putting off for way too long and should probably finish right this moment. I also still have to finish my 2008 albums list - because God knows when I say I'm going to write a "brief paragraph" regarding each that I really mean "a massive, tl;dr paragraph" and it ends up taking way longer than I meant it to. *sigh* I also think I am still changing the order a bit... I don't know why. No matter what I do, I'll never be completely happy but alas... I at least want to be happier with it than I was with my last year's. Anyway. Yeah. Onto important things. Hopefully.

P.S. I never updated with its progress but my Zune does work again, thank God. I can't decide whether the whole situation was insanely hilarious or totally infuriating. But anyway. It was interesting, definitely...
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...only when I actually have some though. When I'm broke, I hate money. Yet at the same time still want it. Hmm...

Anyway, the point of this post is "omg look what I bought!!!!11!!!" so I'll get right to that:


Yay! And before you tell me how excessive and impulsive all of that No Doubt is, let me tell you that it was super super cheap, okay? I think the other three CDs combined cost more than five ND CDs, so it's not that crazy. I am slightly worried about the quality though because I like things to look nice and new always but that's always my biggest worry with buying things used and it usually turns out okay. Anyway, I got all eight CDs for under $35, awesome! I think my next CD-buying goal is to get all of the albums that will be on my best of '08 list that I don't yet own physical copies of because it makes sense to own things that I consider my favorites. (And P.S. that list will be coming soon-ish as in a month or two and I will probably post it here as well as to my music journal because I'm weird like that.)

And because I have a strange need to fully divulge every detail when it comes to money-spending, I also bought Paste and Venuszine with She & Him on the covers and Bust with Jenny Lewis on the cover - which cost like $15 all together (why do magazines cost so much??)... and two of those magazines I would have no interest in normally... the things I do to satisfy my obsessions.


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