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Was confusing and intense and complicated but totally awesome! Love that the new series seems like it's going to be so much darker. Hate that I have to wait until Saturday for the next episode. Argh, damn cliffhangers. Anyway, there's not much I can say about it that wouldn't come across as fangirlish squealing so I'll let the pictures do the talking. With a few that aren't from this episode but I had them lying around waiting to be used so what the hell.



Doctor: These are my top operatives: The Legs, The Nose and Mrs. Robinson.
River: I hate you.



Now I need to go find some LJ icons from the new episode. Later.


Feb. 17th, 2011 12:02 am
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I forgot to mention in my earlier post that Janelle was totally robbed. I can't believe The ArchAndroid lost to Usher's album. Usher is way past his prime at this point and wasn't even ever that great to start out with. He is also responsible for inflicting Bieber on the world and teaming up with him to give one of the crappiest performances of the night. Therefore, Janelle clearly should have won.

Also, these were the .GIFs I meant to post earlier. The first one represents my feelings on the subject of that post and is also just the goddamn cutest thing I've ever seen in my entire life so I'll use any excuse to post it. (BTW, Jason Segel introducing Arcade Fire was also awesome. I'm happy he's looking reasonably handsome again after having a rough couple of years.) And the second one is just, you know, to prove the band's general bad-assery and cuteness.

Finally, holy crap, I actually managed to finish those A Skeleton on Display character Sims I've been re-making. Check it out!

First, Eliza and Andy whom I've already posted but, you know, it's been awhile and I love them so. They're the characters I spent the most time on and the ones I think look most like the image in my head (well, as much as a Sim can look like a human being, anyway), probably because they're easily the ones I have the clearest, most specific idea of. Everyone else is a bit hazy around the edges but these two are quite fully-developed.

The brothers Thompson. I made Ollie a few months ago and never got around to posting him and I made Daniel yesterday. I didn't really try to make them look specifically like brothers, like with near-identical facial features and all, because I thought they might end up looking too alike and, besides, brothers don't always necessarily look at all like each other. But I think they are similar yet different enough that you can believe they're related without mistaking them for twins. Also, clearly the first time I made Daniel I briefly lost my mind because I managed to forget both that he has hazel eyes and also that he wears glasses. I guess it's not that unforgivable because these things are only mentioned once in the story but still! I am ashamed of myself!

And our dear narrator, Meg. Maybe because I wrote from her perspective and never really had to describe her appearance much I really have no concrete idea of what she is meant to look like. I never even decided on an official last name for her! The first version was quite obviously slapped together in about five minutes and really quite odd-looking. I didn't spend a terribly long amount of time on the second version either but I am better at making Sims now than I was two or three years ago so it doesn't show as much. Basically, I went in with the idea that Meg is a girl-next-door, pretty but not drop dead gorgeous, mostly bare-faced type. She doesn't really like makeup or fancy clothes and in fact feels quite uncomfortable in them. So I think I succeeded, even if I don't look at her and say, "That's totally Meg!" like I do with Eliza or Andy.

Anyway, the reason I finally got around to finishing up with these in the past couple days is because I now have a hankering to do the Swan Dive characters even though I should probably focus on finishing the story itself first. But where's the fun in that, right? I made an attempt at Beatrice a month or two ago but can't decide if I like her or not. But eventually I want to have Moira, William, Kat, Henry, and Beatrice done. Then I might try to create some of the other secondary but still important characters: Elizabeth, Seth, maybe Rosie (oops, if you've been following the story as I post it she's only been mentioned in passing so far but she does make a more substantial appearance much later on), possibly Syd and Lawrence. It all depends how ambitious I'm feeling. I also would like to do Caleb and Audrey from that other story of mine - you know, the one I've been working on for three fucking years and still am not close to finishing? Yeah. So... I'm probably going to be making lots of Sims in the coming weeks/months. I've kind of gotten burnt out on the Alphas right now so maybe if I spend some time in Bodyshop I'll start to miss them after awhile and go back. (Though I have spent a shitload of time in Bodyshop for the past few days trying to track down one mysterious problem file that was fucking with the adult female skintones; it was hellish, I tell you, hellish!)

Okay, I'll stop rambling now and get off the computer and try to do something productive (yeah, right).
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I have developed an addiction to Doctor Who. I. Cannot. Stop. Watching. I've made it well-known here how in love I fell with the latest series, solely due to my strange and ridiculously strong attraction to one Mr. Matt Smith. Despite that, I didn't feel it particularly necessary to go back and catch up on all the previous series because I wasn't sure if I would like them nearly as much. Still, I was bored one day and they're all right there at my fingertips on Netflix so I figured, what the hell, why not go ahead and try. I wasn't completely won over until about halfway through series three but from that point on it became an obsession. Now I've just finished episode four of series four and I've managed to do this all in less than a month. Oh yeah, and I've also managed to get through half of the first series of Torchwood in the past few days as well. It is madness, I'm telling you, madness. Though it's a madness I'm quite enjoying. Random thoughts.
  • Based on four episodes of series four: DONNA NOBLE IS FUCKING INCREDIBLE. Seriously. I didn't think she was as annoying as everyone else apparently did (I've been obsessively reading episode threads on TWOP in edition to obsessively watching the show) when she first showed up in the pre-third series Christmas special but I didn't particularly love her either. Within the first five minutes of Partners in Crime, though, I was crazy about her. I just loved that episode in general. Best series opener of the four, in my opinion (I can't really count series five yet because I have to watch it again and try to look at it objectively which will very probably be impossible), and also without a doubt my favorite of the lighter, more humorous episodes. I mean, between how freakishly adorable the aliens were for being literal walking globs of fat and that priceless charades scene when the Doctor and Donna first re-encounter each other, it was golden.
  • Speaking of companions, I also rather liked Martha. Rose I am still flip-flopping between love and hate for. Mostly, I just hate the way she is being held up as THE MOST GLORIOUS COMPANION TO EVER COMPANION AND THE DOCTOR'S ONE TRUE LOVE in these later seasons. The Doctor's emo moments regarding her are the only annoying thing about them, to be quite honest. Oh yeah, and his God complex, which only seems to be worsening even though David Tennant has finally managed to calm down as an actor. He kind of irritated me a lot in the second series and in part of the third because of his constant ridiculous shouting. The only time I like when he gets all shouty is when he does it to purposely annoy someone. Like when he imitates that growly alien to his face in the Christmas Invasion, that was brilliant. Anyway, what was I talking about? Oh right, Rose. Well, like I said, I have a love/hate relationship with her but, still, I can't deny that my heart started beating like mad at the glimpse of her in Partners in Crime and I'm excited for her imminent return and to see just how exactly it pans out. (Though based on things I've heard, I'm expecting the end result  to be a clusterfuck for everyone involved. But I'm used to that by this point...)
  • Because usually, the build-up to the epic finales is great but the finales themselves are not so much. I liked the series one finale, it was maybe my favorite episode of the entire season, even with GlowyTardisGoddess!Rose. The series two finale was pretty good too - I didn't like what it resulted in but it was certainly a well-done episode. Series three... first of all, despite thinking Martha was generally kick ass, I wasn't very into the first half. The plots were all pretty lame. Especially that damn Dalek two-parter which I had actually watched previously (for Andrew Garfield) and hated with a fiery passion so I really didn't want to have to suffer through it again. But I did. And it was still terrible. For my money, the worst episodes ever. But, luckily, a couple episodes later, it got much better. Human Nature through the Sound of Drums are, in my opinion, the strongest episodes or at least the strongest string of episodes of them all. (Special shoutout to Blink, which was another I'd watched previously but loved and loved even more a second time. Sally Sparrow aka Carey Mulligan was so brilliant and I really think she should make a repeat appearance, though I'm sure she's too busy/famous for it now.) But then... ehhhh. When the Doctor was rapidly aged at the end of Sound of Drums, that's where it lost me. And though I liked Martha saving the entire goddamn world without complaining (and then not complaining again when she's the only person who will actually remember her plight), I hated the whole "clap if you believe in fairies!" resolution. I mean, when you think about it, it's not all that dissimilar to the series five finale and in actuality probably more believable because it was the whole world vs one person believing the Doctor back to life but for reasons I can't quite explain I didn't buy it here even though I bought it with the latest series.
  • Oh my god, how am I writing so much about a silly sci-fi show. This is ridiculous. Umm... quickly, Captain Jack Harkness is also made of win though I haven't decided if I like Torchwood yet or not though. Some of the episodes have been really lame, like the one about the alien sex addict and Cyberwoman, which was a decent idea but was terribly executed and also very oddly placed. But it's slowly started to improve. I've really enjoyed the last couple episodes I watched, Countrycide and Greeks Bearing Gifts. Still, not totally in love. But I've read that the second and third series are much better so I'm going to keep at it unless I start to completely hate it. Also, is it wrong that I am kind of attracted to Owen? He is a total douchebag but I kind of love him because I hate him so much. And I find the actor and his barely-existent lips oddly appealing. I have the strangest taste sometimes, I swear. And also due to the fact that spoilers for long-past seasons are damn near impossible to completely avoid, I am near certain that at some point he will meet a sad fate and I will mourn deeply for the loss of the stupid asshole.
Anyway, yes. Doctor Who. Sometimes horribly cheesy. Sometimes epically amazing. Always entertaining. I should be more worried about how obsessively I am plowing through these episodes but, eh. I'll let the ninth doctor tell you how concerned I am about it:

Also, bonus eleven in all his adorable awkwardness. Because it's not a Doctor Who party without him.

Sorry, I don't have any ten .GIFs at the moment. :( Must rectify that soon.

P.S. While we're speaking .GIFs, I saw this one yesterday and, at the time, found it almost violently hilarious. I had to restrain myself from laughing too hard because my dad would have thought I was crazy. But, still, a couple stray giggles made their way through.

Love it. OMG. Okay, have to go watch more now.
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Okay, enough with the caps, but I'm seriously freaking out. Maybe it's because the first time I watched it was at 3:30 in the morning in a cold-fueled insomnia so I was extra emotionally damageable but I was crying at the end between Rory and Amy's scenes and the Doctor's. We're talking total mess here. I'll admit, I was in most of this season for the perfection that is Matt Smith (haters to the left; he is awesome and was extra-awesome this episode) and found the actual episodes ranged from cheesy as fuck to mildly entertaining to, a few times, really damn good but this is on a whole different level. I just hope they don't fuck it up next week by taking the easy way out and wrapping everything up in a neat and implausible (well, okay, we are talking Doctor Who here, I guess the entire show is pretty implausible) little bow. And I also hope they explain everything because, damn, I'm still confused as fuck for the most part.

Regardless of the rest of its contents, this episode would have been amazing anyway because we finally saw this .GIF!

I've only been waiting all season for that specific moment! This episode was pretty much the perfect combination of hilarious and horribly depressing.

The Doctor and his light saber thank you for your time.


LMAO. I had never noticed the black guy's reaction before. Hilarious.

P.S. Tinypic has been sucking for me lately, holy shit. It refused to upload these.
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Simmy sim sims )

This post is brought to you by Matt Smith and Karen Gillan and their adorably platonic relationship both on and off-screen. Not gonna lie, I kind of ship them in real life. (Also, I apologize for all the extra loading time these cause. I couldn't help it! It's hard to narrow the selection down when there's so much cuteness to choose from!) (Also, also, I want to be Karen. She's adorable, she's hilarious, she has great hair, and she gets to hang out with Matt all the time. Amazing.)

Oh, and obligatory:

Finally, this hilarious video (Hulloooooooooo!):

Okay, last one I promise, but this is funny too:
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I like to collect random .GIFs. My criteria for choosing which ones to save is basically this. They have to be a. adorable, b. hilarious, c. fierce, d. sexy, or e. all of the above. It also helps if they feature someone I am obsessed with. So here we are, terrible amounts of picture-loading below the cut, just to warn you.


Hope you enjoyed.
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I wrote a new story. Well, more like I started writing a story about three months ago and finally got around to finishing it so most of it is old to me by now. But anyway, yes. There it is. I'm going to say tentatively that I'm working on something else - because I've got about half a dozen barely started scribbles in Word floating around - but you know how I am about finishing things in a timely manner. Though I'm actually trying to get better with that. With all this exercising/eating right I'm trying to do right now, I've had to kind of make a schedule so I'm trying to stick to a vaguely similar routine everyday for other stuff too, which includes writing for at least a bit everyday. We'll see how that goes. It's gotten me to finish the above story so far at least. You see, the thing is, I don't actually have that busy of a life where I need a schedule to fit everything in but I like to pretend I do. As in, there's no way in the world I can make any time to write because I'm far too busy procrastinating; that kind of stuff. I need to stop that.

P.S. I just had to mention I am still so in love with this guy:

He has, like, a rectangle-shaped head and a really strange combination of facial features (and no eyebrows! well, they're just extremely faint) but it somehow works. Though he really only looks uber-attractive in motion. I think it's all of his hilarious facial expressions. Seriously, I just find him so drop dead sexy. Luckily, I come bearing .GIFs!

This last one is possibly my favorite .GIF of all time. So adorably dorky!

I have so many random .GIFs saved on my computer... mostly of him, Matthew Gray Gubler and Ben Whishaw. I should really post them all here sometime. Especially considering I can't even watch them on my computer because it'll only show the first frame and no movement. I will do that the next time I'm terribly bored. Now I have to go eat a late breakfast, shave, work out, and hopefully write!


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