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I've decided I want to write more poems this year since for the past three years I've averaged about five poems overall, which seems a bit pathetic to me. So, anyway, it's basically all I've been doing for the last week or two and I'm not sure if it's because I'm genuinely enjoying it or because I'm just trying to avoid working on my other half-finished projects, probably a combination of both. Anyway, here are some I finished last week. I still have two or three I'm working on, one of which is very nearly finished so will definitely be done sometime soon and the other two are still just vague ideas so I'm not sure if/when they'll be completed. Also, in regards to my bigger writing endeavors, I realized that I have actually added a bit to this story, which started out basically as a way for me to compile a lot of information about Swan Dive's Beatrice in one place so that I could get a better grasp on her character but I'm starting to get really invested in it so who knows where it will actually go or how long it will be. Ideally, I would love to get up to the actual events of Swan Dive and look at them from Beatrice's perspective but I have no idea if I'll ever actually make it there.Anyway, poems now.

In the Light, You Are Mine. Honestly, the origins of this poem can be traced back about a year and a half. It's gone through three major revisions at this point, all of them entirely different from one another. I basically just took the handful of random lines I still liked from each version and re-incorporated them, changing the concept a bit each time, until I was happy with the end result. Actually, this poem was once inspired by a line from the Grammatics song, "Cruel Tricks of the Light," ("Now and every shining time/You were ghostly-eyed and mine") but you can't really tell now. I guess that's a good thing. It's more original.

The Hallway. I wish I could have come up with a more interesting title but, alas, I couldn't think of anything more fitting. But, really, that's the only part of this I don't like. If you can believe it, this one was inspired by a truly terrible poem I wrote way back in 2003 when I was, what, thirteen or fourteen? Anyway, it used such compelling phrases as "herbal shampoo" and "musky cologne" but I liked the title - Out of Touch - and wanted to do it justice now that, in my opinion, my writing is about a thousand percent improved. My favorite part of this one is the last three lines. I find them really quite devastating and beautiful and I don't care if that sounds a bit conceited because it's true.

Bus Stop. This one was very, very loosely inspired by January. Basically, I decided I hate that story now but like some of the description and imagery and the general mood of it. So I stole a few very small bits from it and transplanted them into an entirely new concept. Also, this was my attempt to write something other than a sad love poem, which are all I seem to be writing lately despite the fact that they relate to my own life in absolutely no way.

Now, here, have some Sims!

Queenie: Alright, I had the damn baby. Now I hope you don't expect me to stick around and like... take care of it or anything.

Brendan: Great job on bringing our first child into the world, honey! Wait a minute. Honey? Where'd you go?

Yes, Queenie thought it was of the utmost importance in that moment to check the mail. I mean, I know your bills are kind of due and all but don't you think caring for your child is a little more vital than worrying over the possibility of having a couple of your material possessions taken away? Sometimes I just can't comprehend how the Sim mind works.

Queenie: Finally! Sweet, sweet sustenance!
Yeah, milk is nice, I guess, but don't you see that big bowl of chili right there behind you? I'd think that would be slightly more filling than a few swigs of milk. Just sayin'.

And then she decided to go upstairs and become the first Sim in the house to fall for the exercise bike of DOOM. Oh God. Please don't work yourself out to death. You've only had time to reproduce once, damn it!

Luckily, she succeeded in getting buff but also succeeded in surviving to see another day. Phew.

Alessa: Aren't you supposed to be an adult now? I think you're a little old to be jumping on sofas.

Just in case you were wondering, the Alpha family is still totally fitness-obsessed even without my guidance. I guess I'll never have to worry about anyone getting fat then. Though I do have to constantly worry about how long they stay on that damn exercise bike... but I guess that's my own fault for allowing them to have it in the first place.

When they aren't working out, Amelia and Alessa basically keep themselves busy by skirting their more important duties, like keeping the house clean and keeping their granddaughter alive, and instead making out and flirting with each other as if their very existences depended on it.
Amelia: Hmm, don't you feel like there's something else we should be doing right now?

Alessa: Well, darling, I can't think of a thing. Whatever it is, it can certainly wait.

To be fair, they did eventually get around to being more productive. Amelia cleaned up the dirty dishes.

And Alessa tucked Cora into her nice, warm, safe crib for the night. Woohoo for autonomy actually choosing smartly for once!

Killing disgusting little pests = good. Contracting potentially life-threatening sicknesses from them = not so much.

I swear, Queenie has been doing all she can to avoid having to make any contact with her daughter at all. But then Alessa finally cornered her in the bathroom and forced her to confront her biggest fear.
Queenie: Okay, I'm holding the thing. What do I do with it now?

Queenie: No, really, you take her back, I insist. You're just so good with her! She can't stand to be away!
Alessa: *through gritted teeth* Oh, of course, you know how I just love raising a child that isn't even mine!

Queenie: *hacks her diseased lungs out all over her poor defenseless child's still-developing immune system*

This picture exists for no other reason than I thought it looked cool for some reason. Also, it illustrates another one of the household's collective obsessions: jamming on the synthesizer.

It's hard to feel sympathy for the fact that you're dying of starvation, Amelia, when it's your own damn fault for not being able to step away from your lover for five minutes to eat something. Seriously, the undying love between these two has actually become life-threatening.

Queenie: Okay, fine, I changed her diaper. Now where's my husband to do the rest?
It'd be nice if she had actually used the changing table but, you know, I'll take what I can get.

Queenie: Thank God! I've been looking all over the house for you. I was beginning to think you were hiding from me or something.
Brendan: Hiding? Me? No, never! I don't mind losing sleep to be a single father to our child at all!

Oh, hey, it's birthday time! No big party, just a simple household affair. Except for August, who randomly decided to wander in and join the festivities.
Queenie: Damn it, you mean she's going to grow up into something even more dependent and whiny? God help me!
August: Yep, I know exactly how you feel. I've got two of 'em at home I'm trying to escape from right now.

For deciding to invite himself over without so much as even knocking on the door, August is rewarded with the flu that Queenie's been infecting the entire house with. Mwahahahaha!

OMG, SO CUTE! *PINCHES CHEEKS* She's got a bit too much hair for a child her age (you can't tell from the front but it's about down to her butt from the back) but that's easily fixable of course.

Brendan and Cora immediately became best friends in potty-training because I am paranoid about this whole uncontrollable toddler thing and will probably have him taking her to the potty ten times a day so that she doesn't wet herself. I am not good at allowing my Sims to suffer, okay?!?

Awwwww, Alessa is really a great grandmother. Sure, she spends a little too much time following her wife around like a lost puppy but at least when they're not together, she bonds with Cora while Amelia is off playing the synthesizer or surfing the web or whatever.

One haircut later, Cora is still as precious as ever. I am in love already. <333333

Holy shit! Queenie actually managed to get a promotion all on her own! For some reason, this makes me feel immensely proud. I can't even look to see what skill points she needs, people! This is hard work!

Honestly, though, I'm not sure how she managed that promotion because all she does is sit on her ass in front of the computer screen all day long.
Queenie: Oh Lord, the child is right behind me, isn't she? Maybe if I don't look at her she'll get bored and find someone else to bother.

Queenie: Damn it, she's getting closer! What do I do? WHAT DO I DO?!?

Queenie: Alright, kid, Mommy's got things to do. What the hell do you want?
Cora: Mommy! Play!

Queenie: Um... here you go. Pat, pat, pat. Be a good little girl now.
Cora: Mommy! PLAY!

Well, it may not be the safest way to keep a child entertained...

But as long as Cora's happy I'm happy!

Queenie: Now I'll let you have this bottle if you leave Mommy alone for the rest of the day, okay?

Queenie: So. That didn't work out so well. I'll just hide my face and hope she thinks I'm not here anymore.

Queenie: Oh, thank you, Jesus. Now I can get back to my message boards.

Queenie: Dear Diary, today I had to take care of my child. I know, it was horrifying! I believe I am now traumatized for life. *shudders*

But the next day she apparently had a change of heart and decided to be a good mom for once. And I almost believed she had changed...

But then she decided to go stupid again and went outside to fill herself up on FUCKING SCRAPS FROM THE GARBAGE CAN, WTF?!?

Girl, this is so sad right now. I can't even form words that's how sad it is. (Meanwhile, you may notice a genie lamp sitting in the background there. Apparently, all of the obsessing over computer games and the exercise bike and the synthesizer paid off in high hobby enthusiasm and earned them a visit from the gypsy.)



Meanwhile, Cora has gone and grown up into an adorable little tomboy without anyone even noticing.

I have to give Queenie a pass this time though. She was too busy trying to come to terms with the fact that she has fallen pregnant again.

Yeah, remember the last time? You acted happy then too and look how that turned out!

Cora: Daddy, I just had a birthday and nobody even came!
Brendan: Aww, I'm sorry, sweetie, Daddy's just been so tired and all seeing as how your mother is an immature imbecile. How about I take you out to dinner to make it up to you, just the two of us?

Cora: Daddy, can we order dessert for dinner?!?
Brendan: Of course! Whatever my little princess wants she shall receive!

Cora: You're the best daddy in the world!!!

After dinner, she played on the monkey bars while trying to ignore the adults creeping behind her.

Cora: Are you sure this is such a good idea, Dad? I don't feel so hot...
Brendan: OF COURSE! My parents did this with me when I was a kid. It was a blast!

I really wish the poses in the photo booth varied depending on the age of the Sims and stuff. It gets kind of boring seeing the same old thing over and over again.

WHAT?!? ANOTHER PROMOTION? YOU GO, GIRL! (Because you need to succeed in one area of life, at least, if you're going to fail at the rest.)

These two have an odd van woohoo fetish. I choose to indulge it and ignore the possible meaning behind it.

Brendan: Alright, sweetie, it's time to introduce you to homework. Because homework is important and all and if you don't do it you'll grow up to be stupid like your mom and we don't want that - I mean, what? I did not totally just insult your mother. Now don't tell her, okay?

Cora: But, Dad, homework sucks. I'm just a kid! Aren't I supposed to play without a care in the world???



Well, she had to be waken up in the middle of the night to eat but at least it's the weekend and she doesn't have to worry about school the next morning.
Cora: Grandma, am I going to be an orphan like that little girl Annie in the movie?
Alessa: Oh dear God, you poor, unfortunate creature.

These two should have no problems adjusting to old age when it eventually comes. They already keep the hours of elders, staying up all night to make out and sleeping in all day.

At least that means Alessa's always available to tuck Cora in at night since, you know, her actual mother wouldn't be caught dead touching her with a ten-foot pole.

Queenie: Damn, these pregnancy cravings...

Queenie: Daaaaayum, these pregnancy cravings!

The sure-fire signs of a neglected child: willingly doing chores for the faint possibility of praise afterward.
(Townie: Hey, enforced child labor, awesome!)

A desperate cry for attention in the form of constant showing-off.

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