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So I wrote a couple little... poem things yesterday and today. I say "things" because the first one is really, really short: Ticking, Waiting. But those first four lines just came to me very suddenly and I liked them a lot and was afraid to ruin them by trying to force anything more. I already feel like the last three lines don't quite hold up and are obviously more purposefully thought out but oh well. I still like it quite a lot. The second one, Jailbird, is kind of an amalgamation of several poems I tried to write that turned out really badly so I basically took the few good parts and created something new out of them. I wrote this in two chunks of time: the basics of it frantically in the middle of the night and the rest just a couple hours ago. I'm quite happy with it. As for my other writing, I've actually been working on the story that will be finished in about ten years if I keep going at this rate, titled at the moment Mending and Other Lessons in Love. I've almost got chapter five finished, woohoo! So I'm going to try and complete that soon. It really only needs a few more paragraphs. Then the next chapter or two will be quite easy to put together because I've already got some stuff written from forever ago. As for my NaNo story, Swan Dive, I'm in a bit of a rut at the moment and can't seem to write anything more than basic outline details/dialogue with no description. I just can't seem to make myself sit down and actually write anything properly even though I've got about a million parts I could start on. Anyway. That's all.

P.S. Everyone needs to listen to these songs. So fucking good.

(Also "Sadness Is a Blessing" but there aren't any videos of the studio version on Youtube.)
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