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It is time for the twins to go to college! Finally! Am I the only one who feels like this generation has been never-ending? Not that I don't love them but, God, bring on generation four any day now! (And by any day now, I mean after this entry and one more because, as you know, I am always way ahead in the game and that is where we will finally be able to catch up. Sort of. I'm sure by the time I actually get around to posting the beginning of generation four I will already be halfway through it because I am sort of really into the game again. I know, I know, only a few days after I said I was tired of it. Whatever. It happens. Just go with it.)

Anyway, now that they are officially (young) adults, the twins of course get their extra-shiny stat cards to show off. Here is Brendan looking all kinds of hunky. He is, basically, just out to have a good time, as is clear in his chosen lifetime want. He's not a manwhore, though, he would like you to know. He doesn't want to go on fifty *first* dates but fifty *dream* dates. There's a very big difference there, see? Dream dates can all be with a lifelong partner so it basically means he just wants to fall madly in love. Awwww. Also, he wants a lady with the same hair color as him. To be honest, even though redheads are my favorites, I'm actually getting a bit tired of seeing them. But I might make an exception for Brendan. Since he's so adorable and all.

Meanwhile, his sister, Bree, is not very excited that I am showering so much attention on her brother. You see, she kind of thinks the world revolves around her and her desperate quest to find a husband aka sperm donor. She's not picky. She just wants babies and lots of 'em. She wants them to be very well-educated too. As for their father, if she really has to narrow it down, she supposes she'd like a plump plumber who absolutely cannot under any circumstances have red hair. Um, okay. No comment on that.

Except that whole part about not being picky? LIES! Because she is actually extremely picky. Witness.
Bree: Alright, listen, dude, I'm going to try to say this as nicely as I can... YOU MAKE ME WANT TO VOMIT YOU ARE SO UGLY! NEXT!

She does manage to strike up a cordial conversation with this young gentleman named Jonathan... for a moment anyway.
Bree: Oh, no way! You don't have a major yet either? Awesome! Isn't school, like, totally lame? I'm just here to find my baby daddy!

Jonathan: Really, is that true? Well, then, might I be allowed to present myself -
Bree: Sorry, buddy, I need a prime cut of manmeat and you're, like... eh. Next!

As far as Brendan's love life goes, he's not having much luck either.
Brendan: Oh, God, a brunette! What has the world come to?!? I am honestly throwing up a little in my mouth right now.

Apparently, the only sexy redhead he has come into contact with is HIS MOTHERFUCKING EX-AUNT DOLLIE! WTF?!? What is up with the boys of generation three and their inappropriate feelings for their relation? What is so goddamn amazing about this woman? Please, God, let him find some sweet college girl soon so he doesn't follow the same path as his older brother.

In other news, Abel is still a stalker. And apparently, still convinced Ben lives in the dorm. What the hell, dude, he graduated, like, three years ago. Get it together!

Brendan: No redheads, no care.
Oh, yes, I can see exactly how much fun the quest for love with these two is going to be. *grumble grumble grumble*

I tried to have him track down Eliza (whoa, opposite universes colliding here!) because even though she isn't a redhead, you know... adorable, amazing, need to somehow experiment with her perfect genes, etc.

But she was a little preoccupied with, um, freaking out.
Eliza: Witches and freaky guys in top hots and monocles?!? WHAT KIND OF MINOR HELL IS THIS PLACE?

So then, without any pretty girls to distract him, Brendan gets himself cornered by the Unsavory Charlatan.
Unsavory Charlatan: Good evening, young man! Tell me, how would you like to be privy to a secret world full of magic and trickery? Act fast! This is a limited time deal, for your eyes only!

Brendan: Hmm, you know, that actually sounds a little shady to me...

Brendan: But sure!
Unsavory Charlatan: That's a good boy! You won't regret this decision, I promise you!

Unsavory Charlatan: Now look deep into the future, deep into the future where you will be no more wiser to this magical world I speak of than you are now but your pockets will be a hundred simoleons lighter. Are you looking? Are you seeing this future?

Brendan: Wait a minute, what just happened? And where did that funny-looking guy in the suit go? Oh fuck. WHERE'S MY WALLET?!?


So, I hope you didn't forget, Bianca still exists and is still in fact living in the same dorm as her younger siblings! I know, right? Totally mindblowing. Anyway, I tried to give her some attention by sending her out on a date with her beloved, Kent, but they got sort of upstaged by the townies, like when this epic fight broke out between the Contessa and an alien. If you can remember, this brawl has been brewing for quite awhile now.

Then, these two townies decided to declare their lesbian love for one another right out in the open for everybody to see. (Also, for some reason, this restaurant has no floors and I keep forgetting to fix that, which makes for some very unappealing pictures whenever I send my Sims there. Sorry.)

Also, it appears the waitresses around these parts are very cranky.
Waitress #1: Welcome to Londoste, where love is the most popular item on our menu! Oh God, I am not getting paid nearly enough to say this crap. I am *so* quitting after my shift is over tonight! THIS PLACE SUCKS AND MY BOSS IS AN ASSHOLE. YOU SHOULDN'T EVEN WASTE YOUR TIME!!!

Waitress #2: I know we are required to say love is the most popular item on the menu but do they have to take it so literally and practically hump each other in public?!? Ugh, that is completely sickening.
Looks like someone really needs to find herself a boyfriend, eh? (Also, hey, Kate Morton! You are very beautiful and I'm sorry I abandoned you for this legacy!)

Anyway, back to our supposedly featured couple, all of that dry-humping in public has left them really horny. *Really* horny. Like, *REALLY*. I guess we need to find the two of them a place to fuck before they spontaneously combust.

Ah, yes, a public photo booth will do very nicely, thanks!

Bianca: Honey, just look at these pictures with me and pretend that's what we went in there for, okay? Hehe.
Bianca, sweetie, you're really fooling nobody right now with this innocent act of yours.

The next time they did it, a mere hour or so later, they weren't quite so bent on trying to be modest. Instead, they shouted their joy at the top of their lungs and this young cashier joined in, hoping to get some attention for herself just this once. Life as a Sim cashier is really such a lonely, tedious existence.

Then Bianca and Kent bonded even further by playing video games as a couple. LOL. From one extreme to another, entirely different extreme.


Now that Bianca's need for attention has been sufficiently satisfied, it's time to resume Bree's man hunt. Sadly, it is still not going too well. Seriously, girl, *that's* the hottest guy in the room?!? I mean, not that Ben's bad-looking or anything but in his past life he was a married father of teenage kids! The idea of hooking you up with him is just too squicky, even for me. But, hey, I think your swooning over him made his night so... I guess there's that.

FUCKING HELL. FOR FUCK'S SAKE, WHAT IN THE WORLD IS WRONG WITH YOU?!? DO YOU HAVE A FETISH FOR OLD MEN NOW OR SOMETHING? Because I'm sorry to tell you this but their baby-making capabilities are going to be a little less reliable than those of guys your own age. NOW NEVER LET ME CATCH YOU SWOONING OVER A DIRTY OLD MAN AGAIN!

THANK YOU. This choice is much more age appropriate. Though, if you'll remember, just a few days ago you were claiming Jonathan here was just "eh" and now you apparently think he's the sexiest thing on earth. But whatever. As long as you're aiming within your age range I'm not going to complain.

Finally, a man deemed worthy enough to give Princess Bree (because, let's face it, she's certainly stolen that title from her big sister with her antics) her long-awaited first kiss!

Unfortunately for him, the next time he tries to give her some sweet, sweet loving she's already grown bored of him.

Despite how adorably psycho he looks here, I do have to admit he is a bit boring. His looks just aren't interesting me much. I mean, he's not ugly of course but, like Bree decided earlier, he's just so EH. We might have to see what else is out there before settling on him.

As for Brendan, he went out on the town again only to waste hours having a tickle fight with Bradley. Egads. These boys. They make it so difficult for me.

Then he actually found a girl he was semi-interested in but her haircut and color make her look kind of like his twin sister and IT IS FREAKING ME OUT TREMENDOUSLY! Is this some sort of complex you have, Brendan?!? First, you're attracted to your aunt and now you're attracted to your *sister*? Good God. Something really went wrong in the rearing of this generation, didn't it?

Anyway, honestly, I was ready to get him far, far away from her because of said resemblance but then he managed to steal his first kiss while I wasn't paying attention. The sneaky little bastard.

Dormie: Oh God, just so you know, I find you totally repulsive.
Bree: Well, you're no prize either, asshole! Ever heard of a shower?!?

Well, apparently this dude took that as a sign that if he took a shower Bree would agree to give him a little somethin' somethin'. Even though he supposedly can't stand to look at her. Naturally, Bree refused his sudden advances. And then Jonathan came out to kick some ass. Just kidding but we can pretend that's what happened.

Proof that Bianca is still around, studying and having staring contests with dormies and stuff.

So I decided not to give up on Brendan's Bree-lite first kiss recipient (who is actually named Queenie, of all things) until I got a chance to see what she looked like with a slightly more unique style. (Also, he was showing no interest at all in anyone else so I really had no choice.) As it turns out, she is actually FREAKING ADORABLE!!! Oh, what a difference a funky hairdo and some glasses can make!


Brendan: Yay! I can keep my lady love! I am so happy right now I could cry!

Queenie: Hold on a minute there, buster. Who said I was yours? I mean, I like you and all but we just met! Let's take it slow for awhile, okay?

Another day, another date for Bianca and Kent. If you can't tell, she's actually gotten pretty boring when she's not going out on dates. (And also, I was just so ready to be done with college that I found myself focusing on finding them mates and getting them out of there over everything else, which kind of shows in the pictures.) Oh, and a special return visit from Waitress #2 who is still cranky and also apparently works at every restaurant in town.
Waitress #2: Good Lord, these people and their disgusting public displays of affection.

And now, a brief intermission for the awesome that is Eliza bowling.


Back to Bianca and Kent, it is engagement time! Sadly, Waitress #2 is still being a massive bitch and ruining this romantic moment by deciding to clean up their plates at the same exact second. For real, what does this girl have against love? She must have had her heart broken very badly at some point. Either that or there's actually a stone where her heart should be.

But Kent remains oblivious to her presence. He is instead distracted by the piece of shiny Bianca has given him.

CUTENESS. OMG, this is almost like giving Henry (you know? Kent in his past life) the wife he never got as a Newbury because he was in the final generation! Except I'm not sure they will ever actually be getting married because I'm fairly certain at this point that one of the twins will be heir and I can't guarantee I'll have the energy to play Bianca separately. But we'll see.

And... bitchy waitress is still stealing the moment for herself. Lovely. I'm almost tempted to off her for all of these stupid little attention-grabbing stunts she's pulling.

The happy couple decided to celebrate their engagement by enjoying their new favorite pastime: public woohoo. Everyone was very excited. That was probably the most action they've seen in their entire lives.

Except this woman. She was *clearly* having none of it.

Since she has both completed college and proposed to her lover, Bianca has reached the end of the line for now. I'm sure we'll still see plenty of her at family gatherings but whether we'll see any more of her life play out I can't say right now. But the door certainly remains open for that possibility. And she is certainly going out in style, in that stylin' pair of PJs she's got on.

Meanwhile, though Bree's got one possible boyfriend on standby, I wanted her to go out and see what else was available. So far, she thinks Jack Benson (another Newbury and really the only one who got to keep his same name *and* look because I loved him that much) is totally smoking hot.

However, he is more interested in video games and also, I'd prefer someone whom I haven't yet had a chance to see their genes play out. Ted here could be a good choice. But Bree doesn't seem to agree. I guess it's that whole "no redheads allowed" business getting in the way. Strange how she and her brother are such opposites in that aspect.

Speaking of Ted, I've never seen a Sim autonomously use the photo booth for an actual photo before and didn't think it was even possible. Weird. I guess you learn something new every day.

But the photo booths do get a lot of autonomous action when it comes to, um, other uses. I bet you're wondering who this random townie is heading inside with? Well, it's really not much of a mystery. Here are two clues for you: one, the person in question is in this picture; two, check out the thought bubble.

That's right, this old lady, who if you remember was once upon a time Tally's lesbian stalker, finally managed to get some action for herself! I'm actually very proud of her at this moment, no matter how creepy of a stalker she was in the past. Meanwhile, a ponytailed old man is swooning over Bree (honestly, what is with her and old men???) and this other chick thinks Ted is totally disgusting too. HEY NOW! TED IS ADORABLE AND I CHALLENGE ANYONE WHO THINKS OTHERWISE TO DEFEND THEIR OPINION! I PROMISE THEY WILL LOSE!

Finally, Bree introduced herself to this guy who, although she is acting totally crazy, seems to think she is cute and entertaining.


But then she went home and decided she was all about Jonathan again. *sigh* Make up your mind, girl! I am not in the mood for indecisiveness at the moment!
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