Apr. 20th, 2011

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So I took a break from writing Swan Dive for a week or two because I wasn't feeling very excited about it. Mostly, I think I just suddenly found the idea of writing whole new chapters ridiculously daunting after focusing on editing and rewriting for so long. I mean, it's a whole lot more intimidating to see a blank page you have to fill up with words than to see a bunch of words already written that just need rearranging and restating in different ways. So, yeah, that was freaking me out for a bit. To conquer it, I decided to stop whining over not being able to finish a chapter I had already started and just work on writing another one instead. This decision was probably the best to make anyway because the chapter I ended up writing is the one that was chronologically meant to come next so I could post it up right away for whoever happens to be reading along. So head on over to the updated Swan Dive master post if you're interested. The last two chapters are the newest, obviously, though thirteen was actually written a long time ago. I just haven't been able to post it until I completed the missing chapters that came before. Now, after these, the next chapter is the one I've been struggling to complete so it might be awhile before another update but, trust me, it will come. I definitely want to be done with this story by the end of the year. I don't want it to end up like this story, where I'm still chipping away at it years later. Honestly... even though I love those characters and want to complete their story in some sense, it's so tiring to me now. For example, that fifth chapter I mentioned several weeks back that only needed a few paragraphs to be done? Yeah, it's still unfinished and I'm not even sure how happy I am with it anymore. Ugh. It's disappointing but I hate to be wasting my time on something I'm no longer passionate about. Sigh.


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