Mar. 23rd, 2011

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With the beginnings of generation four finally on the horizon, I've decided to implement a couple changes to make the legacy more interesting for me to play. First of all, I've built the Alphas a new house, basically because I was getting tired of their old one and decided I'd rather start from scratch than simply redecorate. Main feature of the new house: it has twice as many bathrooms. This will probably prove very useful because the second change is that I've decided to start playing ISBI-style. As usual, I'm not really going to attempt to follow all the rules to the letter and keep track of points and all that but the main idea is sticking: the only Sim I will be controlling is our heir, Brendan. I will only ever directly control another Sim in the household to either change their outfits/appearance or to carry out important actions that can't be done autonomously (i.e. get scholarships/move to uni, find own place, get a job, other non-needs altering actions). So if I want them to do something specific, I'll only be able to try to persuade them by means of influence from Brendan. Sounds fun, right? I actually had only decided to do it on a trial basis at first but I like it so much already that I'll probably stick with it for at least a few generations. At first, I was hesitant to give up control for fear my Sims would all commit suicide straight away but they're much smarter than I gave them credit for... most of the time, anyway. Also, the days go by so much faster without having to micro-manage everyone! I'm able to play four or five days at once instead of just one - it's amazing! So, with that in mind, here we go.


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