Jan. 21st, 2011

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So... I haven't actually played the Sims at all in almost a month. I know, right?!? But I've got other, more productive things taking up my time lately - or they're more productive in my mind, at least - and haven't felt much of an urge to sit down and play for hours. But I still have quite a few pictures sitting around that I haven't posted yet and I just realized that I also have commentary for this next batch of them that's been sitting around for awhile too so I might as well post it, right? Though I think this legacy is going to stretch on for a million years considering the rate I'm getting through it at. It's been going since May and I haven't even gotten to generation four yet, God. Anyway, I should probably refresh the memories' of the invisible thousands of people who actually read this blog on what happened in the last couple installments. So, here we go...

Last time: Brendan and Bree, the youngest members of generation three, grew up into adorable children, so adorable that they began to edge their older sister out in the heir race. Speaking of that older sister, Bianca was put to work making over the fashion-challenged population of Riverblossom Hills but instead spent most of her time admiring her own good looks instead. But she's awesome so, whatevs, she can be as full of herself as she wants. Meanwhile, in college, eldest child, Bradley, turned out to be a total bore and also somewhat creepy. His hobbies include playing in piles of leaves, bonding with the creepy elderly drama professor over his dormmates' weak bladders, and only having chemistry with his ex-aunt, Dollie, chemistry which led him to sneaking his first kiss out of her while I wasn't monitoring his every action. Argh. Also, his cousin, Ben, continued to seduce the hottest males on campus while simultaneously engaging in a heated feud with a dormie for no apparent reason and being stalked by his well-intentioned but rather creepy boyfriend, Abel. And then there was Ben's twin brother, Beckett, who was just as boring as Bradley but, thankfully, not nearly as creepy. And I think that covers everyone! Well, everyone who matters anyway.

In other news, here's a new story I wrote here. Yeah, the one I mentioned not too long ago. Basically, I managed to turn the beginnings of a terrible poem I started at least a year ago into a 20k word novella... in about a week's time. I think I may have been briefly possessed as there's really no other logical explanation for how easily and quickly that many words poured out of me. It was actually an incredibly liberating experience. Usually, I have exactly where I'm going to begin and end with a story all planned out but this time I basically ended up making a lot of it up on the spot as I went along. I mean, I had the basic premise for the story and the two main characters have been in my head in vague forms for a long time now but most of the details just kind of filled themselves in the more I wrote. That's never happened to me quite so completely before. Because this is a pure labor of love and I'm not exactly an expert on the topic that plays a large role in it, it might not be completely realistic and true to life. But I don't really care. I'm not going to get all caught up in technicalities when all I wanted to do was write a sweet love story in a slightly different way than I usually do. I tend to write about depressed characters with angsty backstories that find love - or, in fact, don't find love - with each other. I didn't want to do that this time. I wanted to give the characters an obstacle to overcome, yes, but not the kind I've come to rely on too much. And I wanted to keep their lives generally angst-free but not without the little bumps along the road. I think I managed this. Anyway, the ending as of now is a bit abrupt but I was starting to run out of steam so I thought it best to stop before it began to sound forced. If I feel the pressing urge to go back to these characters in the future, I may add more to their story but, as of right now, I'm considering it a finished piece of work. And as for other stuff, I've been working on a couple small things with little progress and am also trying to find the desire to dive back into my NaNo novel. I know it will come back once I actually start writing again but that's the part that is always hardest.
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For real. I am just a bit obsessed with him. This is amazing.

I love that he somehow managed to turn that into an actual, legitimate song. Though I do miss the Van Helsing/die, die, die parts from the original version. Still, amazing.

Also, Jason and Neil Patrick Harris being amazing and hilarious together.


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