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For myself and for anyone else who wants to read my writing, here is a master list of everything I have posted, since I have to be a confusing bitch and keep a whole separate journal for it. (I'm sorry! But what was I supposed to do, let my Dreamwidth sit around all empty and lonely forever? Pass up the chance to create another completely unnecessary journal account in the first place? Never!) Or, if you'd rather sift through it all yourself (though a possible reason why escapes me), just go straight to the main page. I've tried to keep the tags organized in a way that makes sense as far as easily finding things goes.

Clearly, this is not everything I have ever written. There are a few things I've written I don't even have anymore because they were so godawful. There are also still many things I do have saved but would never in a million years consider letting anyone else see (even if I did let other people see them at the time I wrote them). This includes all of my fan fiction, which I'd rather just forget about altogether, and nearly everything I wrote prior to, say, 2006 with a very few exceptions. I've also yet to go through all of my original short stories and decide if there are any older ones I can actually tolerate anymore so that list may grow a bit longer once I've done so. And of course, I'll also add anything new here too.

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I like to watch movies. Do you?

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You know, reading is fundamental and so on and so forth.

Currently reading: Birds of America by Lorrie Moore.

Reviews. You know you want 'em. )
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Was confusing and intense and complicated but totally awesome! Love that the new series seems like it's going to be so much darker. Hate that I have to wait until Saturday for the next episode. Argh, damn cliffhangers. Anyway, there's not much I can say about it that wouldn't come across as fangirlish squealing so I'll let the pictures do the talking. With a few that aren't from this episode but I had them lying around waiting to be used so what the hell.



Doctor: These are my top operatives: The Legs, The Nose and Mrs. Robinson.
River: I hate you.



Now I need to go find some LJ icons from the new episode. Later.
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So I took a break from writing Swan Dive for a week or two because I wasn't feeling very excited about it. Mostly, I think I just suddenly found the idea of writing whole new chapters ridiculously daunting after focusing on editing and rewriting for so long. I mean, it's a whole lot more intimidating to see a blank page you have to fill up with words than to see a bunch of words already written that just need rearranging and restating in different ways. So, yeah, that was freaking me out for a bit. To conquer it, I decided to stop whining over not being able to finish a chapter I had already started and just work on writing another one instead. This decision was probably the best to make anyway because the chapter I ended up writing is the one that was chronologically meant to come next so I could post it up right away for whoever happens to be reading along. So head on over to the updated Swan Dive master post if you're interested. The last two chapters are the newest, obviously, though thirteen was actually written a long time ago. I just haven't been able to post it until I completed the missing chapters that came before. Now, after these, the next chapter is the one I've been struggling to complete so it might be awhile before another update but, trust me, it will come. I definitely want to be done with this story by the end of the year. I don't want it to end up like this story, where I'm still chipping away at it years later. Honestly... even though I love those characters and want to complete their story in some sense, it's so tiring to me now. For example, that fifth chapter I mentioned several weeks back that only needed a few paragraphs to be done? Yeah, it's still unfinished and I'm not even sure how happy I am with it anymore. Ugh. It's disappointing but I hate to be wasting my time on something I'm no longer passionate about. Sigh.
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So I've become a bit obsessed with this kid, Charlie, who is probably old news to anyone keeping up with the latest Youtube celebrities but considering I don't watch many blog-type videos on Youtube he's quite new to me (though I have heard of him before, just never watched him). Anyway, basically, he is English and adorable and funny and has the best smile ever which is good enough for me to be a bit in love with him. I'll just link to his Youtube channel for anyone else who cares to waste away a couple days watching his every video. But the below is too amazing to resist posting and besides, it isn't on his channel which makes it a bit trickier to find on your own!

Honestly, Charlie + the cast of Doctor Who = too much cuteness and awesomeness to handle. My favorite things about this video are Matt Smith's bizarre preoccupation with badgers and Arthur Darvill and Charlie's brilliant jam session.

Also, in relation to the video I posted in the last entry (which, by the way, I forgot to mention, it cracks me up the most when Charlie decides to call Carlisle "Carlie" and keeps insisting he is a girl, lulz - also, his dark laugh is too hilarious), the guy who does the rest of the Reads Twilight videos, Alex, does a very funny job of it too and so those are well worth watching. I watched all of his Twilight videos in a couple hours and laughed too much for my own good.

And now I will continue being completely unproductive for the day by watching even more videos! (For what it's worth, I did clean a bit of the house - which is a massive undertaking indeed - earlier today so that's something slightly more productive anyway.)
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I've decided I want to write more poems this year since for the past three years I've averaged about five poems overall, which seems a bit pathetic to me. So, anyway, it's basically all I've been doing for the last week or two and I'm not sure if it's because I'm genuinely enjoying it or because I'm just trying to avoid working on my other half-finished projects, probably a combination of both. Anyway, here are some I finished last week. I still have two or three I'm working on, one of which is very nearly finished so will definitely be done sometime soon and the other two are still just vague ideas so I'm not sure if/when they'll be completed. Also, in regards to my bigger writing endeavors, I realized that I have actually added a bit to this story, which started out basically as a way for me to compile a lot of information about Swan Dive's Beatrice in one place so that I could get a better grasp on her character but I'm starting to get really invested in it so who knows where it will actually go or how long it will be. Ideally, I would love to get up to the actual events of Swan Dive and look at them from Beatrice's perspective but I have no idea if I'll ever actually make it there.Anyway, poems now.

In the Light, You Are Mine. Honestly, the origins of this poem can be traced back about a year and a half. It's gone through three major revisions at this point, all of them entirely different from one another. I basically just took the handful of random lines I still liked from each version and re-incorporated them, changing the concept a bit each time, until I was happy with the end result. Actually, this poem was once inspired by a line from the Grammatics song, "Cruel Tricks of the Light," ("Now and every shining time/You were ghostly-eyed and mine") but you can't really tell now. I guess that's a good thing. It's more original.

The Hallway. I wish I could have come up with a more interesting title but, alas, I couldn't think of anything more fitting. But, really, that's the only part of this I don't like. If you can believe it, this one was inspired by a truly terrible poem I wrote way back in 2003 when I was, what, thirteen or fourteen? Anyway, it used such compelling phrases as "herbal shampoo" and "musky cologne" but I liked the title - Out of Touch - and wanted to do it justice now that, in my opinion, my writing is about a thousand percent improved. My favorite part of this one is the last three lines. I find them really quite devastating and beautiful and I don't care if that sounds a bit conceited because it's true.

Bus Stop. This one was very, very loosely inspired by January. Basically, I decided I hate that story now but like some of the description and imagery and the general mood of it. So I stole a few very small bits from it and transplanted them into an entirely new concept. Also, this was my attempt to write something other than a sad love poem, which are all I seem to be writing lately despite the fact that they relate to my own life in absolutely no way.

Now, here, have some Sims!

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With the beginnings of generation four finally on the horizon, I've decided to implement a couple changes to make the legacy more interesting for me to play. First of all, I've built the Alphas a new house, basically because I was getting tired of their old one and decided I'd rather start from scratch than simply redecorate. Main feature of the new house: it has twice as many bathrooms. This will probably prove very useful because the second change is that I've decided to start playing ISBI-style. As usual, I'm not really going to attempt to follow all the rules to the letter and keep track of points and all that but the main idea is sticking: the only Sim I will be controlling is our heir, Brendan. I will only ever directly control another Sim in the household to either change their outfits/appearance or to carry out important actions that can't be done autonomously (i.e. get scholarships/move to uni, find own place, get a job, other non-needs altering actions). So if I want them to do something specific, I'll only be able to try to persuade them by means of influence from Brendan. Sounds fun, right? I actually had only decided to do it on a trial basis at first but I like it so much already that I'll probably stick with it for at least a few generations. At first, I was hesitant to give up control for fear my Sims would all commit suicide straight away but they're much smarter than I gave them credit for... most of the time, anyway. Also, the days go by so much faster without having to micro-manage everyone! I'm able to play four or five days at once instead of just one - it's amazing! So, with that in mind, here we go.

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I've been watching my Doctor Who DVDs again. I couldn't resist screen-capping a few moments.

Like this line from Vincent and the Doctor which I forgot about but is hilarious.

And also this bit from Matt's video diary where Karen compares him to Edward Cullen. LOL. I laughed so hard at this. I love how these two are just constantly insulting each other.

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So I wrote a couple little... poem things yesterday and today. I say "things" because the first one is really, really short: Ticking, Waiting. But those first four lines just came to me very suddenly and I liked them a lot and was afraid to ruin them by trying to force anything more. I already feel like the last three lines don't quite hold up and are obviously more purposefully thought out but oh well. I still like it quite a lot. The second one, Jailbird, is kind of an amalgamation of several poems I tried to write that turned out really badly so I basically took the few good parts and created something new out of them. I wrote this in two chunks of time: the basics of it frantically in the middle of the night and the rest just a couple hours ago. I'm quite happy with it. As for my other writing, I've actually been working on the story that will be finished in about ten years if I keep going at this rate, titled at the moment Mending and Other Lessons in Love. I've almost got chapter five finished, woohoo! So I'm going to try and complete that soon. It really only needs a few more paragraphs. Then the next chapter or two will be quite easy to put together because I've already got some stuff written from forever ago. As for my NaNo story, Swan Dive, I'm in a bit of a rut at the moment and can't seem to write anything more than basic outline details/dialogue with no description. I just can't seem to make myself sit down and actually write anything properly even though I've got about a million parts I could start on. Anyway. That's all.

P.S. Everyone needs to listen to these songs. So fucking good.

(Also "Sadness Is a Blessing" but there aren't any videos of the studio version on Youtube.)
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Next post will be the start of generation four. Yay! Well, just barely but still. Excitement.

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Oh my God, I spent all last night on Youtube, seriously. Mostly watching every single (relevant) video that was labeled as Now It's Overhead or Andy LeMaster. I'd seen a lot of them before and 70% of them are terrible quality but I thought they might have somehow miraculously gotten better or something. I did find a few things I'd never seen though. Then I switched to Maria Taylor and Bright Eyes and Azure Ray performances. Here are the highlights of my night, so that I can find them again later if I should ever want to.

"Surrender." How have I never seen this one?!? It's so high-quality! I only wish there were other songs from this same set.

"Wonderful Scar." I actually think I like this better than the album version. Andy's vocals sound better.

"Type A."


This one might be my favorite "new" discovery of the night (as in I'd never watched it before). Maria and Andy are too adorable. <333 "Cartoons and Forever Plans."

"Song Beneath the Song."

This video has so few views! Probably because the title/description is foreign so no one knows what it is. I almost didn't watch it for that very reason. Anyway, kind of awkward and short but Maria's answer is so cute and I've never actually seen any type of video interview with Andy before. If only there was more to it! And, uh, I've never heard of the third guy in this so moving on...

Oh my God, so random and dorky but so adorable.

Bright Eyes performing "Jejune Stars" a few days ago on Letterman. Not really Andy-heavy but, you know, he's there! Playing the bass and being awesome in the background! (Is it wrong that I wish the Bright Eyes show in Michigan wasn't sold out 85% for the reason that Andy will probably be there? But, you know, I like Conor too! Except these shirts he's been wearing recently, WTF.)

Bonus baby Conor! "At the Bottom of Everything" before I'm Wide Awake It's Morning even came out. Seriously, he looks so young here! And his little dedication at the beginning of the song makes me chuckle.

Alright, I'm done now. I also watched the Bright Eyes bits from the Spend an Evening with Saddle Creek documentary and though Andy's tiny interview parts in those are probably 75% of the time he gets throughout the whole thing, I'm getting it next from Netflix anyway. I can't believe I've never thought about watching it before considering how many Saddle Creek bands I listen to!
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It is time for the twins to go to college! Finally! Am I the only one who feels like this generation has been never-ending? Not that I don't love them but, God, bring on generation four any day now! (And by any day now, I mean after this entry and one more because, as you know, I am always way ahead in the game and that is where we will finally be able to catch up. Sort of. I'm sure by the time I actually get around to posting the beginning of generation four I will already be halfway through it because I am sort of really into the game again. I know, I know, only a few days after I said I was tired of it. Whatever. It happens. Just go with it.)

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1. I've been (finally) posting my albums of 2010 list over at my music blog for the past few days. Check it out here if you are so inclined. I've still yet to post my number one but that will be coming sometime tomorrow, probably early in the day as there's really no point in holding it back since, to me, it's very obvious anyway.

2. I haven't really been good about mentioning it here but I've also been posting bits of the novel I started during NaNoWriMo, Swan Dive, over at my Dreamwidth. (I know, I have too many journals to keep up with.) As far as the chapters go, the ones that have no date beside them I pretty much haven't touched since I first wrote them back in November, the ones that say "updated" have been edited/vastly improved and "new" means, obviously, that they are newly written. I've basically just been adding them as I go along but I haven't written much apart from outline notes in a week or two. I'm going to try to get back into the real thing soon.

3. I am SO EXCITED FOR THE NEW ELECTED ALBUM, HOLY SHIT! I had honestly resigned myself at some point last year to the fact that it was never going to happen so the news basically blew my mind. So unexpected! I really hope Blake can still deliver the goods after so long. Truthfully, though, I have more faith in him than Jenny at this point. After all, he did write one of the best songs on Under the Blacklight and it was also just about the only song that sounded like it was written in more than ten minutes lyrics-wise. So I'm not too concerned. Plus he's been silent for so damn long he must be sitting on a masterpiece by now.

4. I am going to be posting a few of these one after the other in quick succession in an attempt to get reasonably caught up to where I am now (which isn't going to happen because I'm playing as I'm posting, haha). So... enjoy or scroll past, your choice.

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So, a couple of years ago, I posted this entry with some random stats so I thought I would post an updated one. At first, I was going to do both my milestones and my monthly artists/tracks but the website with the monthly stats has apparently closed so I could only do my milestones. It was weird, though, because the first seven or so tracks remained the same while the others all changed. The only reason I can think of for this has to do with deleting songs from my library. Sometimes I delete stuff if I end up noticing it's got some sort of typo so it makes sense that if they're deleted from the library it messes with all of the other songs. Anyway, it doesn't really matter. Some of the replacements are better than the songs that were originally there so I don't really care. Random comments added wherever I feel like making them.


And now I am going to link to the website where I can get these stats because every freaking time I want to use it I forget what it is and then have to go on a wild Google goose chase for it.


Feb. 17th, 2011 12:02 am
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I forgot to mention in my earlier post that Janelle was totally robbed. I can't believe The ArchAndroid lost to Usher's album. Usher is way past his prime at this point and wasn't even ever that great to start out with. He is also responsible for inflicting Bieber on the world and teaming up with him to give one of the crappiest performances of the night. Therefore, Janelle clearly should have won.

Also, these were the .GIFs I meant to post earlier. The first one represents my feelings on the subject of that post and is also just the goddamn cutest thing I've ever seen in my entire life so I'll use any excuse to post it. (BTW, Jason Segel introducing Arcade Fire was also awesome. I'm happy he's looking reasonably handsome again after having a rough couple of years.) And the second one is just, you know, to prove the band's general bad-assery and cuteness.

Finally, holy crap, I actually managed to finish those A Skeleton on Display character Sims I've been re-making. Check it out!

First, Eliza and Andy whom I've already posted but, you know, it's been awhile and I love them so. They're the characters I spent the most time on and the ones I think look most like the image in my head (well, as much as a Sim can look like a human being, anyway), probably because they're easily the ones I have the clearest, most specific idea of. Everyone else is a bit hazy around the edges but these two are quite fully-developed.

The brothers Thompson. I made Ollie a few months ago and never got around to posting him and I made Daniel yesterday. I didn't really try to make them look specifically like brothers, like with near-identical facial features and all, because I thought they might end up looking too alike and, besides, brothers don't always necessarily look at all like each other. But I think they are similar yet different enough that you can believe they're related without mistaking them for twins. Also, clearly the first time I made Daniel I briefly lost my mind because I managed to forget both that he has hazel eyes and also that he wears glasses. I guess it's not that unforgivable because these things are only mentioned once in the story but still! I am ashamed of myself!

And our dear narrator, Meg. Maybe because I wrote from her perspective and never really had to describe her appearance much I really have no concrete idea of what she is meant to look like. I never even decided on an official last name for her! The first version was quite obviously slapped together in about five minutes and really quite odd-looking. I didn't spend a terribly long amount of time on the second version either but I am better at making Sims now than I was two or three years ago so it doesn't show as much. Basically, I went in with the idea that Meg is a girl-next-door, pretty but not drop dead gorgeous, mostly bare-faced type. She doesn't really like makeup or fancy clothes and in fact feels quite uncomfortable in them. So I think I succeeded, even if I don't look at her and say, "That's totally Meg!" like I do with Eliza or Andy.

Anyway, the reason I finally got around to finishing up with these in the past couple days is because I now have a hankering to do the Swan Dive characters even though I should probably focus on finishing the story itself first. But where's the fun in that, right? I made an attempt at Beatrice a month or two ago but can't decide if I like her or not. But eventually I want to have Moira, William, Kat, Henry, and Beatrice done. Then I might try to create some of the other secondary but still important characters: Elizabeth, Seth, maybe Rosie (oops, if you've been following the story as I post it she's only been mentioned in passing so far but she does make a more substantial appearance much later on), possibly Syd and Lawrence. It all depends how ambitious I'm feeling. I also would like to do Caleb and Audrey from that other story of mine - you know, the one I've been working on for three fucking years and still am not close to finishing? Yeah. So... I'm probably going to be making lots of Sims in the coming weeks/months. I've kind of gotten burnt out on the Alphas right now so maybe if I spend some time in Bodyshop I'll start to miss them after awhile and go back. (Though I have spent a shitload of time in Bodyshop for the past few days trying to track down one mysterious problem file that was fucking with the adult female skintones; it was hellish, I tell you, hellish!)

Okay, I'll stop rambling now and get off the computer and try to do something productive (yeah, right).
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I am so stoked on Arcade Fire's Album of the Year win at the Grammy awards the other night! I know that to win a Grammy is essentially meaningless these days (I still can't get over the fact that fucking Jamie Foxx has one for that lesson in auto-tune failure called "Blame It") but it's really nice to see someone who genuinely deserves tons of awards get one on such a large, typically mainstream-oriented platform. Also, it was so cute and refreshing how truly shocked and happy they were to win. When they came onstage to accept the award, I loved Win just saying in disbelief, "What the hell?" And then at the end, "We're going to play another song now because we like music." Aww. I'm not even the biggest Arcade Fire fan but I felt so proud of them.

As far as the rest of the show went, there wasn't much of note. Gaga's new single is terribly underwhelming and her performance wasn't really anything special either though her voice did sound good. I can't decide if the whole egg thing on the red carpet was brilliant or stupid. I think I'm kind of over her in general right now, unless her album turns out to be spectacular. The performance that surprised me the most was Mumford & Sons/Avett Brothers/Bob Dylan. Bob's voice is basically non-existent at this point but Mumford & Sons were way better than I remember thinking they were and the whole jam session feel of it was very cool. And the only other notable performance was B.o.B/Bruno Mars/Janelle Monae. I don't really care for the first two but Janelle was rocking it as per usual. Also, conveniently ignoring the fact that I can't stand Beyonce, this photo is beyond adorable:

Gah, I was going to supplement this post with a couple awesome .GIFs but Tinypic/my internet connection is being a jerk and won't let me upload them. So, here, have an awesome performance of "We Used to Wait" instead!

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For real. I am just a bit obsessed with him. This is amazing.

I love that he somehow managed to turn that into an actual, legitimate song. Though I do miss the Van Helsing/die, die, die parts from the original version. Still, amazing.

Also, Jason and Neil Patrick Harris being amazing and hilarious together.

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So... I haven't actually played the Sims at all in almost a month. I know, right?!? But I've got other, more productive things taking up my time lately - or they're more productive in my mind, at least - and haven't felt much of an urge to sit down and play for hours. But I still have quite a few pictures sitting around that I haven't posted yet and I just realized that I also have commentary for this next batch of them that's been sitting around for awhile too so I might as well post it, right? Though I think this legacy is going to stretch on for a million years considering the rate I'm getting through it at. It's been going since May and I haven't even gotten to generation four yet, God. Anyway, I should probably refresh the memories' of the invisible thousands of people who actually read this blog on what happened in the last couple installments. So, here we go...

Last time: Brendan and Bree, the youngest members of generation three, grew up into adorable children, so adorable that they began to edge their older sister out in the heir race. Speaking of that older sister, Bianca was put to work making over the fashion-challenged population of Riverblossom Hills but instead spent most of her time admiring her own good looks instead. But she's awesome so, whatevs, she can be as full of herself as she wants. Meanwhile, in college, eldest child, Bradley, turned out to be a total bore and also somewhat creepy. His hobbies include playing in piles of leaves, bonding with the creepy elderly drama professor over his dormmates' weak bladders, and only having chemistry with his ex-aunt, Dollie, chemistry which led him to sneaking his first kiss out of her while I wasn't monitoring his every action. Argh. Also, his cousin, Ben, continued to seduce the hottest males on campus while simultaneously engaging in a heated feud with a dormie for no apparent reason and being stalked by his well-intentioned but rather creepy boyfriend, Abel. And then there was Ben's twin brother, Beckett, who was just as boring as Bradley but, thankfully, not nearly as creepy. And I think that covers everyone! Well, everyone who matters anyway.

In other news, here's a new story I wrote here. Yeah, the one I mentioned not too long ago. Basically, I managed to turn the beginnings of a terrible poem I started at least a year ago into a 20k word novella... in about a week's time. I think I may have been briefly possessed as there's really no other logical explanation for how easily and quickly that many words poured out of me. It was actually an incredibly liberating experience. Usually, I have exactly where I'm going to begin and end with a story all planned out but this time I basically ended up making a lot of it up on the spot as I went along. I mean, I had the basic premise for the story and the two main characters have been in my head in vague forms for a long time now but most of the details just kind of filled themselves in the more I wrote. That's never happened to me quite so completely before. Because this is a pure labor of love and I'm not exactly an expert on the topic that plays a large role in it, it might not be completely realistic and true to life. But I don't really care. I'm not going to get all caught up in technicalities when all I wanted to do was write a sweet love story in a slightly different way than I usually do. I tend to write about depressed characters with angsty backstories that find love - or, in fact, don't find love - with each other. I didn't want to do that this time. I wanted to give the characters an obstacle to overcome, yes, but not the kind I've come to rely on too much. And I wanted to keep their lives generally angst-free but not without the little bumps along the road. I think I managed this. Anyway, the ending as of now is a bit abrupt but I was starting to run out of steam so I thought it best to stop before it began to sound forced. If I feel the pressing urge to go back to these characters in the future, I may add more to their story but, as of right now, I'm considering it a finished piece of work. And as for other stuff, I've been working on a couple small things with little progress and am also trying to find the desire to dive back into my NaNo novel. I know it will come back once I actually start writing again but that's the part that is always hardest.


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